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Jab We Met (Shot- 1)

Hii guys.. This is Napsha.. Your love, support and motivation have always boosted me to continue writing, and here I’m back with my new ff.. This will be a short one, and I’ll finish it soon as my exams are on the way..

Jab We Met (Shot-1)


“Oh My God! Ugh, I’m gonna be late..” I gasped.. I quickly rushed to get my hair and makeup done.. Suddenly I heard a loud rumble.. “Great.. I don’t have time to eat either..” I quickly rushed outside and called a cab.. My phone rang.. It was my best friend, Soumya.. Of course I picked up.. “Hello?” I answered.. “Where the heck are you? I’ve been waiting out here for almost an hour for you after getting our tickets..” She talked so loud, it made my eardrums feel like they were going to burst.. “I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of a traffic jam.. When is the concert starting?” I asked curiously.. “In about 20 minutes, you better get here fast.. There’s already a bunch of people entering the building, we might not get good seats..” I hung up on her and got out of the cab.. I quickly started running as fast as I could.. Checking my surroundings, I was probably 15 minutes away from my destination.. Thoughts filled my head as I was running.. “What if I don’t get there on time? What if I miss my chance of going to my very first concert?” Finally, with only 2 minutes left to spare, I made it.. Soumya and I made our way in and got some seats.. It was perfect.. The view was perfect from the second floor.. I could see the stage clearly, although it would have been great to get front row seats.. Just then I noticed a guy plopped down right next to me.. He had glossy black hair, his skin was smooth without any blemishes, perfect fair skin.. I also noticed he was wearing a mask that covered his mouth.. Then without further hesitation, the new rookie group came out on stage.. All I could hear were thousands of screaming fan girls shrieking out and calling to the group.. Although this was only their second concert, their fan base was massive.. The guys were better known as G5.. Obviously I didn’t recognize any of the members because they were so new.. There were supposed to be 5 of them, but one member recently got laid off for a while because of a scandal..

Some girls on the other side of the guy started whispering to each other, “Hey, isn’t he Yuvraj Birla from G5?” Another said, “OMG! He totally looks like him..” The girls started giggling and took pictures of him.. I looked over at his direction and by the expression on his face, he was annoyed..
“Hey, you.. Can you switch seats with me?” he asked me with an irritated voice..
“Huh?” I answered not knowing what to say by the sudden question.. He sighed heavily and then looked back at me.. “Are you stupid or something? I said, trade seats with me..” He got up and gave me an irritated look, and then headed for the exit.. I was kinda mad that he called me stupid.. I got up and tried to follow him.. It was tough trying to get through the crowd.. He was almost out the door so I had to quickly make my way through.. When he got outside, he took off his mask.. He walked faster than I expected.. I had to speed walk to catch up.. “Hey, you..” I said to him grabbing his sleeve..

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