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Ajeeb Rishta…..{TwiNj=2Shots}….#2

Hello! Hi! Wassup!?….I am back!!!🙏 With the next and the last shot i.e the second shot of AR😜….. Thank you readers for reading , liking and for disliking too….
Disclaimer:This story deals with how an abusive and forced relationship works and where realisations are made..
It has bad vibes and it’s Yuck!😌😌😳So read cautiously!!

Twinkle was irritated and sad throughout the day.
“Sadu! He’s so irritating! So bad!……Why my parents chose him for me?”,she thought while munching on the butter popcorn. She was still eating when her phone beeped.
“Hey!……Be ready by ninish…We have a bussiness party to attend tonight.”
“Party!???”,she spoke and messaged him back saying that she won’t go.

“Look!….Don’t irritate me , Twinkle ! You’ll have to be ready, I don’t want any tantrums. Taiyaar nahi hui toh godh mein utha ka le jaunga , Ghar ke kapdo mein!!You know I can do it!”
“Fine!”,she texted him back.
She threw her phone back.
“Now I can’t even refuse!!”,she thought.
“Don’t know what goes into his head! Two headed Janus! Kabhi kuch hota hai , kabhi kuch….pal mein accha,pal mein rakshas…..Why can’t he love me!?……No….why will he love me?….Neither I do love him….But….But…..”, her mind thought.
“But you love him….More than yourself.”,her heart chided.

“He doesn’t care…he’s so mean!.”,her mind reasoned.
“He cares but doesn’t show! You are also mean to him sometimes…..”,her heart spoke.
“Ughhh”,she breathed.
She was in a conflicting situation.

She came out of the bathroom after washing her face.She took out his clothes first. She walked through her closet but found nothing appropriate to wear. She had to look gorgeous.
“I have nothing to wear!”,she exclaimed while looking at the pile of dresses.
She checked each dress. “How about this?”,she said picking up an ivory colored shimmery gown with straps at the shoulder and no back at the back.

She quickly changed into it. After having done so, she stood in front of the mirror and enhanced her beauty with little make-up. A winged eye-liner, bronzer,peachy-brown lipstick, a little mascara and she was done.
She opened her already shampood hair with a center part. She took out her heels.
“Feet will suffer!”,she thought.
“Kya karun? My husband is so tall!”

She nodded her head.
The door got opened , Twinkle got alarmed and there came Mr.Sarna.
“Not ready till now!?”,he said throwing his bag on the desk.
“It’s still not nine!”,said trying to zip-up her gown.

He saw her and was amazed.
She looked ethereal.He was surprised that she looked like an angel from moon in that dress. He scanned her entire dress and stopped at the back.
” Don’t you think that the back is too low?”,he said cautiously.
“It’s backless! Hope you know what that means! Don’t worry….no one is capable enough to check out your wife !…..,she replied.
He went near her , she looked into his orbs through the mirror.
“I know!”, He said.

His hand went at her lower back and he pulled up the zip. His cold hands made her breath stuck in her throat.
He turned her around and looked into her eyes and locked her waist with his hand.
He moved close to her ear left ear.
“You….look…. beautiful…..”,he whispered while she was amazed that he praised her beauty. His lips slightly touched the corner of her lips numbing her senses.
He moved back.

“Why don’t you get ready?”,she said calming herself down.
“It’ll take just two minutes!”,he replied opening the closet.
“Kunj Sarna! Your clothes are kept there!”,she said pointing at the tux kept on the bed.
He nodded and got ready in guess what?…..His favorite color!❤😁
He then went near the mirror and combed his hair and then ruffled it with his hands.
Twinkle sat on the sofa beacause she knew that he is going to take a lot of time.
He took the colonge next.

She watched him as he got ready. He possessed a well-built physic and a charming personality. Twinkle was again lost in his charm. She was staring at his face in the mirror watching him wearing his Rolex⌚.
“Mirror will shatter to peices…”,he said Shocking her.
“Huh!?….Um.m…What?”,she said getting consious.
“If you continue to stare !”,he said.
He smirked.
After a while , he exclaimed,”let’s go!”

Taj Sawrna, Amritsar……
The party was going on in full swing.
All the bussiness tycoons under one roof.
Why not because it was a party to celebrate the years end.
Kunj was talking to some delegates while she was getting bored. Off course she interacted with other ladies  but they also got busy with their husbands or kids.
She moved towards the drinks counter for a glass of juice as she had no one to talk to.
“What vodka tastes like?”,she thought.
“Excuse me….One vodka shot!”,she said.
“Let me taste it and feel it’s taste.”,she thought.
It was a small shot glass.
“Itni se hoga Kya?”,she looked at it and gulped it down.
She made a face.

