I think this is not right. 

Even I think so this is not right. 

What are you doing, you are going to burn this now. 

Twinkle and Mahi were busy in kitchen cooking something. Twinkle had convinced the chef to let her have the kitchen for some time so that she can teach Mahi some cooking and as of now Mahi was struggling a lot and with her Twinkle too. 

Twinkle- Mahi, please don’t put much of chilli powder. It’s going to ruin the dish. 

Mahi- C’mon Di, a little bit of it is not going to destroy the dish. She said and added half a teaspoon of that and a pinch of salt. Twinkle was looking at Mahi with her eyes wide open. 

Twinkle- Mahi, after eating this kind of food your husband will definitely be admitted in hospital because of food poisoning. 

Mahi- Future husband? No thank you. I don’t need one. 

Twinkle looked on shocked and said- Mahi, you will have to get married. 

Mahi- No Di, I won’t. Mahi said and she started chopping the vegetables. Twinkle reached her and held her hand to stop her. Mahi looked at Twinkle and Twinkle with questioning eyes to Mahi. 

Twinkle- What do you mean Mahi by that, you will not marry anyone. You know Papa will be so upset. 

Mahi looked at Twinkle being irritated- Uff Di! I will marry but with a person whom I will love, not any stranger. 

Twinkle- That is against our tradition Mahi. 

Mahi- Please Di, traditions have changed and we need to change too. 

Twinkle- See how happy me and Kunj are. You don’t want to be happy like us. 

Mahi- Di, I can be happy in love marriage also. Jiju is amazing and you simply got lucky. It’s not like everyone gets lucky. It’s a gamble Di and I don’t want to take risk with my life. Please Di, I will marry when I want and right now I want to be single as long as possible. 

Twinkle- What are you talking all about Mahi and why all of a sudden? 

Mahi turned her face so that she doesn’t have to face Twinkle. Twinkle was finding something fishy in Mahi’s behavior as she has never behaved in that way also she thought she is hiding something from her. 

Twinkle- Mahi reply me, what is the reason? 

Mahi looking away said quietly- No reason Di. 

Before Twinkle could ask anything more Mahi, Kunj came in kitchen. 

Kunj- Good Morning girls! What’s cooking? 

He said but saw Mahi’s and twinkle’s face and found them in upset mood. Kunj- Hey! Did I disturb you both? After a pause he asked again- All good? 

Mahi- Oh, nothing Jiju. Just come and taste this dish. I have prepared this. 

Kunj immediately came forward to taste the dish that mahi has made. He thought if Mahi has half the ability like that of Twinkle then it would be definitely a treat for Kunj. He took a full sppon of the dish and tasted it. As soon as Kunj kept the spoon in his mouth his eyes grew wide and and couldn’t chew it, just stood there for a second and looked at Twinkle. He swallowed it and looked at Twinkle and Mahi. Mahi who was smiling asked him- Jiju, don’t you like it? 

Kunj- It was… He was not able to find words what to say. 

Mahi- What? She asked and took a spoonful and tasted it herself. She threw it as she kept the spoon in her mouth and was shocked what she has cooked. 

Mahi- Oh my God. It is disgusting. How did you swallow it Jiju? 

Kunj who was holding the spoon gave it to Twinkle and said- Please Twinkle do not let Mahi cook again. 

Twinkle giggled and while Mahi gave a pouty look to both of them. Kunj saw her face and laughed but stopped thinking she might not like. He turned towards Twinkle and said- Twinkle, I need to talk to you…..alone. 

Mahi- Hmmm… Jiju getting romantic. 

Mahi teased them because of which Twinkle blushed while Kunj held her hand and moved towards the living room. 

Twinkle- What happened? 

Kunj- About last night. 

Twinkle- Kunj it’s Ok. It was me who was on your side of bed, remember? 

Kunj- I know. Listen, sofa is fine for me. 

Twinkle- I don’t believe you. 

