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Ishq hai…ya kuch aur…Episode 8


This is a continuation of previous episode…

If you missed previous episode…Episode 7

Sanjay: I think may be she felt it was true…You know she doesn’t have anyone other than her father…And he too never gets time to spend with her…Was always behind his work.He just made sure that all her needs are fulfilled…monetary ones…But I always felt she needed her father’s love more than anything else…She only needed love…That was all she was refrained off from her dad…

Kunj: Hmmm

Sanjay: When Alisha came to know about this thing she started using that as a weapon every now and then…Twinkle too was frustrated by then.

Oneday, break time at college….Alisha, Twinkle, Sanjay and few students here and there are still in class. Rest everyone has gone for break.

Alisha: Dekha…Sanjay, maine kaha tha na tume, iske naseeb me hi pyaar nahi hai…Bechari…Relatives tak nahi hai iske….Vo to chodo…Ek papa hain, Shayad tumhare behavior ke chaltey hi vo bhagte rehtey hain kaam kaam ker ke…Verna kisiko apne beti se milne waqt nahi hota hai kya? (Sanjay, I told you…She will never get love in life…She doesn’t have a single relative in this world to love her except her father…And what to say about her dad…Have you ever heard a dad doesn’t have time to meet his daughter? I think it’s because of her introvert nature…Her dad is ashamed of her that she is not confident enough to take her out…)

Twinkle was simply listening and was in tears…She was trying hard to hide her tears…

Sanjay: Alisha, bus bhi kero… (Alisha, why are you behind her?)

Half of the students have come back from break and they also started gathering around them.

Alisha: Arrey, main iske bhale ka soch rehu hun aur tum ho ki… (I was just saying what this poor girl must be going through…)

Alisha: Me toh kehti hun tumhe na ek boyfriend bana leni chahiye…Kam se kam koi toh ho apna iss duniya me…Kahin se toh pyaar milna chahiye na…Kyu Sanjay? (I think you should get into a relationship.  At least you have one person in this whole world to love and care you.Someone will be there to make you feel special. What’s say Sanjay?)

Sanjay understood that Alisha is unstoppable and there is no point in trying…The more you try, the more she will start talking nonsense.

Alisha: I am sorry yaar…Tere chahne se kya hota hain…Koi ladka tuje bhi toh pasand kerna chahiye na…Kya ker saktey hain…Muje nahi lagta koi ladka tum me interested bhi hoga…Tum jaise ladkiyon ki naseeb bhi nahi hai ki koi tumhe pamper kare, care kare aur pyaar kare… (I am sorry… I completely forgot that it’s not in your hands…Boys should have interest in you too…I don’t think anyone will be interested in you…These kind of girls can just dream that care,love and pampering… Tough luck..Girl…)

Sanjay: Alisha…

Twinkle: Tume aisa kyu lagta hain ki mera boy friend nahi hai…Me hun ek relationship me…Bus batana nahi chahti …Isliye chup thi aaj tak…Jo pyaar me deserve kerti hun vo muje de bhi reha hain… (Why do you think so? Anyways…For your information, I am in a relationship.. We have decided to keep it secret…That’s why I was not saying anything…Now that you are so much worried about me, let me tell you this…He loves me more than anything else and I am in a happy space…)

Alisha: Kya? Kuch bhi… (All of a sudden, you are in a relationship?)

Twinkle: Hain koi…Tume mirchi kyu leg rehi hain…Haan, ye hain ki tumhare jaise ek college me, ek native me aise do teen nahi hain..Bus ek hain…Per usske saath ek commited relationship me hun…Abhi sab ko reveal kerne ko mana kiya hain ussne isliye bata nahi rehi thi… (I won’t force you to believe…I understand…You won’t get to know what my relation is…For you, being in a relationship means one at college,at native, at dance class…who obeys all your orders…I am in a committed relationship …It’s just that we have some issues due to which we can’t disclose..)