“Bitter….Just like Kunj!”
She got back to her juice.
She was standing near the bar counter and scanning the people with her critic eye.
Meanwhile a hand tapped her shoulder.
“Excuse me!”,a manly voice said.
She looked at the man.
“Ro….Rohan!!!!”,Twinkle said excitedly and hugged the man keeping the juice on the counter.
[Imagine anyone you want! 😆] “Oh my…. God!”,she said.

“Relax Twinku!”,he said rubbing her hair.
She broke the hug.
“Okay….Sorry!”,Rohan said.
“You didn’t even call me afterwards!”,he said.
“You know naa!”,she explained.
“I know it’s not easy to be a wife if a millionaire!”,he said.
“But what a surprise!Tum yahan kaise?”,she said.
“Yup!New start up!”,he said.
“How’s life?”,he asked her.

“Did you find someone till now?”
“Nope!”,he said.
“But it’s good to meet you!”, Twinkle said with tears.
Rohan hugged Twinkle.
“Pagli……Don’t cry!”,he said pecking her hair. He smiled and kissed her  forehead while someone was looking at them with a stern face. He was Kunj.
He tried to recall hard and remembered that he was Rohan…. Twinkle’s childhood best friend. They just shook hands on their marriage day because Rohan was late and couldn’t attend the wedding. He had reached at the time of Twinkle’s farewell.

He was burning in anger seeing his wife with another man, who kissed her forehead.
It was his right. How could her friend touch her like that,he thought.
He clenched his jaws and with anger threw his glass down. But the he remembered that it was not his home so he pretended as if the glass slipped of his hands.
He walked off from there in frustration.He was confused. Why did it matter to him. He himself had declared that he won’t mind anything. He was just confused.
“It shouldn’t matter right?”,he thought while chugging his drink.
“She’s my wife.No…Fool can touch her!”

“I don’t care!…..Jo bhi kare!….Kissi se bhi gale mile…”
“I’ll stitch his lips together!….How dare he! Use Kya kahun jab Meri biwi khud itna close ho rahi hai usse!”
Guess what? Mr.Sarna was jealous.
“She’s my wife…..”,he thought and went back there to see them still talking.
He smirked and moved towards them.
“Hello….. Rohan!”,Kunj said by making a firm grip on Twinkle’s waist.
He hugged him.

“Hello….Kunj…”,said Rohan.
“Well…Itne dino baad mile , Rohan! You came so late that day!”,Kunj said.
“Yes…..That was so stupid of me!”,Rohan said.
“But look….You are here talking to your friend and my wife….”,he said.
While he said this his grip on her waist became tight.
Twinkle could feel his stomach tighten.
She could feel that something was going on his head.
Rohan just smiled.

She removed his hand from her waist and held Rohan’s hand.
“Rohan! How about we share a dance?….Kitne din ho Gaye hamne saath dance nahin Kiya!”,she said.
Frankly speaking , Twinkle also missed her young days. Rohan , her cousins and she used to dance a lot when kids. Rohan and Twinkle as kids used to pretend as if they are Husband and wife and used to dance together. She would also make food for him in her toy kitchen.
She smiled as she recalled those memories.
“Sure….Tumhare pati Dev toh bura nahi manege?…..”,Rohan said teasing her.
“Nahin…..bura Kyu manege? Kyu ji?”,she asked sweetly.
“Sure…..”,Kunj said cheekily.

[Plug it in!] Kunj was standing shocked!
Twinkle and Rohan moved according to the beats along with everyone in the party. Everyone was dancing and enjoying.
Kunj was now angry. His wife was so busy with her friend.
He saw her laughing with him.
“She doesn’t even talk to me! Look… she’s laughing with him!”,he thought.
This was enough for Kunj.
The song changed to a romantic one.

“This calls for a couple dance!!!!”, exclaimed the host.
Twinkle and Rohan stood aside.
She was embarrassed.
“Twinkle? Itna formal kab ho gaya hamare beech?”,Rohan said.
He slapped her forehead lightly while she laughed.
Kunj reached to her and pulled her hand.
“Twinkle…..Will you not dance with me?”,Kunj said winking.
She felt her stomach tighten to a knot. He was charming and he knew that.
Twinkle nodded.
While Rohan cheered. ]

Kunj place his left hand on her back and slipped his other hand to her slender waist.
Her arms automatically moved to his nape and shoulder. She could feel his eyes boring to her flesh in the dim light.
He pulled her close and glided softly.
His eyes were full of passion,anger, possession.