Kunj stepped closer with a smirk on his face. Twinkle stepped back. This repeated twice until Kunj held her from her shoulders and brought her more closer and asked her- Twinkle, do you enjoy sleeping on bed with me? 

Twinkle blushed hard. She lowered her gaze. 

Kunj continued- I know you enjoyed. That’s why you are taking it so well. Admit that. You were absolutely fine with me sleeping on the same bed with you. 

Twinkle- Stop behaving like a child Kunj. 

Kunj’s smirk grew wider. He lightly giggled. 

Kunj- Ok, I am just joking Twinkle. Take it easy. He left her and started to walk back to the kitchen when Twinkle stopped him to ask something. 

Twinkle- Kunj 

Kunj- Hmm 

Twinkle- Can I ask you something? 

Kunj- Of course, you can. 

Twinkle- Kunj……Do you….. 

Kunj- Do I what? Kunj didn’t let her complete and asked her and started to walk towards Twinkle.  

Twinkle- Do you like me? She finally asked him and looked down. She always accused Kunj being childish and now it was her who was being childish. 

Kunj- Of course I do Twinkle. I like you. That’s why you are with me in my room. Also, if I didn’t like you why would I take you out on a date. He said and winked at her and walked bac to the kitchen. 

Twinkle was really happy from the bottom of her heart. She thought Kunj might also develop the same feeling as she is developing for him. She composed herself and walked back to kitchen. 

Mahi- So what you both were doing? Mahi asked them as soon as Twinkle and Kunj entered the kitchen and also gave a suspicious look to them. 

Kunj- Nothing. Kunj said taking an apple and biting it. 

Mahi- Then why you both went out. 

Kunj- Something private we wanted to talk and nothing else. 

Mahi smirked as she saw Twinkle trying to hide her blushing face from Mahi. 

Mahi- Ok, I am not going ask what you guys were doing. I might be too young to listen all this stuff. 

Twinkle- Mahi, It’s nothing like that. 

Mahi- Nothing like what Di? 

Now Kunj was really curious to listen where their talk was heading to. He simply stood there leaning his back on the counter having his apple and waiting for Twinkle’s reply. 

Twinkle- Nothing like what you are thinking Mahi. 

Mahi- Whatever you say Di. 

Kunj smiled to himself thinking as both the sisters funny when they are together. Mahi is on an extrovert side where as Twinkle is shy and modest. Kunj wondered how these two sisters get along. 

Kunj- So Mahi, what are your plans for the day? 

Mahi- Oh Jiju! I will go and have a look at UNSW and then I am having a look at UWA. 

Kunj- UWA…… today? Kunj was literally shocked listening to her reply. 

Mahi- Yes Jiju, are there more than one UWA? 

Kunj- Mahi, UWA is University of Western Australia and that is not in Sydney but in Perth. Didn’t you do any research about colleges here before planning to study here? 

Mahi- Not really…… I was actually missing Di a lot. 

Twinkle smiled at her little sister. She knew that how much Mahi wanted to make fun of her but she is really blessed to have a sister like her. 

Kunj asked seriously to Mahi- Do you really want to go Uni here? 

Mahi- Of course, Jiju. The universities are really great here and at least with the help of that I won’t get married. I can pursue my graduation and then masters. At least I will be single until a for five years. 

Kunj- You want to study because you want escape marriage?  Kunj was confused now because of Mahi’s statement and wanted to know what exactly Mahi’s motives are? Kunj thought back that how he himself was so reluctant to give up his freedom and get married. Kunj looked at Twinkle, she was busy in preparing her breakfast and didn’t paid attention to what Mahi was telling. 

Mahi- Yes 

Kunj- Twinkle, do you know about this? 

Twinkle- Well she just told me in the morning. 

Kunj- And you are Ok with this, she is here to study only to evade marriage? 

Mahi- An arrange marriage Jiju. 