Alisha never expected an answer from her as she never used to do that… Sanjay too is puzzled to hear that from Twinkle. Alisha stopped arguing as she understood that Twinkle is ready to go on and half the class is listening. She went back to her seat.

Kunj: Wow….That was bang on…Loved it…

Sanjay: I know Twinkle would have never told these kinds of things to you. For her, our friendship mattered the most. After all this, anyone would have stopped talking to Alisha. But she continued her friendship. And when I asked the reason, she said she have few relations in her life. She doesn’t want to let go any of them…She would try her level best to keep them with her.

Back to flashback

After class Twinkle has started walking out of the class. Sanjay runs behind her to reach her.

Sanjay: Wow yaar…Kya superb diya usko…(Wow…She deserved it…)

Twinkle just smiles and continues walking.

Sanjay: Acha hua tumne kaha ki tumhare boyfriend hain…Jhooth hi sahi…Uska muh itnu sa hogaya tha… (I am happy that you told about your relationship…She never expected that answer from you…I know you lied…But that was worth lying…She felt so bad…)

Twinkle stops and turns towards Sanjay.

Twinkle: Jhooth…Matlab tumhe bhi lagta hain ki muj jaise ladki ka koi boy friend nahi ho sakta… (Lied? So you also have feeling that girls like me can never have a boyfriend?)

Sanjay: Haan…I mean uss sense me nahi …. (Yes…I mean not in that sense..)

Twinkle: Phir kis sense me…Matlab tumhari bhi yehi  soch hain ki ladki shakal se beautiful honi chahiye…chahe uska dil kitna bhi bura ho koi farak nahi padta…Bubbly, mastikor friendly girls ko hi relationship me rehne ka adhikar hain…Koi introvert ho to… (Oh…then in what sense? You also think that a girl should be beautiful face,impressing attitude to be in a relationship…It doesn’t matter how she is from inside…Superficial things are needed in a relationship than a beautiful heart…)

Sanjay: Bolne to de…Mera koi aisa soch nahi hain…Bus tu kuch zyada hi seedhi hain…Inn pyaar vyaar ke chakkeron me padne wali nahi lagti… (Let me explain my side…I have never thought like that…I find you too innocent to be in a relationship… You won’t get into these kind of risky issues..)

Twinkle: Bottom line toh wahi hai na…Waise maine vahan sach kaha tha…Me hu ek relationship me… (Bottom line is that you also think that I can’t be in a relationship…I was telling truth…I am in a relationship..)

Sanjay: Arrey, Alisha ka gussa mujpe kyu utar rehi hai? (Fine…Why are you yelling at me? Alisha was the one who irked you…)

Twinkle: Gussa nahi hun…Bus maine aaj sikha khi logon ko kaise handle kerna hain… (I am not angry…It’s just that today I learnt how to deal with people…How to stop them when they are going overboard.)

Sanjay: Me toh kabse keh reha tha ki ek baar usko suna de…Itna zyada innocent hona bhi sahi nahi hain… (I already told you this before…It’s not good to be so innocent..)

Twinkle: Aaj me samaj gayi… (I understood it today.)

Back from Flashback.

Sanjay: Alisha had doubts on her that she was faking a relationship just to win over her.  Every now and then Alisha used to check that by asking some questions about Twinkle’s boyfriend in a hope that she will be caught. Twinkle always had an answer for everything asked.

Kunj: Like?

Sanjay: She told us that you are studying in a reputed university..You are tall, fair and handsome…And so many things…Like how you both gel with each other so well, how your thinkings match and all…Like Alisha, I couldn’t digest the fact that she is in a relationship…But from the descriptions she gave about you, I was convinced that she is really in love with someone…

Kunj: Hmm

Sanjay: Alisha tried all possible ways to find his name…To be honest, I too had wished to know his name..But Twinkle always kept it as secret as you asked her to do…

Kunj: Tell me when she told you my name and details?

