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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Aditya is alive

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Manish, Kartik and Naksh seeing Aditya. The police comes. They worry. Manish asks how did police come here. Kartik says we won’t let anything happen to our kids. Manish takes him. Naira, Gayu and Kirti hug their sons and cry. She recalls her childhood. She says don’t be scared, it was a mistake, don’t worry. Kairav asks really. Naira says yes, saying truth, accepting mistake, it needs courage, its right and difficult, lying is easy. Vansh says I was scared of everyone’s anger, so I told Kairav to run away. Naira says I can understand, we are your family, we won’t let anything happen to you. Vansh says Kairav also said this, he stopped from running. Kairav hugs Naira and says call Papa and ask. Naira goes aside to call Kartik.

Her alter self asks are you scared, how will you save Kairav if anything happens to Aditya. Naira says I won’t let anything happen. Her alter self asks how will you save him when police comes. Naira says I will save him, he can’t do this. She gets Kartik’s call. She asks what happened, tell me something. Kartik says Naira, police has come. She asks police. Everyone worries.

She asks did Aditya really die, what happened. He says I can’t hear you. She tries to call him. Kairav asks what happened, what did Papa say. Kirti says she couldn’t talk to Kartik. Kairav says mumma said police, police will catch us. Kirti asks him to calm down. Naksh says don’t know he is alive or not. Kartik says he was breathing maybe. Manish says if we stood there, we may get caught, I don’t want police to question us, once we sit and think well, we will decide. They see police coming. Naira says don’t know what’s happening, there is network issue, we will go there. Vansh asks will police catch us. Kairav says no, they will take me, I had pushed Aditya. Naira says no, police won’t take anyone, you are my brave boy, don’t cry, take care of yourself and Akshu. Naira and Kirti leave. The kids hug. The police inspector scolds a man for the wrong parking. Manish looks on. Kairav says sorry God, we called that uncle there. Vansh and Krish also apologize. Krishna says I should have refused, being elder, but I didn’t refuse. Suwarna says Surekha, few incidents grow up children well. Surekha says yes, Kartik and Naira wanted to unite them, ask me about it, I m still bearing this, even my children are bearing the punishment. Kairav says please God, help us.

Kartik says I was trying to tell Naira that we will talk to police, there is no network. Naksh says we will tell now. Manish says no way, police came here for some other work. Naksh says it will be wrong. Manish says it will be wrong if police takes our kids. Kartik says I don’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Inspector comes and asks what’s the matter, why are you so worried. Manish says no problems, we came to pray here. Inspector asks is that white car yours. Kartik says we want to say…. Kirti and Naira come there. Kartik sees them. He says yes, that white car is ours. Naira says we will tell that our kids didn’t do this, it was a mistake. Manish asks if they say anything wrong. Inspector says answer me. Naira says sorry, it was a mistake. Kartik says they parked car that side by mistake. Manish says Naira, see no parking board. Kartik says Naira, inspector was asking us about it. Naira says really sorry, I will move my car. Inspector says fine, do it fast. He goes.

Naira says Kartik you didn’t say about Aditya. Kartik says no. Kirti asks is he alive. Manish says don’t know. Naira says we will tell the police. Manish says we won’t say. Naira says the kids did that in defense, it was just a mistake. Manish says we know this, but will police believe it. Naira says this fear makes us do wrong, I was scared of police, we should tell it to police, kids aren’t wrong. Manish argues. He says don’t get stubborn Naira. Constable calls out the inspector. He asks him to see, someone is fallen unconscious. Devyaani says Aditya always creates new problems for us, this time he has done a limit, I will break his head, this time, he has troubled kids. Bhabhimaa says calm down, he will pay for his deeds. Devyaani asks what would be Naira going through, any person can break seeing such a thing. Bhabhimaa prays.

Constable says I think he is dead. Inspector asks how did he fall, find out who is he. Aditya coughs and gets conscious. Inspector says call the ambulance. Naira and Kartik thank God. Manish says I told you, no need to say anything. Inspector asks are you fine, how did you fall. Aditya sees Kartik, Naira and others. He recalls Naira slapping him. He points at them and says their kids have pushed me down.

Kartik says our kids didn’t do anything intentionally. Inspector says someone is responsible, we have to file a complaint against Kairav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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