Twinkle looked down. Kunj also was becoming angry. Twinkle and Kunj were forced into an arrange marriage but it wasn’t as bad as Mahi was making it out to be. He himself thought that arrange marriage is not as bad as Mahi is thinking. 

Kunj- Mahi, arrange marriage is not as bad as you are thinking. First of all, why are you thinking that ways and secondly what is exactly the reason that you are ready to leave your home and everyone where you grew and travelled thousands of kilometers to study here so that you cannot get married. Can you give me a specific reason what are you afraid of? Kunj scolded Mahi. Mahi looked down and Twinkle was shocked at the confrontation. 

Mahi- I am just not ready for marriage Jiju. 

Kunj- Even we were not ready to get married Mahi. We are older than you. You are not getting married at this age. So, you should not worry about that also and arrange marriage is not bad at all. Did you get that? 

Mahi was continuously looking down and Twinkle understood that she is hiding something from her. 

Twinkle- Mahi, why are you so worried? Is there something you are hiding from me? 

Mahi continued to look down and didn’t answer anything. Twinkle went closer to Mahi and kept her hand on her shoulder. 

Twinkle- Mahi, tell me. 

Mahi- Di, Papa said he has a suitor for me in his mind. She said a lone tear dropped from the corner of her eye. 

Twinkle was shocked. Mahi was very young. She was just eighteen and definitely she can’t marry at this age. Even Twinkle who was twenty-two was not ready for marriage but she has to because of her father. 

Kunj- What?? This is not happening. I won’t let it happen. 

Twinkle- Mahi, what have you told Papa and Mummy that why are you coming here. Is he aware that you are here to join college? 

Mahi- Di, first promise me that if I tell you the correct reason you will not call Papa and tell him the whole thing. 

Twinkle- Ok I will not call him. 

Mahi- Di, he thinks I am here to meet my future husband. 

Twinkle- What…… here all by yourself? 

Mahi- Yes Di, he lives in Sydney only just like Jiju. I told Papa to send me here and Di and Jiju are here to help me out and they will make me meet him. 

Twinkle- Mahi, then why you lied to us? 

Mahi- Di, if I would have told you the correct reason you would have freaked out. 

Kunj- What is his name? 

Mahi- Shaurya Shergill. 

Kunj- Shaurya. Kunj on listening this name clenched his fist. Mahi was like his younger sister and he wouldn’t let just anybody marries her. Kunj and Shaurya has been friends for years, not close but because of business they have to maintain the friendship. Shaurya was 3 years elder to Kunj and was once married. He had a lapse in judgement. A year ago, Kunj, Yuvraj and Shaurya were on business trip to New Jersey for a business deals. After cracking the deal, they all decided to go on a one-day trip to Vegas where he met a girl and just spending three days with her he decided to marry her. They got married and later broke their marriage. He never regretted his decision until and unless his business delegates and other business contacts announced him a hast business with poor decision-making skills and the reason was his all of a sudden marriage announcement and then breaking it. He was afraid of making commitments same as Kunj but the difference now was Kunj was married but he was still a womanizer, a player and never respected any women and his father in law is making Mahi to marry him. 

Mahi- Do you know him Jiju. Mahi asked breaking his chain of thought. 

Kunj- Very well and you are not marrying him. 

Twinkle- Why Kunj, Papa has chosen for him. 

Mahi- Di, please don’t question him. I think Jiju is on something. 

Kunj- He is not good for you Mahi. 

Twinkle- But Kunj, Papa has chosen him for Mahi and why he will choose a bad suitor for her. If he has decided then she needs to marry him. 

Kunj looked at Twinkle with anger and said- Will you stop defending your father after what he did to you and now with Mahi. He is 3 years older than me. He never respected women and the count of girlfriends is larger than his bank balance. He already married a girl and left her.  

Mahi- 3 years. 

Kunj- Yes 3 years, he is in his thirties and you are just 18. 