She was in a dilemma again. She wanted to hug him tight and tell him that she loved him. But she couldn’t.She wasn’t sure.
He turned her around while his face rested at the hollow of the neck.
His hands in the front pressed into her stomach. His grip was tight.
“Bahut maaza aa raha tha, Rohan ke saath!!?”,he asked.
She was confused.

“Don’t get confused,Jaan! I know you were enjoying with him….The way he hugged you…The way he kissed you….You liked it, didn’t you?”,he said.
She turned around to face him.
“What?”,she said.
“Yes.”,he said holding her tight.
“Don’t you know…..that you have a husband?….and you should be with him right here?”,he whispered into her right ear.
“Ku…”,she tried to speak.
“Ssh….”,he breathed close to her mouth.

He twirled her around and then he faced her.
He moved his hand to her neck and his thumb was on her cheek. Her right hand went into his hair and left at his waist.
He touched his forehead to hers. She was breathing in his exhaled breath. He smelled raw and sweet. His sharp Roman like nose was touching her button nose,lips were touching her philtrum and cupid’s bow.
His hands were roaming at her lower back as they moved in sync with the musical notes.
He moved his finger on her left arm and entwined their fingers. Twinkle tightened the hold and felt his hands. She looked at their united fingers and then at him.
He spinned her around as the beats changed and partners too.

Now Twinkle was with someone else but her body still felt his touch which was magic to her.
He was dancing with someone else too and his eyes still did not leave her sight.
The beats changed again and she fell into his arms.
Her back was facing him. Her hair were already in front which showcased her back with a small mole on the right bone.
He smiled slyly.
His hands were on her either loins while hers on his hands holding him tight.
He nipped her ear and neck exhaling deep breaths.
“Don’t ever do that again!….. Yaad rakhna ki tum meri ho! Kissi ki nahi…..”,he spoke while tracing his left hand’s index finger down her left arm.

Everyone clapped as the song got over and soon Kunj left her.
She was already molten. She felt like a jelly. She couldn’t control her racing heart. She clutched her arms together. It was such an intimate and ardent contact. Kunj had again kindled her emotions. After a split second she recalled his words. She felt disgusted at his state of mind. He was completely misunderstanding Rohan and her relationship. She then realized that he was envious of Rohan.
“Was he?….Was he envying Rohan because I was with him?……”,thought Twinkle looking at Kunj who was talking to Rohan in fake sweetness.
Her mind decided to play more.
She had a upper hand in this case.

She smirked. She had a chance to rouse Kunj’s feelings towards her.
“Rohan!?”,she chirped.
“Kaisa kiya dance hamne?”,she said.
“Burned it!”,he said patting her back.
Soon…..everyone ate dinner. They were enjoying ice-cream when Kunj’s phone rang.
He excused himself as music was playing and he had to receive the call.
He went outside the hall.
While Twinkle was eating the ice cream and talking to Rohan her cup fell on him.

Chocolate ice cream splashed on his shirt.
“Oh!! Rohan! ….Teri shirt gandi ho gayi!”,she said.
“Twinkle!..….Pagal…..Lekin dhul jayega…..koi na!!”,he said.
“Chal dho le!”,she said. He nodded.
“Let me help you.”,she said.
They both moved towards the washroom to get Rohan’s shirt cleaned.
She held his coat while he washed the stain.
Meanwhile, Kunj returned inside and couldn’t find them.
He dialled her phone but it was unreachable.

He thought she might have gone to the washroom. So he went there.
He was walking  but then Twinkle’s and Rohan’s voice from inside.
Rohan moved outside setting his coat and hair.
Kunj moved aside seeing him.
“Where’s Twinkle!?”,he thought.
After a second or so Twinkle emerged setting her hair and lipstick.
Kunj was so confused seeing them going out after each other , out of the washroom. Various things were going on his head.

“She can’t do this!?”,he thought.
“I’ll kill him!……..blo*dy!****…..What the****…..Meri biwi hai woh!….. Pervert!!!!”,he swore while walking towards Twinkle who was searching for him.
He was in his worst mood. He was worse than a beast . He would have surely splitted Rohan’s throat if Twinkle had not dragged him.
He didn’t say a word to her but his insides were burning at a high temperature.

