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Ishq mein marjawan (ardeep fan fiction ) part 3

Deep takes tara/arohi to hospital the doctor checks her and tells him it is because she hasn’t eat anything she at least stay here for one day after some time doctor allows deep to meet her deep enters the room and gets emotional seeing arohi/tara in unconscious state he sits beside her he stays silent for some time and then he finally talks                     
Deep:It is all because of me you didn’t eat anything.Why do I still feel you’re my arohi        Suddenly deep gets a call he kisses her forehead and goes out to attend the call         
Man:Sir virat is searching you and tara mam everywhere.                                                               
Deep:But why is he searching me.                     
Man:He is going to kill you both.look sir I have made a video of them talking I am sending it to you.                                                                       
Deep gets the video and starts watching it           
Roma:Deep should never know that he is the real owner of this house.                                       
Virat :We should kill him now there is no need of him now.                                                             
Roma:Yes we can kill him now                             
Suddenly tara arrives there running and out of breath                                                                   Tara:Mom!Arohi is still alive she kept me and was staying in the house with you                       
Roma:we knew something was weird about you in these past days                                           
Virat:That’s good news now we can kill them both                                                                           
Tara:Both?You mean deep also iam fine with it we don’t need him any more                              
Deep gets shocked seeing it and thinks about arohi                                                             
Deep:My arohi is alive iwill punish all the people who gave her pain                                     
He rushes  back to room and gets shocked seeing that arohi is not there he runs outside and sees arohi going in the car he runs behind it for some time then he falls he is shocked to find himself in forest he goes to sit beside a tree and takes out the bottle of alcohol from his pocket he takes some sips  and thinks about the bad things he did with arohi.Arohi stops the car and sees a bottle of alcohol                                                                    
Arohi:Today is the second time I am going to drink this.Deep you were right this is the best way to forget about pain.How much wrong I thought about you                                                 
Arohi takes some sips from it after some time she faints.On the other hand deep is punching a tree with anger when he thinks about angel the pain He gave to arohi his hands starts too bleed                                          
Deep:I have to find arohi.Wait there is a tracker in my car I can track her location           
He finally tracks her location and starts running towards that direction he finally gets there. He gets worried seeing a bottle of alcohol in her hand he shifts her to the seat beside him and starts driving                              
Deep:I can take her to the house where bhabi and Nikku are staying                                           
He reaches there.He takes Arohi in his arms and knoks the door.Bhabi opens the door and gets shocked seeing arohi/tara in his  arms    Deep:I will tell you everything first let me take her inside

Precap:Deep tells bhabi all about the video and arohi

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