Sanjay: She intentionally never disclosed your name. We caught her once red handed. I and Alisha decided to go to temple one morning. Accidently we saw Twinkle at the pooja counter. She was taking a receipt for doing a pooja on someone’s name. Alisha too was going to the pooja counter for us as it was a longer queue for gents. So she could hear her clearly. She took the receipt on your name. Kunj Sarna and your birthdate.

She left. We followed her and found out that she had a paper in her hand which was of your name. We stopped her and asked who this Kunj is. She was puzzled to see us and was trying hard to hide the paper from us as we took your name. I couldn’t read it properly..But just could see few details…Like Kunj Sarna, Symbiosis and some scholarship… She was hell nervous at that time as we caught her red handed. Alisha was about to get that paper from her and by then a man came and asked her for the pooja receipt and this paper. She gave it to him and he went to do the pooja…She also left with him to do the pooja…

Kunj is shocked.

Kunj: Wait a sec…Was that man old?

Sanjay: Yes, he was.. I think it was your dad as you have features similar to him.

Kunj: It was my dad…Manohar Sarna. He came to pray for me as I had a scholarship exam to get through that day…

Sanjay: Ohh…Twinkle didn’t tell us who he was…That means your family knows Twinkle well and have accepted her…cool man…

Kunj is trying hard to be calm and to not bring expressions on his face.

Yuvi comes to hospital and it is Sanjay’s turn to leave.

Sanjay (shaking hands with Kunj): Okay…I will take a leave…We will talk tomorrow.

Kunj makes sure Sanjay has left and then pulls Yuvi and makes him sit.

Yuvi: What?

Kunj: This is weird…

Yuvi: You found out that nakli Kunj?

Kunj: It’s me…I don’t know man…It is so confusing…Twinkle knows me…Dad knows her…Dad and Twinkle were together at temple to pray for me…for that scholarship for foreign university…Remember?

Yuvi: Tell me in detail…

Kunj describes what he has learnt from Sanjay. Yuvi is hearing everything with a clam and composed mind.

Yuvi: le…so simple…

Kunj: What do you mean?

Yuvi: One sided love…yaar…There is no such rocket science in it…She knows you very well and was in love with you…May be never had the guts to say it… From the descriptions of Sanjay, she seems to be innocent and phattu kind of girl…My opinion…I could be wrong too…But 99.9% I think I am right…

Kunj: You have a point there…And what about Dad knowing her?

Yuvi: May be uncle caught her red handed sometime or uncle knew her love to you and accepted her…Or she is daughter of your dad’s friend.. Anything is possible…

Yuvi: Uncle is no more…May be aunty knows it?

Kunj: And what am I supposed to ask? Do you know a girl named Twinkle who loves me?

Yuvi: I think you should wait…We have reached till here from bits and pieces…We can find that too…I will just freshen up.

Yuvi leaves…

Kunj is alone in room with Twinkle. Twinkle is lying on bed peacefully as if she is sleeping.

Kunj goes near to her..

Kunj: Kya ho yaar tum? Jitna tumhe samajne ki khoshish kerta hun, utna hi samaj se bahar ho…Muje laga kisine tumhe mere naam se phasaya hain…Per yahan toh…Scene hi kuch aur chal reha hai…Tum mujse pyaar kerti ho? Kabse? Aur Kaise? Muje yaad tak nahi hai ki maine kahi tume dekha hain… (What are you upto? I am trying hard to solve your love life….And you are way ahead of me…You love me…From when? You were keeping your love as secret for such a long time…Where have you seen me for the first time? I don’t think I have met you before…Then how is that possible?)

Precap:- Kunj understanding Twinkle more…

Hi all,

I actually wanted to post these two episodes together as it is a continuation of their conversation..But couldn’t complete the last part yesterday…So thought of breaking it into two.

I will be able to submit next episode after Mar 27th as my baby is having exams…

All the best to all who are going through exams…


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