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Jiji Maa 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash votes for Falguni

Jiji Maa 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Falguni telling about the high machines cost. Tarun tells her that machines are good for long term use. Suyash says he is right, after initial cost, machines get free for use. Uttara asks Tarun to continue. Tarun finishes his presentation. Falguni says we have no attractive boxes and big figures, we have just our work to show. She shows the sarees to the board. Everyone sees the designs. Uttara says she got all the sarees to show. Falguni says Tarun has shown one sample, we had got all 50 sarees here, artists have made it, every saree is unique. She describes the work and says Tarun and his machines don’t know the difference in the work, machines shouldn’t be regarded above humans, as machines are made by humans, artists’ work should speak, I want to tell the significance of

these sarees. She explains the artists’ work. Suyash and Falguni have a moment.

Shom says voting can’t happen now, we will have breakfast, everyone needs time to think. Falguni goes to talk to Suyash. He says we shouldn’t talk as I m from management. Uttara smiles hearing this and says we should give voting right to Suyash to make Falguni’s defeat a fun, when he votes against Falguni, it will be her insult. She smiles. Falguni prays. Uttara comes to her and jokes on Falguni. She says you will lose today, your sewing machine will be shut forever, I will break it into pieces with this axe. Falguni asks how many bad deeds will you do, that machine is my mum’s last sign, its my love, you can do anything you want. She stays calm and goes. Uttara and everyone return for the meeting. She says I have decided Suyash will give my vote, I can’t be partial towards the artists. Everyone give their votes. Machines and artists get equal votes. Everyone asks Suyash for his vote. Suyash says its an imp day for this company, I have sympathy with artists but I can’t decide against the company, I have taken my decision, my vote goes to artists. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni smiles.

Everyone claps. Suyash says its equal cost to work with machines and artists, there are benefits to work with artists, machines’ power consumption is more, my decision is based on just quality, its other name for Rawat textiles, sorry Tarun machines can’t make art like artists, my mom will also agree, clients want classy and special sarees from us. Uttara gets speechless. He says I give my vote for artists, I give them best wishes for their work. Everyone claps. The man praises Falguni for leading the artists so well. He says we want to give the project responsibility to Falguni Rawat. Falguni asks me? He says yes, you have to prove you can complete this project, its for Rawat textiles’ betterment, now this is your company too, right Uttara ji. Suyash says mom will be happy that her bahu is equal to her, right mom, this decision is just of Falguni, does she think she can manage this big responsibility. She recalls Suyash’s words. The man asks her decision. She says I m ready to take this responsibility. They all clap. Uttara looks on.

Uttara says you look happy, I know your one small mistake and you will be out of company. Falguni says I have learnt from my mistakes, now I m learning from your mistakes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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