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Soul Mate ff (The tree) Part 15

Rakshit and Divya is in a resturent. Rakshit is trying to look normal but he is very much stressed. Divya seems to be just fine, she is enjoying everything around her. A waiter comes and serves them drink.

Rakshit: I hope you are comfortable.

Divya: Yeah, yeah I’m fine.

Both of them seem to out of word, for an hour they are just sitting and being formal to each other. Divya finally breaks the ice.

Divya: Ok. Rakshit, hum itne acche jaga pe aye hai, par hum dono mein se koi ye enjoy nehi kar parehe hai.
Ok. Rakshit, we are here at such a good place, but we can’t enjoy it properly.

Rakshit: Kiyun? Sabkuch thik hi to hai. Tumhe kisi chese se problem ho rahi hai? Hum koi aur jaga bhi ja sakte hai.
Why? Everything is fine here. Do you have any problem with anything? We can go to someplace else.

Divya: Jaga se nehi problem hai Rakshit. Mujhe pata hai hum yaha kiyun aye hai, mom ka call aya tha mujhe.
There is no problem with the place Rakshit. I know why we are here, mom had called me this morning.

Rakshit: Tumhe pata hai? Thank god. Pata hai, kitna ajib lag raha tha mujhe.
You know it? Thank god. Do you know, how weird it was feeling.

Divya: Yeah, I know.

Rakshit: D tumhe to pata hai mujhe shadi nehi karna hai, kiyun nehi karna hai. Par mom ar Pari jid pakarke baithe hai. Jabardasti bhej dia hai idhar. But I guess tum mere pareshani samajh rahi ho.
D you know that I don’t want to get married, and also why not. But mom and Pari is being stubborn. They sent me here forcefully. But I guess you can understand my problem.

Divya: Yeah I understand. Par kabhi na kabhi to shadi karna hai, kiyun?
Yeah I understand. But you have to get married sometime?

Rakshit: Kya?

Divya: Rakshit tumhe to pata hai main apni dream project mein kaam karne Bali mein thi ab tak. Main is project mein itna busy thi ki mujhe kuch aur kabhi sochai nehi. Par aj jab mom ne phone karke bola ki tumhare aur mere shadi k barein tab mujhe ehsas hua ki mujhe bhi ab life mein age barna hai, you know. Aur jab dimag mein ye kheyal aya tab sath hi sath bas ek hi chehra samne aya. Rakshit tum bahut acche ho aur mujhe Pari bhi bahut pasand hai.
Rakshit you know that I was working on my dream project in Bali. I was so busy in this project till now that I didn’t think of anything else then this. But when mom called today to talk about your and my alliance I realized that it’s time for me to take the next step in life. And when this thought came to my head, only one image came before me. Rakshit you are a great guy and I like Pari a lot.

Rakshit looks at Divya worriedly.

Drishti is walking in a park. She is talking to herself again.

Drishti: Drishti tera dimag kharab hai kya? Kya soche jarahi hai tu subah se. Rakshit sir tera boss hai, tu unka employee, unke ander unke bacchi Pari ka body guard hai tu. Body guard? I mean care taker ya fer jo bhi hai. Tera kaam hai iss baat k dhiyan rakhna ki Pari thik thak rahe aur Rakshit sir bhi. Kiyunki ye jo koi bhi Pari ka jaan lena chate hai wo Rakshit sir ko bhi marna chate hai. Aur tu yaha chutti lekar park mein chali ayi. Kiyun? Kiyunki Rakshit sir date pe gaya hai. Drishti kya kar rahi hai tu? Rakshit sir date pe jaye, ghumne jaye, shadi kare ya murder kare, wo unki personal life hai. Usse tera kya lena dena hai? Tujhe kiyun itna farak par rahi hai? But farak to par rahi hai, mujhe accha nehi lag rahi hai ki Rakshit sir date pe………. Drishti fer se? Ye kya bol rahi hai tu. Khud par kabu rakh, khud k emotion par kabu rakh. Cool down just cool down.
Drishti are you mad? What are you thinking from morning. Rakshit sir is your boss, and you are his employee, you work under him as his daughter Pari’s body guard. Body guard? I mean care taker or whatever it is. Your work is only taking care of Pari and Rakshit sir that nohting happens to them. Cause whoever is after Pari’s life that person wants to kill Rakshit sir too. And you just came to the park by taking a leave. Why? Becauce Rakshit sir went to a date. Drishti what are you doing? Rakshit sir goes to a date or roam, he gets married or murder someone, that is his personal life. What do you have to do with it? Why it is affecting you too much? But it is affecting me, I don’t like it that Rakshit sir went to a date…… Drishti again? What are you saying. Control yourself, control your emotion. Cool down just cool down.

