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Ek Deewana Tha 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom wins Sharanya’s trust

Ek Deewana Tha 9th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

After Rajan leaves, Vyom is furious. He says Rajan shouldn’t have threatened him about Sharanya. Rajan will have to die now.

Sharanya tells Shiv that it was her best Valentines Day. She will remember it for long. She also feels bad about not trusting Vyom and blaming him for everything. She says she will say sorry to him once she reaches home and they 3 will be best friends again. Shiv asks if he was really innocent then why he never tried searching for him? Why he tried to molest Sharanya on Haldi day? Why he acted of being possessed with Shiv’s soul? Until he doesn’t answer those questions, Shiv advices Sharanya, not to trust anyone.

Sharanya and Shiv come to Vyom’s home. Shiv reminds her to ask those questions to Vyom. Vyom displays their college time pictures on projector

and emotionally blackmail Sharanya that they were so good friends and she blamed him for killing Shiv. He then starts justifying his acts. He says he told her parents that they love each other because he wanted to stay with her while she was in coma and her parents wouldn’t allow a stranger to be with her. Shiv tells Sharanya to ask him why he didn’t tell the truth once she came out of coma. He calls her doctor and the doctor says that Vyom wanted to tell the truth, but it wasn’t advisable as Sharanya would get shock knowing Shiv died and may have gone back to coma or they could have lost her forever as well. Shiv asks Sharanya to ask about Haldi night. Vyom says Madhvi had given him some pills which made him aggressive. After eating those pills, he was ready to harm anyone including himself. Maybe Madhvi did this so Sharanya doesn’t marry him. Shiv asks Sharanya to ask why he didn’t tell Madhvi’s truth back then. Why he waited so long? Vyom says he just had a doubt and any son would protect his mother. Sharanya seems to be getting convinced, but Shiv still has doubts. He asks Sharanya why Vyom never tried searching for him after the accident. Freddy an Odhni come there. Freddy says Vyom tried a lot. When he checked police records, he found out that it was Vyom only who filed complaint for Shiv missing. He even arranged a special team to find Shiv. Odhni also says they doubted Vyom for no reason. The case is solved now. While leaving, Odhni notices Freddy winking Vyom, but she doesn’t say anything.

Vyom says sorry to Sharanya. Because of him Shiv and her got apart. He always wanted them to be together. They used to love each other so much. He starts crying. Sharanya says he is not at fault and asks him to stop crying. If Shiv sees him crying like this, then he won’t like it at all. Vyom asks how Shiv would look? She says because Shiv is right there, around them. Vyom acts of being happy. Shiv is not happy. She says when she went to Kapali Hills, she came across the soul that was bothering them. It was Shiv’s soul and his purpose wasn’t to hurt them, but to make them aware of his past. Their best friend is their only. Vyom says he was like his brother and asks where he is. Shiv has gone. Vyom says Shiv is upset with him. He feels Vyom killed him. Sharanya lies that sun will be coming out soon, so he can’t stay around that time. She wonders why Shiv left. Vyom says he will come back after sun is out, right? He is so happy that his brother will be back. He hugs Sharanya.

Rajan comes a lady whom he has kept captive. He asks why she doesn’t listen to him and always trouble him. She asks why he doesn’t kill her. He says he is helpless. He was opening medicine bottle with knife. Knife falls and the lady grabs it. She tries to commit suicide.

Precap: Shiv, Vyom, Sharanya are together. Vyom says he just wants them to be friends. Sharanya says she’s giving another chance to Vyom, she trusts him. She asks Shiv, he won’t give her his trust?

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