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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Daali and Janki have a clash

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Janki saying I spelled the name by mistake. Badimaa collides with Kanhaiya and runs. Vaijanti asks why did she run away, what happened. Janki says nothing. He goes to Badimaa. Vaijanti says Janki said Pratap Gupta and Sandhya has run away. Kanhaiya gets sad. Sheela asks who is he. Vaijanti says don’t worry, I never heard this name before. Kanhaiya goes. Vaijanti says there is something fishy. Janki says I didn’t say this to hurt you, I want him to come here. She says let the past be past, I have lost even my last hope, my son is lost, no one will come back now. Kanhaiya hears them. Badimaa says I have got alone now, I have lost everything, there is nothing left. Janki says he has to come back one day, how long will he stay away, you don’t think much, my blessings

are with you, I will pray for you.

She says no one will come back. She cries. Janki sees Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says I came here to see Badimaa. Janki says I have told you everything about this house, but this time you won’t ask anything. Kanhaiya asks him will he beat him. Janki asks how do you know. Kanhaiya says no, I just said it. He goes. Vaijanti asks him is he really Kanhaiya or not. He says don’t try to identify me. She asks him to leave. Janki asks Vaijanti not to see Sandhya and not show much pity.

Vaijanti says I will see you once Daali married Rocky. She smiles and goes. Janki counts money. Daali comes and asks him why is she counting coins now. She asks for money. He asks how much. She says 75. He agrees. She thinks his mood is good. He gives her 75rs. She gets shocked. She asks what’s all this. He says you asked for 75. She asks am I beggar, I want 75000rs. He asks is it halwa, go from here. She says you have never seen ring ceremony. He says I don’t want to see it. She asks what will I wear. He calls Sandhya and Sheela, and asks about a saree for Daali.

Daali says I will go in ring ceremony wearing a swimming costume. He asks what are you saying, its madness. Badimaa and Sheela ask Daali did she go mad. Daali says yes, Janki can’t force me, he is giving me 75rs, what will I do, did I come here to buy lady’s finger. She argues with Janki about his business. He says yes, I was a farmer, but we had a fish and clothes business too. Daali says you have no standard, look at me, when I go out in imported car. He asks whose car is it. She says its yours, so what, will you give me money or not. He says no. She says fine, I will do engagement in swimming costume. Janki shouts Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya comes. Janki asks him to decide now. They tell the problem to Kanhaiya.

Daali complains about Janki. She says I won’t tell anyone that you are my Dadda. Janki says do anything, I will resign from my post, go. Kanhaiya calms them down. He asks what happened. Daali asks who are you to ask. He says I have to manage the event. Badimaa says say what happened. Sheela says I get angry seeing him. Kanhaiya says I know why, I will come to you after solving her problem. He asks Daali to tell him else case won’t solve. Daali says shut up, I chose a dress for ring ceremony, its worth 75000rs, but Janki isn’t letting me wear it. Janki says I won’t give so much money, earn 75rs and see the hard work needed. Kanhaiya says I will solve the case, you both compromise, I will make the dress. Daali asks what do you know about designer dress. He asks what if I make it then….

Kanhaiya says the dress will be good. Daali asks what will you do if you fail, I will make you wear girl’s swimming costume and take you to party. He says fine, challenge….

Update Credit to: Amena

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