Drishti tries to calm down herself and sits down on a bench. She becomes a bit sad.

Drishti: Par control to nehi ho rahe hai ye emotion, ye emotion kya hai mujhe samaj mein hi nehi arahi hai. Aur Rakshit sir k upar gussa bhi arahi hai. Mujhe bahut acche se pata hai unke mann me kya chalte rahte hai. Main beukuf nehi hu, jab se ayi hu unke life mein, I know unke mann mein mere barein mein kaisa feelings hai. Aur aj mujhe bhulk date pe chale gaye. Ahhhhh, Drishti wapas kya bakwas bolne lag gayi. Kaha Rakshit sir kaha tu. Unke pas apna pura life para hai aur tere pas to obhi nehi hai. Tu to hoke bhi nehi hai. Aur divi, wo to kitni acchi hai. A B C D nehi Divi hai, Pari bhi kitna pasand karti hai divi ko. Tino sath mein bahut accha lagegi. To mujhe ye soch k itni taklef kiyun ho rahi hai? Kiyun? Mujhe ye kuch kuch kiyun…….wait a second. Kya maine abhi abhi “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” movie ka dailogue bolne wali thi? Ye sab na Rakshit sir ki galti hai. Mujhe unke aspas janai nehi chaihie thi. Unke mann mein jo feelings the lag raha hai sab virus k tara mere ander agayi. Mujhe ye sab sochna bandh karna paregi.
But I can’t control these emotion, I’m not even able to understand what these emotions are. And I’m feeling very angry towards Rakshit sir too. I know it very well that what he keeps thinking all the time. I’m not stupid, since the time I’ve came into his life, I know what type of feelings he has in his mind for me. And today he forgot me and went to a date. Ahhhh, Drishti what nonsence you are saying again. Rakshit sir and you have no match. He has his whole life before him. And you don’t even have that. And divi, she is so good. She is not A B C D but Divi, Pari too likes her a lot. Three of them looks very good together. Then why am I feeling so sad thinking about this? Why? Why I’m feeling something something…….wait a second. Was I just about to say the dialogue from the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”? This is all Rakshit sir’s fault. I shouldn’t have gone close to him. Whatever feelings he had in himself have become virus and attacked me. I should stop thinking about all this.

Drishti becomes even more sad.

Drishti: Par main sochna bandh karu ya na karu, Usse kya? Rakshit sir to iss samay to Divi k sath date pe honge. Has has k batein kar rahe honge. Aisa to nehi ki mere unke barein mein soch ne se aise samne se hero k tara prakat ho jayenge.
But even if I stop thinking or not, what happens? Rakshit sir is right now in a date with Divi. He is talking while smiling and all. It’s not like that I keep thinking about him and he will appear before me like a hero.

Drishti looks at direction. That place suddenly becomes smokey, Rakshit comes out of the smoke, like a hero’s entry in a movie. After a very stylish entry, Rakshit looks around him and gets surprised seeing the smoke. He comes to Drishti.

Rakshit: Ye sab kya tha?
What was all this?

Drishti takes a few minutes to understand that it is really Rakshit who came before her. She takes her hand behind her and magically a phone comes in her hand. She shows Rakshit her phone.

