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Qayamat Ki Raat 9th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma exposed

Qayamat Ki Raat 9th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Gauri walks on the bridge in the temple. Gauri steps on the seven powers and they light. Gauri is confused. Uma says Gauri look around. I want that shaligram. Gauri steps forward. She sees something written on the wall. SHe sees hot water. Uma says Gauri you can take it out. Gauri takes ou the shaligram. Uma smiles. Uma says I am coming. Gauri says my family had to protect you, but I have to save my Raj, Forgive me. Gauri says in heart this isnt’ shaligram. Uma says I can’t see anything. All thugs get current shocks. Uma says Gauri dont’ try to be smart. Uma comes to gauri and says I want this stone. I want it. Avni says this isn’t the shaligram. Uma says where is the real one. Gauri runs. Uma says to avni go and stop her.

Dharam enters the house with

savitri. Dharam says today Gauri will expose Uma in front of you all. Prithvi says you started it again. Dharam says today it will all end. DHaram says to Raj Gauri went to take the shaligram for you. She wrote a letter for you wants you to read it. Raj runs upstairs and takes the papers downstairs.

Gauri is running in the jungle. A wall comes in front of her. Avni says I made it. You can’t take this stone away from you. I can kill you now. She throttles Gauri.
Raj comes to the room and reads the letter. It says raj I only loved you. I am going to find that magic stone for you.
Uma and Avni surround Gauri. We have loved each other. But I think our love doesn’t have a future. Uma says that stone is in that bag. Give it to us. Avni says we have to snatch it. Raj reads, It was our love that kept us together. I know that you are trying to shove me away from you. I will not let anything happen to you. I will stand by you in all your problems. I might never see you again but my love will always be with you.

Uma checks the bag. She says the stone isnt’ in this bag. Where is it. Don’t try to act smart with me. Gauri says I will never give it to you. This power is for good. Uma says you have to give it to me before I kill you. Gauri says before giving it to you, I will destroy it. I will never let you have it. Gauri says I will destroy it for ever. Gauri throws it in fire. Uma screams no.

Raj says to Prithvi Gauri’s life is in danger. I have to go and save her. Dharam says you first need to see this. You can see in my phone what is happening there. Dharam says your trust on someone will shatter forever. He plays the video. Aditi says that is avni. What is she doing with gauri. Avni says how dare you desrou that stone Gauri. Uma sits down in anger. She says I gave 15 years for this stone. I fooled Prithvi and pretended to be raj’s mom for 15 years. I kicked Savitri out of that house. I pretended so much and this is what I got in the end? Nothing. Uma slaps Gauri says how dare you. I wont leave you alive. She throttles Gauri. Uma says I want to see the fear in your eyes. I thought I would wake my brother up with this stone but you destroyed it. Uma says Avni kill her with pain that she screams. Kill her.
Prithvi is shocked. Dharam says will you stay quite? That was all a lie that she lived all these years. Prithvi looks at Savtiri and begs her pardon. savitri is in tears. She recalls what happened. He says I made a huge mistake. She says that wasn’t your fault. Uma made you see all this. Prithvi says how could I not see your truth? I don’t deserve your pardon. Savitri hugs him. Everyone is in shock and tears.

Uma says kill her. Gauri says you can’t scare me. You both lost. Avni says enough get ready for death. She throws a fireball towards Gauri. Avni brings a knife and stabs Gauri. Gauri screams and falls down. The masked man comes there. Uma says who are you? He takes off his mask. He is Raj. Prithvi says raj? Prithvi says that means he always trusted her. He was always helping and protecting her.
Dharam says we have to find Kalasur’s body and destroy it. Raj is there with Gauri. Prithvi says why couldn’t I see Uma’s reality. Savitri says she is Kalasur’s sister. She fools us all.

Gauri says Raj.. He caresses her face. The song mein tenu samjhawaan ki. Gauri says I knew you only you can come to save me everytime. Raj says to Uma you have fooled the relationship of motherhood. I got to know your truth long back. I wore this mask to expose you and save Gauri from me. I couldn’t even hug my mom only because of you. You would be punished. Uma says who would save you from me? Raj says you can’t kill me. And till I am here you can’t harm Gauri. Uma picks the knife she is about to stab Raj.
Precap-Uma says you have to come back brother. Kalasur comes back to life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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