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Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Devi laxmi saves a child’s life.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with prabhu mayureshwar reminding devi laxmi that how people are happily performing your pooja & are very eager to get your blessings on this day & also you & chandramama had taken birth on this day when mahadev also had kept chandramama on his head & you also got married with narayan.
Also you flowing your blessings on this world along with chandramama too pouring his blessings on world & you on this day only.
Devi laxmi & narayan are moving flowing their blessings on world including chandramam too while they see a woman crying for help to save their child so laxmi devi dictates about her story wherein two woman’s were her devotee’s in which younger was pregnant & were performing fast on sharad purnima for devi laxmi & all was properly instructed by their father to respect of fast but the younger sister use to always become very eager to eat whatever she use to see cooked items which should be kept for pooja bhog & once she was trying to pick one sweet but her elder sister stops her telling it’s wrong & not to forget what father instructed as before moon doesn’t arrive not to eat anything but she blames her & curses father too but stops at that time to eat but later again as her elder sister is away the younger sees the plate arranged with all food items & eats one of them while her elder sister sees this & tries to stop her but she refuses shouting her saying only few moments earlier i have ate by mistake which you had only said mistake is ignored but her elder sister tells her this was mistake knowingly done but younger ignores her & picks the plate refusing to listen to her.
One day younger falls sick losing her child & cursing herself why mata did this with her inspite keeping fast & it seems she has not blessed me.
Devi laxmi explaining chandramama this way she was cursed due to disrespecting fast by which she got this as punishment of losing her child.
Sisters father brings rishi to show the condition of his younger daughter & rishi blames her for disrespecting fast due to which all this has happened so he tells her to do it properly again & elder tells her I’ll teach you how to perform & they both keep the fast again. This time after pregnancy & giving birth to a child but without life hence again she keeps crying why this is happening with me only inspite performing fast respectfully while her father & elder sister also crying for her so younger asking help from her elder sister to pray devi laxmi for my help.
Devi laxmi feeling very pained for her devotee’s conditions & reminds what prabhu mayureshwar had told her that on this day if anybody praying for her will be blessed by you to give all kinds of blessings including to put lives in the deaths too so she feels very happy about it & pours her blessings towards sweet showing signal to her elder sister which she understands & goes to bring the sweet kept outside the house door seeing intimation from moon god also. She takes sweet to her younger sister saying you haven’t given this to your child yet & she feeds into child’s mouth by which the child starts crying & all become very happy while younger sister rejoices holding her child.
Devi laxmi, moon god & narayan are happy seeing their joy.
Ganesh calls devi laxmi as mata & she becomes eager telling narayan some child is calling me feeling my child going to arrive while narayan telling her prabhu mayureshwar said correct & they leave towards their bhawan for arranging welcome of their child.
Devi laxmi is asking now & then disturbing narayan continuously about what kind of arrangements to do for our child to welcome him with all comfort & narayan advises her to pour all your love into it & she tells him to not to joke with me but he says all your love for him will arrange everything & she becomes busy for doing the same.
Ganesh takes Prasad from mata paravati seeing how tasty is being prepared which was made by devi laxmi itself.
Devi laxmi is asking when my child will arrive while ganesh comes to her calling mami & she gets happy might be child is come with ganesh but not as ganesh comes alone.

Precap : Devi laxmi expressing her happiness of getting her wish fulfilled of child ganesh & mata paravati says this achievement will be prayed by all people in this world on occasion of diwali of ganesh & devi laxmi together.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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