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Only for me myself- OS (11)

Hey guys I’m back with my OS thanks for your lovely response , so let’s start .

Recap – Oberoi ladies goes missing , their dreams , men’s struggles without their partners, ladies return back & they behave strange

OM , Mumbai

Night 10

OmRu, Sr Oberoi’s tells their partners behaviour to Shivay , he get little stunned

Shivay- this means they does not get kidnapped they went on their own ok our next target is to get the truth regarding where is dadi 

Om – Shivay how do you say that they didn’t get kidnapped .

Shivay – suppose if they got kidnapped we would have received some ransom call in this three day , did u guys noticed they got New confidence , they seemed to be happy so something is fishy in their case ,

Tej – you are right Shivay  , but what about Ma ??

Shivay -that is the one we have to find out bade Papa guys I have some idea come closer  ( idea just keep thinking guys )

Next morning 7:30

Shivika room

Shivay was sleeping, Anika was getting ready for her work , she has worn a green saree with a sleeve less blouse , a long jhumka , & she fills bright Kum Kum on her hairline , a free hair , she was adorable .

Anika called Ansh

Anika – beta I’m leaving for work if your dad ask tell him that I left for work ok bye , Have the BF & go don’t be late to school , pack your lunch ( by kissing on his cheeks ) love u TC bye

Ansh waves to  Ani ,

Ishkara room

Ishu is getting ready for the work , she is wearing a orange salwar , a bindi  &  Kumkum on her hairline which adores her she kisses her lovely beta Rihaan on his cheeks who is looking @ her with a broad smile  & waves at him

Om who was in a Deep sleep didn’t noticed her leaving .

Rumya’s room

It is clearly shows that lovely Saumya is getting ready she worn a royal blue top & black jeans & free hair, she fills Sindoor on her hair line , she keeps alarm @ 7:45 & leave a note near lamp stand . As usual Rudy was sleeping .

The three Bahus come out of their respective rooms they go near temple

They pray , Pinky is wearing a yellow salwar, she is taking the Aarthi after the Aarthi gets complete they three takes the Aarthi and Pinky gives Prasad to her Bahus oops Betiyon they lean down & take her Aashirwad she bless them that they will be success in their work they are going today & wish them all d best in their first day

Jhanvi comes there with curd & sugar she feed her daughter’s & she also bless them & wish them all d best

Anika & Ishu was about tell b4 they start Jhanvi tells ” don’t worry Anu , Ishu we will take care of Rihaan & Ansh  bye ”

Anika , Ishu , Somu leave home & they got a Taxi Ishu 1st got down in her research institute , then Somu got down @ radio station & last Anika got down in a big office

Ishu & Somu got the jobs they called their mom’s & inform them Ani she was standing out side big office only to meet a MD of the office

Finally after an hour she could meet the MD who was a lady she is holding a big organising company

She interviewed Ani she was happy but not satisfied

Lady boss -see ms I’m happy with your profile but I couldn’t take you because I haven’t seen your work till now. So leave now I don’t want to waste time .

Anika pleaded her but it was in vain . She comes out of the room when she was about to go out of the office just then the security calls her & says MD is calling her she comes back to her cabin

Lady boss – see here miss Anika to take you in the company there is only chance Tomorrow there is a big celebrity’s son birthday to be frank the person who promised have backed so I’m selecting you because I’m not having other Choice you have to take it seriously do your job because it is both life for you & me as well

Anika – yes mam I’ll do it perfectly. She left

Sorry I forgot our gents in OM

At 9

Shivay get up and only to find pinky takes  ansh to school ansh says bye to him. He is confused & see the time he realised it’s late then he gets ready & leave to the office

Om gets up but he couldn’t find his son & wife he comes out to search for them but couldn’t find them in hall so he went to see in his mom’s room he noticed his son is playing with his Mom , he smiled at their bond , then he asked ” mom where is Ishu ”

Jhanvi – om she went out for some work , first you go & get ready you have leave for gallery right ??

om nodded  Jhanvi replied “then go ” . Om goes to get ready even though he is in hurry mood , something disturbs him that what happened to his family ladies why are they behaving weird , with these confusion he left for gallery

Tej & Shakthi already left for the office

Last but not least our lovely RUDY

Rudy switched off the alarm and called “sumo sumo sumo please off the alarm ”

But he finds only a note near the lamp stand he takes & reads it ” hello my dear duffer pati from today I’m not gonna wake up u but instead you yourself get up

from  your

waste wife

He get tensed comes out

Precap – will Anika be success in her job ?? Will Oberoi gens will find out about dadi ?? What happened to dadi ???




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