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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 6







Omkara is getting ready to go somewhere. He accidentally hits a photo frame and it fall down. He takes and looks at it. Tears started to make their way out from his eyes. He closes his eyes and recalls something.






Omkara is with a girl sitting at a park. The girl lies on his shoulder.

Om: Gauri, when are you going to say it??

Gauri: Say what, Om??

Om: Those three words which I’m waiting to hear from you.

Gauri: (smiles) What words, Om?? (Pretends to not understand)

Om: Don’t pretend that you don’t understand what I’m saying.

Gauri: No, Om. I really don’t understand.

Om: (sulks) Fine. I’m leaving. (About to get up)

Gauri: (smiles and holds his hand) Acha, baba. Please don’t be angry, my jathadhari hippie. (Omkara smiles and sits closer with her hugging her arm)

Om: I love you, Gauri.

Gauri: Me too, Om.

Om: (sighs) This is what I’m hearing since three months. Why don’t you say them??

Gauri: Why should I say those words when you didn’t do what I asked you??

Om: (confused) What I didn’t do??

Gauri: Haww!! You forgot it ready?? (Brings her face closer to him) Whenever you said those words to me, what I will do instead of saying them??

Om: (thinks something and smiles) You will… (before he could say something, Gauri places her lips on his and kisses him passionately)

Gauri: (breaks the kiss) I’m the one always take the first step to kiss you. But, you not even once kissed me first. But, you are asking me to say those words to you.

Om: (blushes slightly) I don’t know why but whenever I want to kiss you, I will feel nervous. That’s why…. But, I respond to your kiss right??

Gauri: (laughs) Hawww. You are so cute, my jathadhari hippie. But, that is what I loved in you. My Omkara is different from other guys. (Omkara smiles and they hug each other)

Om: But, Gauri, after marriage you will see a different Om. (Gauri looks at him in surprise) I won’t leave you for one minute. (Winks at her?

Gauri: (pushes him) Shameless!! (Runs from there. Omkara runs behind her.)

Om: Gauri!! Stop!!

Gauri doesn’t listen to him and continue runs crossing the road. He shakes his head and runs behind her. Suddenly, a car came in high speed and hit Gauri. She flies and falls on the road. The car hit a tree and stops there. Omkara was shocked to see his Gauri lying unconscious in pool of blood and screams for help. Some people came and help him. The ambulance came after a while to take Gauri. He sees the car at the tree and goes towards it and sees a girl unconscious on the driver seat with her head placed on the steering wheel. He lifts the girl and he realised she is fully drunken. He takes her angrily to the ambulance and ask them to take her to the hospital as well.




Gauri is being treated in the hospital while Omkara is waiting outside ICU. The Oberois came after a while and they cry badly thinking of Gauri. The doctor came after a while. All go towards her.

Om: Doctor, how is Gauri?? She is fine right??

Doc: I’m sorry, Mr Oberoi. She is terribly injured and has lost a lot of blood. We couldn’t save her.

Om: (screams) No!!! (The family break down in tears.)

Annika: (cries badly) I won’t believe it. Doctor, please check her again. Nothing happened to her. My sister won’t leave me that soon. (Shivaay hugs her)

Doc: I’m sorry, Mrs Oberoi. We are saying after we confirmed. Your sister is no more. (Annika cries badly)

Om: (cries) Gauri, how could you do this to me?? Why did you leave me?? How I’m going to live without you?? (RuPri hug him. They too cry badly. Another doctor come to Omkara.)

Doc: Mr Oberoi, that girl you brought just now is saved.

Om: (looks angrily) What I care if she is saved or not?? She is the reason for my Gauri’s death. I’m not going to spare her. (He walks towards the ward in anger)





Omkara come back from his thought when his mobile rings. He answers the call and leaves from there.





NeilGau’s House


Ishana’s Room


IshAvJa are sitting on the bed thinking of something. The baby is sleeping peacefully after had her milk.

Ishu: How we are going to hide her from them??

Avni: They definitely will come to this room by default. It’s their routine to see you after they came back.

Pooja: That means Ishu should not be in this room when they come back. Ishu, you go to living room that time. I’ll be here and take care of her.

Ishu: Then, what will I answer if your Gautham asked about you?? He will searching for his beloved wife too, darling.

Pooja: Yeah. Then what we are going to do??

Avni: Girls, listen. We should not make them to doubt us. You know both of them are very sharp. They can catch our lie easily.