Twinkle was looking at Kunj with teary eyes when he scolded her but what he told about Shaurya, was more shocking to her and she was now thinking that her father made her marry Kunj but he was a good and caring person but the way Kunj is telling about Shaurya, he doesn’t seem to be a good human being then why Papa selected that kind of groom for his little sister and that also with so much age gap. 

Twinkle- A business deal. 

Kunj- What? 

Twinkle- Kunj, I want to talk to you privately, please? 

Mahi- Di, this is not the time to romance. 

Twinkle- Mahi, be quite it’s nothing like that. She replied Mahi and took Kunj with her and walked out of the kitchen and walked towards her room. 

Twinkle, what are you doing? Kunj asked suspiciously. 

Twinkle- Kunj please, this is not the time for that kind of thinking. 

Kunj- Ok, I didn’t know what to expect. Why are we here? 

Twinkle-  A business deal. 

Kunj- Hmm 

Twinkle- Kunj, why will Papa select such a husband for Mahi. I am hundred percent sure, he is getting married Mahi to him only because of the business deal. 

Kunj- Damn, you are right Twinkle. This must be the only reason. 

Twinkle- the same like it happened with us same reason Papa will make Mahi also marry that bad guy. 

Kunj- Twinkle but I am not that bad like Shaurya. 

Twinkle- Kunj you are not bad at all but Shaurya…. Papa will make Mahi marry to him. 

Kunj- Twinkle nothing like that will happen. He moved closer to Twinkle and said- We will not let Mahi marry Shaurya.. 

Twinkle- But Papa… 

Kunj- Don’t worry we will convince him. Not getting her married and letting her complete her studies. 

Twinkle was so happy listening to Kunj’s word that she wanted to run into Kunj’s arm and hug him tightly. He was treating Mahi like his own sister. Both walked down and went in kitchen. Mahi was not there. They heard two people talking in the living room so they went there. They saw Mahi talking to a man and both were sitting on the couch. Kunj moved further to see who the man was. He was surprised to see the man. The man sitting on the couch was none other than Shaurya. Mahi was laughing on the jokes he was cracking and was trying his best possible to work his charm to its fullest. 

Shaurya- Kunj called. 

Shaurya- Kunj! Hey buddy! How are you and how’s everything? Shaurya stood from his place and walked towards Kunj shaking his hands with him. 

Kunj- I am good. What are you doing here? 

Shaurya- I just came back from London and what is this? You didn’t invite me to the wedding? UV said that you got married in India. Shaurya said and his eyes travelled to Twinkle trying to assess whether or not she was only Kunj’s wife. 

Kunj- Yes, I did get married and this is my wife Twinkle. Kunj said and called Twinkle near him. 

Shaurya- It’s nice to meet you Twinkle. You are so beautiful. I wonder how did Kunj get this lucky? He went near her to shake hands with her but she again folded her hands to said Namaste. 

Shaurya continued-  Ok Namaste. He copied Twinkle hand position and thought- A bit traditional for my taste but it’s alright, He turned to Mahi and asked- Who is this lovely lady even I have never seen her before? 

Kunj- She is my sister in law. Kunj was not very happy as he was very well aware about his nature, as his intention for each and every girl present in front of him is not good. 

Shaurya tried to greet her but Mahi was standing like a statue. Twinkle took Mahi with her and were moving in her bedroom. 

Twinkle- Mahi, say something, Mahi. 

Mahi- that was him. He was being so nice to me. He said I was cute and other nice things but he was so old as compared to me. 

Twinkle- Hmm I know. 

Mahi- Di, I don’t want to marry him please. She wasn’t thinking straight and was still in state of shock. 

Twinkle- I know Mahi, you don’t worry. Kunj is going to resolve all this. 

Meanwhile on the other side Kunj and Shaurya were having a cup of coffee. 

Kunj- So how are things? Any big news? 

Shaurya took a sip of coffee and looked at thinking what he wants to know. 