He drove silently but at a high speed.
Twinkle was shocked already . She was scared too. She had seen that  he was burning in jealously.The way he held her wrist tightly when she hugged Rohan to bid him goodbye surprised her. The way he dragged her out, got her entire spine chilled and made her understand that he was angry.But when she realised that he would be angry because he might have seen them together, she was surprised. She decided to play more with him. An idea popped in her mind.
“Aaj…mausam….bada beimaan hai….bada beimaan hai…..aaj…mausam….lala….”,she sang.
“Rohan… so good! I am feeling happy after meeting him…”,she said with gleam in her eyes.
He looked at her face and swallowed a lump.

“What the….”,she exclaimed with fright when the car came to an immediate halt.
“Planning to kill me??”,she spoke calming herself.
He didn’t speak a word and came out of the car, banging the door at her face.
She ran behind him.
“Why are you so insane?”,she said grabbing his arm.
“What happened? “,She asked.
He jerked her hand off and walked towards the main door.
Opening the door he went in with long strides.
She tried to match his pace but failed.
That is the con of being tall,she thought.
“Kunj!! Wait up!”,she said as he marched up to their room.
“What is wrong with you!?”,she asked.

“Do I need to give justification for my mood too!?”,he retorted.
Twinkle- But! What happened!?
Kunj- Do you want to know!?
He grabbed her by her slender arms and told her whatever he felt or saw.

She flinched in anger and disgust.
His eyes demanded an answer.
“Do you have any problem? “,She retorted.
“I have! “,He spoke angrily.
“You’re my wife!”

“So? Didn’t you say you won’t mind anything?”,she replied casually removing her heels and walking towards the closet .
It was getting on his nerves.

He went behind her and held her hand.
“What did you say!?”
“Kyun….tumne hi toh kaha tha na! Ki tumhe Fark nahi padta….Main kuch bhi karu?”,she replied removing his hand from hers.
“Fark padta hai…..bahut padta hai….Tum Meri biwi ho! You can’t be someone else or with someone else!”,he said holding her shoulder.
“Kyun? Did I say anything to you when you came home late that day….With a red mark on your neck??! Did I ask anything? “,She said holding his collar.
He was taken aback and felt ashamed of his deeds.
“I didn’t cross my limits at least!”,he tried to answer.
Tears pooled in her eyes to even think about what her husband was thinking.

“Tumhe kyun lagta hai……ki…..Maine apni hadde par kari hai? “,She asked looking into his eyes.
He went blank. He didn’t have an answer.
How could he have? He was wrong.
“I get it! Because you don’t have faith in your wife!”,she said.
She tried to calm herself so that she may not break down.

He held her hand.
She pushed him back.
“My parents did a big mistake to get your alliance to me! I was a big fool to accept that proposal! I didn’t know I will marry a man who doesn’t have faith in his wife or is faithful to her  and expects her to be faithful to him!”,she replied with tears down her cheek.
He was ashamed of himself.
She threw her earings and broke the vase kept nearby!
He was shocked to see her this broken and angry.
“Kunj! Tumhe lagta hai na ki Shaadi sirf barbadi hoti hai….you always gave example of your own parents…..Tumhe pata hai ki galti sirf Mummy ki nahi thi, agar unhone apna rishta ignore Kiya….toh Papa ne bhi rishta sambhal ne koshish nahi ki! Both of them were at fault….. Mummy tried to mend it…..but Papa ignored it ! You are doing the same! You are too doing the same thing!……You have done it! “,she said.

He didn’t have anything to say.
“Kunj! I was a fool to love you! I am tired of trying…..trying to mend our relationship. I have failed…..Kunj…..I have failed…..”,she broke into tears and left the room.
He went numb and sat on the bed.
His mind seemed to collapse.
She loved him! She really did! She was right. He was wrong. She tried to work their
relationship. He was a fool.
He put his head in his hands and felt guilty.

The other side…..
Twinkle went to another room and collapsed on the sofa crying.
“I was a fool….”,she thought and cried.
“Yeh….Kya kar diya Maine! Maine Twinkle pe shak…….Kiya……Us ladki pe…..jisne hamesha mujhse Pyaar Kiya…..”
His eyes became watery. He felt bad . He felt ashamed and guilty.
Was it too late for Kunj?
PRECAP FOR THE END: “Where are you going?”,Kunj said seeing Twinkle with a big suitcase and her bag.
Tadaaaaaa! 😁😁😂
Dekho kaun aya ? Haan haan main hi Hoon.
Chiku…..I have posted it….. I apologize for making you wait.
Anyways….See finally I posted it! I have no idea what the hell I was thinking while I wrote the first shot! Whatever is it…..I need to finish it.

I am not active these days because of exams and studies.
All the writers out there are doing a fabulous job ! Kudos to you guys for keeping this space lively.💜
This is first peice of writing of this year for me! 😂
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