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Ardeep ff: Jiyein Kyun? (Chp 3~Ishita)

~You brought me sunshine when I only felt rain,
You brought me laughter when I only felt pain.~

Aarohi and Deep had an eyelock as they fell on the floor. He eyed her beautiful face for couple of minutes, his arm was wrapped around her waist whereas her hand fisted his shirt. He moved the hair from her face and she closed her eyes feeling his touch. He thought of how Tara was always just wanting to do shopping and how he never felt the same with Tara as he feels for Aarohi, even though he married Tara, he never loved her but as Aarohi entered his life, she became a blessing from which everyone turned away their face.
Ho o ishq mein marjawan
Tu Jo kahe vo kar jawan

Ho o ishq mein marjawan
Tu Jo kahe vo kar jawan

She named her whole life for him while he betrayed her. He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead but as she realized the situation, she pushed him away and stood up from the floor. ‘Do you have any other work besides romance? I want to change my clothes my dear. When I m back, I want to do shopping with you,’ she said smiling at him boldly posing as Tara and traced his jawline kissing his cheek and went to washroom taking her clothes sighing in relief. ‘I know you’re Aarohi and not Tara, but I wonder where’s Tara,’ he said to himself.

Tara woke up in the cell as she went unconscious after she got beaten up and sat up by difficulty. ‘Mom, Deep, take me from here, dum ghut’ta hai mera yahan par,’ (I feel suffocated here) she murmured and started crying and was soon grabbed by the monsters in the jail and was made to stand on the floor. She tried hard to get free of their grip but they were too strong. A woman watched all this from the cell adjacent to hers who was least interested in torturing others because being there was the biggest torture ever.

She got out of the cell and came in Tara’s cell eying her. ‘What are you doing to her? Leave her. She’s Aarohi. I know her, she can’t even think of murder and all,’ said the woman. ‘But who are you? I have..,’ Tara said but stopped seeing the pleading look on her face. ‘Leave her and let me handle her,’ said the woman and they left Tara and the woman went to her. ‘Who are you?’ Tara asked. ‘Aarohi its me, Ishita Bhalla, remember the social worker who saved you that night? Don’t worry I will get you out of here,’ she said.

‘Oh so you’re the one who saved Aarohi that night, ab to tumhari maut nischit hai,’ (now your death is necessary) Tara said and reached her hands out to throttle her and kept on pressing her hands on her neck making her short on breathe and Ishita gasped for air. She was shocked on her act and the monsters once again came and grabbed her pulling her away from Ishita as she eyed her in a shock. No, this can’t be Aarohi, Ishita thought to herself exiting her cell going in her cell.

She stood pressing her back hard against the wall of her cell and slid down till she reached the floor. She eyed Tara for a while and recalled Aarohi’s words. ‘Aunty they’ve trapped me to save my lookalike Tara, I haven’t done anything. I don’t even know where is bhabhi and Niku and if they’re fine or not, aunty I want to know about them.’ Ishita was deep in thoughts and just then everyone were called outside to have food. She stood up and went outside with her eyes still on Tara, she collided with one of the monstrous lady.

‘Aey, dekh kar chalna nahi ata kya? Bari aai usay bachanay chali thi, hogai teri pungi, mahaan kahin ki,’ (hey! Can’t you watch where you go? You came to save her right? But she shot at you only, really great you are) said the lady and Ishita sat on a table to eat alone. Even she had got someone else’s crime on her head, well not a crime but a mistake. Her daughter Pihu had mistakenly pushed her bua’s daughter Ananya from the stairs and so she took the blame on her head to protect her kid. Tara came.

She sat on the same table with Ishita and ate without talking. ‘If I m not wrong then you’re actually Tara right?’ she asked and Tara nodded in positive. ‘Oh, why did you trap Aarohi to hide your crimes?’ she asked while eating. ‘None of your business lady, don’t forget you belong to the same prison like me. If I am a criminal then you’re also a criminal, did I ask you what’s your crime? Be in your limits,’ Tara said enraged and suddenly she felt something lingering on her arm, she screamed seeing the cockroach and stood up, Ishita looked on while the others laughed.

Aarohi came out of the washroom dressed as Tara and saw Deep sitting on the bed. She wore a black crop top and skinny jeans. ‘Why aren’t you ready yet?’ she asked creasing her eyebrows and walked to him. She held his wrist trying to make him stand but he pulled her instead by which she fell in his lap and they had an eyelock. ‘For the last time, stop acting like Tara, you’re not Tara, you’re my beloved sweet Aarohi.’

She sighed and slapped him hard. ‘You spoiled my mood, its the limit now, come I will make you meet Aarohi, come,’ she said standing up from his lap and pulled him out of the room. He didn’t protest as he didn’t want anyone to know what he knew. They went out of the mansion and sat in their car. ‘Aarohi, no, don’t go there, why don’t you understand that whatever I did was for your benefit. I saved you because..,’ he was cut in between. ‘Shut up! Yes I m Aarohi so what? You get happy by calling me Aarohi right? Its OK.’

‘Tum hogi Tara dunia k saamne, lekin tum Aarohi ho mujhe pata hai,’ (you maybe Tara in front of the world but I know you’re Aarohi) Deep said and she turned to him and held his collars shaking him violently. ‘Kyun mujhe sata rahay ho uske naam se? Kyun? Tumko main nahi chhorungi. Chhorungi nahi tumhe main,’ (why are you irritating me by her name? Why? I wont leave you) she said angrily slapping him hard. He held her arms pulling him a little close. ‘Tumhari thappar bhi insaan ko Kashmir pohncha sakti hai,’ (your slap can also make a person reach Kashmir) Deep said and laughed.

She jerked his hands in confusion. ‘Kashmir? What’s that?’ she asked creasing her eyebrows. ‘Heaven,’ he replied laughingly and she turned her face away and started driving the car. ‘Where are we going?’ he asked as she drove away. ‘You wanted to meet Aarohi, right?’ she asked. ‘Aarohi is in front of me,’ he said and she completely ignored him. They reached the police station and she hesitated before going inside but Deep held her hand and she looked at him. ‘Aarohi chalo andar, main tumhe kuchh nahi honay doonga, asli gunehgaar to andar band hai na? Phir kyun darr rahi ho? Aao chalo,’ (Aarohi let’s go inside, I won’t let anything happen to you, the real culprit is locked inside right? Then why are you scared? Come let’s go) he said and they walked inside together.

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