Ishu: Exactly!! We don’t have to go anywhere. We just stay in this room as usual. They will talk with me for a while and leave after that.

Avni: Where we will keep our baby that time??

Ishu: The baby’s basket we bought just now. We will place her inside there and keep it beside our bed. And, we will cover it with this big blanket. So, they won’t find her. (Ishana thinks)

Pooja: Idea seems good but what if she cries??

Avni: Don’t worry. I have a solution for that. (Takes a baby nipple from the bag) We will put this inside her mouth. She won’t cry. How?? (Winks at them. IshJa grin and have a high five with each other)


NeilGau come back to their house after few hours and see no one in living room.

Gau: Where are these three??

Neil: Where they will be at this time?? They must be at Ishu’s room only. Let’s go and see there.

Two of them go towards Ishana’s room and knock the door. Ishana opens the door and smiles at them.

Ishu: (salutes) Welcome back, officers. (They walk inside the room)

Avni: You both are early today than usual.

Neil: No serious case today. That’s why we are early. Why?? You don’t like us come back early.

Avni: (hugs his neck) No. I don’t mean like that. Actually, I’m happy that you are early. (Looks at him lovingly)

Neil: Someone in romance mood today. Anything special?? (IshJa smile at each other)

Avni: Why?? I’m romancing my husband only.

Gau: Avni, you can romance your husband. But, we are here too. Don’t forget that.

Avni: Don’t be jealous, Gautham bhaiya. Your Pooja is here to romance you. (Pooja blushes slightly. Gautham is about to go to the bed side where the baby is placed)

Ishana sees this and pushes Pooja on Gautham and she falls on him. Gautham holds her and they both lost in each others eyes. IshAvNeil smile looking at each other.

Neil: Both of them lost in their eyes.

Ishu: This is called eyelock, my friend.

Avni: That too intense eyelock!!

Ishu: Yeah. Like you both never had an eyelock before. (Sarcastically)

AvNeil: Ishu!!

Ishu: Ok. Ok. I’m not saying anything. Now, let break their eyelock before she started to make sound. (Avni slaps her arm)

Neil: Sound?? Who??

Ishu: (realised what she said) I mean before my stomach started to make sound in hunger. (Neil is convinced and Avni sighs in relief. They shake PoojAm and they both come out from their eyelock. They turn feeling embarrassed while IshAvNeil give a teasing look to them)

Ishu: Why are you feeling embarrassed?? You both are husband and wife.

Avni: Exactly. See, I’m not embarrassed to romance my Neil in front of you all. (Snakes Neil’s arm)

Ishu: I think four of you need to go for a dinner date. What you all say??

Pooja: Why four of us?? You too join us. (Four of them chuckle hearing her)

Gau: My dear wife, she is saying about dinner date. Not normal dinner. (Pooja bits he tongue understands what he said)

Neil: We don’t have to go for dinner date. We all will be going out for dinner.

IshAvJa: No!! (NeilGau are confused)

NeilGau: Why??

Ishu: Four of you didn’t spend time together for a long time. That’s why I planned a dinner date for you all. At the same restaurant but different tables.

Avni: When did you plan this??

Ishu: Before they came back.

Pooja: But, how we will go leaving you alone here??

Gau: Pooja is right. We don’t need any dinner date. All of us will go and have our dinner together.

Ishu: I already arranged everything for you all. How I will cancel them?? Won’t you go for your Ishu?? (Makes a puppy face)

Avni: But, how we will go without you??

Ishu: (pulls AvJa and whispers) Why you both are refusing?? Have you forgotten about our new member?? I need to arrange her things here. How long I will keep them under the bed?? If they are here, we can’t do anything. That’s why I’m sending you all out. I will arrange everything before you all come back. (AvJa nod their heads agreeing with her)

Avni: Ok, Ishu. If you are insisting us like this, we won’t refuse you. We will go for the dinner date.

Neil: What happened suddenly, Avni?? You were refusing just now. (Avni thinks what to say)

Pooja: Nothing, bhaiya. Poor Ishu. She took afford and arranged everything for us. It won’t be good if we don’t go. That’s why.

Gau: Fine. Ishu, we agree for you only. (Ishana grins happily) Take care of yourself and call us if anything.

Ishu: Ok. Now, go and get ready. (They are about to leave but heard baby’s voice. IshAvJa are shocked while NeilGau stop and turn back to them in confuse)


To be continue….


Precap: AvNeil and PoojAm on dinner date. Swetlana argues with Siddharth.


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