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Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Captures Iravathi

Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chandrakantha fights with Iravathi. Iravathi overpowers her. Chandrakantha prays Vishunuji and gets sudarshan chakra and injures Iravathi’s hand. Iravathi falls down but counterattacks Chandrakantha and injures her. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji that she is a mother and he should protect her and asks magical dagger. She gets magical dagger and captures Iravathi. Iravathi asks her to kill her, else she will repent. On the other side, Veer fights with Swayam Hirnasur. Tej and Umang also join him, but Swayam overpowers them all. Umang says let us from Swayam. Veer says if they all 3 attack Swayam at once, they can defeat him. He attacks Swayam, but Swayam captures him and is about to kill when Chandrakantha emerges on magical mirror and warns Swayam to spare Veer, else she will

kill his mother Iravathi. Swayam does not deter. Chandrakantha says she really can kill Iravathi. Swayam disappears with Veer again. Chandrakantha hears villagers’ plea and gets concerned. Iravathi laughs.

Swayam cages Veer. Veer says maa is cruel and just wants power, earlier she used him and now she is using Swayam as Swaywam is powerful immortal Hirnasur. Swayam shuts his mouth and warns to keep quiet. He enjoys meat and thinks he has to kill Veer and save Iravathi. Bhadra also searches Veer and thinks if she can find Veer, they all can kill Iravathi easily. She is pinned to a tree and should who captured her. Tej and Umang come out. Bhadrama says she is on Chandrakantha’s side. Umang says she is Iravathi’s guru and is lying. Bhadrama convinces Tej and says they have to find Veer first. Tej frees her. Bhadramaa says they will go in different directions and whoever finds Veer first will inform others and not try to free him alone.

Chandrakantha meets praja who plead to give them food and water as Iravathi has cursed them. Chandrakantha gets water and it disappears. A girl asks if maharani ji will save them from evil rani’s curse. Chandrakantha says he is one among them and will even risk her life to save them. She returns to Iravathi and warns her to take back her curse. Iravathi does not deter. Chandrakantha tortures her with magical dagger and says she will burn her till she will hate her own face if she does not take back her curse, but Chandrakantha does not agree. Tej finds Veer and Swayam and thinks of freeing Veer first, but then reminisces Bhadramaa’s words to inform them first. He is unable to see Veer’s pain and thinks of freeing Veer himself alone and walks towards Veer silently. Veer signals him to go away, but he continues. Swayam wakes up and pins him down. Umang and Bhadramaa hear Tej’s shout and rush to him. Swayam tries to strangulate Tej. Bhadramaa and Umang use their magic, but cannot defeat Swayam. Bhadra says they have to free Veer somehow, only he can free Tej. They free Veer from magical cage. Veer attacks Swayam and frees Tej. They all run away while Swayam shouts Veer and runs behind him.

Chandrakantha goes to Vishu temple and prays Vishnuji to help her praja or send someone who can help her. Sadhu walks in and says she has to use Iravathi’s magic on Iravathi herself, but there is a risk for her life. Chandrakantha says she can do anything for her praja. Sadhu does her tilak and sends her and thinks risk is not only on herself, but also on her dear ones. Chandrakantha returns to Iravathi and tortures her saying she will not make a mistake of considering her enemy weak and will kill Iravathi today for cursing her praja. Iravathi unable to bear toture ask what she has to do. Chandrakantha asks her to take back her curse. Iravathi does same. Villagers get happy seeing their curse gone and getting back food and water.

Veer and his team continue running. Swayam captures them again and strangulates Veer shouting because of him, maa is in Chandrakantha’s grip. Veer says he is not afraid of death, he will not let Chandrakantha free maa.

Precap: Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji that evil is winning again and goodness is losing. She dances and hears voice that she can use magical dagger and is the real owner of it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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