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RadhaKrishn 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Wants To Meet Krishna

RadhaKrishn 8th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayan tells Jatila that he has to inform king Kans about Agasur’s death. Jatila asks if he will go personally to inform Kans. Ayan says Kans had asked to tie a white cloth on arrow and shoot it if Krishna is killed. Jatila says but Krishna is alive. Ayan ties yellow color cloth and shoots saying Kans will realize Agasur is dead. Krishna sitting on swinger senses it and thinks how can his maama/uncle receive bad news and with his finger snap change cloth color to white. Arrow hits in front of Kans. Kans gets happy seeing white color and orders Akrur to start celebrations and call the winner Ayan, he himself will felicitate Ayan.

Krishna plays bansuri and calls Radha. Balram says today his bansuri sound is very sweet, why not as he cleared Radha’s hurdle. Radha hears it and

tells her friends that Krishna saved her and got her off her fear, he cannot be sorcerer. Friend says they should thank one who favors them, did she thank Krishna. Radha says no and thinks she will meet Krishna and thank him. Krishna tells Balram that Radha and bansuri are same; like bansuri has 7 hurdles, Radha has 7 hurdles; only 1 hurdle is cleared, 6 are left, the next is more tough one which he has to clear, it is attraction.

Radha runs towards Krishna and stops seeing Ayan. Ayan asks where is she going. She says to befriend Krishna, he is not bad and helped her always, he got her rid off fear. Ayan holds her hand warning to stop. Radha shouts to leave her hand and says she knows he does not like Krishna, but it is his views, Krishna is a good boy, she will meet and thank Krishna for getting her off her fear. Ayan leaves hand and stands fuming. Radha rushes to Krishna’s place and seeing Sudhama asks where is Krishna. He shows Krishna playing with boys. She walks to them and does not find Krishna there and heads towards Krishna’s home. Yashoda greets her and asks reason for coming. She stands nervously. Rohini asks Yashoda to go and give butter to Krishna. Radha says she will give it. Yashoda asks if she is fine. Radha tells her whole story in detail and says Krishna always helped her and she misunderstood him, she wants to meet him personally and thank him. Yashoda shows her direction. Radha walks to Krishna and stands looking at him similingly.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that goal and dreams look similar and if he gets both, he feels himself lucky, but truth is for dream they need to sleep and cannot reach goal, and for goal they need to not sleep and work hard; one who understands the difference will lead and happy life.

Precap: Yashoda tells Krishna that he and Radha cannot be together forever.
Radha tells Krishna that until he is with her, bad cannot touch her. Krishna asks not to meet her from today.

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