Shaurya- Big news? You are the one who made a big news here. 

Kunj- You should get married too. It’s the best feeling. Kunj knew that he was lying but he said so that Shaurya says something about his marriage whether he is aware about his and Mahi’s alliance.  There was no problem in getting married but if given a choice to Kunj to choose a life before marriage and after marriage he would have definitely opted for his life before marriage. Men like Kunj and Shaurya were not meant to be tied down the relation called marriage. 

Shaurya- Seriously!! I never thought that you will say anything like this. He said while laughing. 

Kunj- Believe me, it is a wonderful feeling. I realized after I got married. Are you planning to get married soon? He was asking again and again as he needed to be sure whether he knows or not as when in Kunj’s case he was not aware of his marriage plans as the same can be a case with Shaurya.  

Shaurya- No way Kunj, I am enjoying my bachelor life. 

Kunj- Ok Good, stick to that. 

Shaurya- And what happened to your “marriage is the best feeling?” 

Kunj- It is but not for everyone. 

They both talked for some time and Kunj was more interested to get Shaurya out of the house so he could check Mahi. 

Kunj- Mahi. 

Twinkle opened the door for Kunj to let him in. Twinkle was sitting on bed holding a pillow tightly and moving back and forth in tension. 

Mahi- Jiju what happened? 

Kunj- Mahi he doesn’t know anything about marriage and he is not keen to get married too. 

Mahi- That’s good news. 

Kunj- Like in our case our fathers fixed everything similar would have been his case too. 

Mahi who was smiling by now it faded after listening that alliance could have been fixed by their parents. 

Mahi- Now what to do Jiju? 

Kunj- Don’t worry I will talk to our father. Kunj moved out to go to his study room. Twinkle followed him to the study room. 

Twinkle- Are you calling Papa now? 

Kunj while searching his phone between his files said- Yes. 

He found his phone and dialed Twinkle’s father number after searching in his contact list. Twinkle was anxious as she was unsure of what Kunj was trying to do? She wasn’t even sure how Kunj will convince her father to cancel the marriage or will her father do the same thing and force Mahi to marry with Shaurya otherwise he will break all ties with Mahi too, same way that he did with her. She came out of her thoughts when Kunj started talking to his father in law. 

Kunj- Hello Namaste! 

Twinkle heard Kunj talking something and after greeting each other they started to talk about the main thing for Kunj called him. She heard Kunj telling him something. 

Kunj- Why don’t you understand Mahi is too young to get married. She needs to complete her education and she is here at one of the best places where she can get good education. 

Twinkle was hearing only Kunj and when he was quite means her father was telling him something. 

Kunj- Yes, I know Shaurya. He s not good for Mahi. Age difference is one of the reason. 

Kunj and Twinkle’s father were arguing on phone. Twinkle thought that she should be with Mahi but her legs were not supporting her. Her legs were glued as she was really tensed on how Kunj will handle and whether he will be able to convince her Papa. 

Kunj- Look, I have tried to be nice with you. I cannot allow you to spoil Mahi’s life like this. I don’t have any intension to disrespect you but seems like you have np interest in Mahi happiness. 

After Kunj said there was a long pause again to which Twinkle thought that her father must be giving some or the other reason for this marriage to happen. She couldn’t hear what her father was saying but she could sense the tension rising. 

Kunj- Look if you are not going to respect me as your son in law and at least listen to what I have to say, then what was the point of forcing Twinkle to marry me? Kunj was really angry now. 

Twinkle couldn’t believe how Kunj was talking to her father. She tried calling Kunj to stop him but he wasn’t listening to her, 

Kunj also looked at Twinkle but didn’t apologize her father as he was very angry. 

Kunj- Ok, I will let you make a decision now. If you will force Mahi to marry Shaurya, then I will divorce Twinkle.  

Twinkle who heard this was shocked to the core. She thought just because of her father her life would crash down. 


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