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It is love or just concern – Part 26


O: where is gauri

Driver: sir someone kidnapped her

O: who

Driver: don’t know sir but mam is telling leave me vikas

O: vikas (shocked)
O: no it cannot be happened he is a cheater if anything he done to my gauri no i am coming gauri to save you i am coming

On call
O: khanna track vikas no

K: sir he is in his old mills

Om went there

O: gauri gauri where are you i came nothing happened to you

On screen

V: wel come Mr omkara i know you will be here but what do you think i am fool i don’t know you will track my no

O: where is gauri

V: she is on my bed

O: vikas i will kill you if anything happened to gauri

V: see there you gauri is lying on the bed now she is fresh flower after some time permanently going to be my flower

O: if you touch my gauri i will kill you

V: what your gauri who is she om

O: vikas if you touch my wife then i will kill you bastard

(Gauri got conisious )

G: where i am

O: gauri you are fine nothing is going to happen

(Vikas went near gauri and held her hand )

G: leave my hand why you kidnapped me

V: to take revenge on omkara

O: please don’t do anything to her

G: leave my hand

(She got slap on her cheek she fell down on floor )

O: gauri Vikas don’t do anything to her you want take revenge na kill me but leave her

V: what to do omkara you are saying shayari an what is it i came to know

Ek din teri zindagi kisi or ki ho Jayegi r tujhe pata bhi nahi chalega. Royegi wo o aansu tere bahenge. Chot use lagegi per dard tujhe hoga. Hasi uski rukegi per dam…dam tera ghutega. Or us din duniya ki koi bhi takat koi bhi paisa koi bhi naam tere kaam nahi aayega.

Shabdo ke ghaw talwar ke war se bhi jyada gehre hote hai. Jaldi jaldi nahi bharte.

Nafrat kabhi bhi akele itni gehri nahi hoti.

Jo cheeje andar se tooti hui ho unhe bahar se to nahi joda ja sakta

Jo khud andar se toota hua ho wahi dusro ko jodna chahta hai
Ishq Lamhe karte hai yaadein barso ko mil jati hai

V: so now she is in pain you are suffering

O: i am not loving her

(Gauri eyes filled with water)

V: you think i am fool i don’t know anything you are not saying lie why are you saying it now sorry omkara because of you i dissmissed from college i can’t forget it today you are going to loose your life omkara you are going mad after seeing gauri because of you she is suffering

O: please Vikas don’t do anything to her i can’t live without her

V: no omkara she is beautiful who is going to leave this beautiful flower

O: you can’t touch her bastard because she is Mrs omkara Singh oberoi that day i didnot live you today also i am not living you bastard i am coming gauri. You know need to take tension i am coming gauri your om is coming

(Om went from there )

V: hi beautiful( he is moving near her )

G: don’t come near to me

V: sorry beautiful what to do if i got you before then you are going to be my wife but i got you after you married to omkara if you. Join with me then i will not hurt you

G: stay away from other wise i will kill you

(She took knife which is there beside her)

G: i will kill my self i am not going to be yours .
(Gauri remembered flashback )

G: maa don’t leave me

Gm: in life we can die but we can’t give ourself to others accept our husbands so i am leaving you all

G: no maa you can’t leave me please maa

(She died)

G: maa (shouted )

S: you are reason because of you maa died i will not forgive i hate you i hate you shrenu

Gf: you are not my child you are died with my wife
(Flask back end)

G: no (shouted) it can’t happen i will die i am not going to be yours .

V: don’t do like that see gauri i will take care of you like a queen don’t do this

G pov: i am sorry to everyone maa i am coming near you i lost you this day only see maa i am coming today only near you omkaraji you can’t come and save me this should happen to me i am your wife always i want to be yours. first time you said that i am your wife its enough. For me .Neil i am sorry your jaan is going to leave you alone i canot be in our mission you are going to be alone see what is my fate without any identity i am dying today

(Gauri took knife and pierced to her stomach )
G: maa( shouted in pain )

Vikas ran outside the room and opened the door there he saw omkara shivaya Rudra with police

O: where is gauri Vikas

V: she killed herself

Om leaved Vikas and ran into the room

He saw gauri with a lot of blood

Om took her in lap

O: gauri why you did like this

G:( in pain ) i said i am giving you two days break but now i am giving you break for whole life enjoy your life omkaraji

O:( crying ) gauri don’t say like this i cant live without you nothing is going to happen to you

G: i am leaving you omkaraji and i am not done any mistake whatever you are think about me its not true ..

O: don’t talk like this gauri

G: good bye omkaraji

O: I love you dammit you cant leave me like this .

(Gauri got tears in her eyes and smiled then she closed her eyes )

O: gauri (shouted ) sathiya plays

(A man doing havan in a temple suddenly the fire stops )

Pandit : this is apashakuna

Man: what to do now

Pandit: somebody is in danger

Man: god i lost everyone please save whoever in danger now don’t make me to loose them this is the day i lost everything again i cant

Hi friends what do you think gauri leaves omkara forever

What is that flashback which was remembered by gauri

Who is that man doing havan in temple think of it ya

Please give me your ‎comments i am waiting friends

💖Love you all 💖

💖 Kavita 💖

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