Drishti: Wo main “Main hoon na” movie dekh rahi thi.
Well I was watching “Main hoon na” movie.

Rakshit: To?

Drishti: To movie mein SRK ka platform mein jo entry wala scene tha na, wohi scene dek rahi thi. Tabhi ap aye aur…… Main actually jab movie dekhti hu tab apne powers pe control nehi rahta. Jo movie mein dekha wohi real mein ho gaya.
So there was a scene of SRK’s entry in the platform, I was watching that. That’s when you came and…… I actually can’t keep control of my powers when I watch a movie. Whatever I see in a movie that starts happening in real.

Rakshit: Tumhe movies itni pasand hai? Mujhe nehi pata tha.
You like movies this much? I didn’t know that.

Drishti: Ap mere barein mein kuch bhi nehi jante hai. Par ap yaha kya kar rahe hai?
You don’t know anything about me. But what are you doing here?

Rakshit: Wohi jo tumne bola, ki main tumhari barein mein nehi janta hu, isiliye aya hu. Tumhare barein mein janne.
That what you said right now, that I don’t know anything about you, that’s why I came. To know you.

Drishti: Kya? Main kuch samjhi nehi. Ap to date pe gaye the na?
What? I didn’t understand anything. You went to the date right?

Rakshit: Ha date pei gaya tha. Aur date pe jo bhi hua uske liye yaha tumse milne aya hu.
Yeah I went to the date. And after whatever happened there I came to meet you.

Drishti: Aisa kya hua date pe?
What happened in the date?


Rakshit and Divya were having fun, talking with each other that’s when a guy comes there hurriedly.

Rakshit and Divya were having fun, talking with each other that's when a guy comes there hurriedly

He almost landed on their table, the waiters comes to stop him, he tries to shove them. Divya gets surprised seeing him and asks the waiters to leave him.

Divya: Shikhar tum? Yaha? Kaise?
Shikhar you? Here? How?

Shikhar tries to talk but he is out of breath. Rakshit gives him water, he drinks it. Then takes a few big breath. Then manages to speak.

Shikhar: Divya, jis waqt mujhe pata chala ki tumhari shadi k baat chal raha hai, main bhagte bhagte Bali se yaha aya hu.
Divya The moment I got to know that here your alliance is being fixed I came here running from Bali.

Divya: Tum bhagte bhagte Bali se aye ho?
You have came here from Bali by running?

Shikhar: Matlab flight pakarke, fer taxi leke. But that’s not important right now. Mujhe tumse kuch bolna hai.
I mean by a taking a flight, then a taxi. But that’s not important right now. I have something to say to you.

Rakshit and Divya looks at each other, both are smiling.

Divya: Kya?

Shikhar looks at Rakshit.

Shikhar: Dekhiye I’m really sorry, main apka important moment pe aise agaya. Par aj agar nehi ate to bahut late ho jata. Already bahut late ho chuka hai.
Liksten I’m really sorry, I’ve came here in your important moment. But if I didn’t came today then it would be too late. It’s already very late.

Shikhar looks at Divya and gets on his knee.

Shikhar: Divya, jab se maine tumhe dekha hai, tabse bas tumhei dekh raha hu. Jab akhe khule rehte hai tab main tumhe akhoke samne dekhta hu, jab akh band karta hu tab bhi tumhi nazar mein ate ho. Kab hua kaise hua kuch samajh mein nehi aya, par jab samajh mein aya tab bas tumhi samajh mein aya. Bahut dino se bolna chata tha par kaise bolu samjh mein nehi aya. Ab mere pas sayed mauka nehi hai par agar ab nehi bola to kabhi bhi nehi bol paunga. Divya, main tumse pyar karta hu, I love you Divya. Tumhare sath maine apna pura zindagi ka sapna dikha hai. Aur kuch yaad nehi araha hai. Plane se ane waqt bas itnai prepare kar paya hu.
Divya, from the moment I saw you, I’ve only seen you from then. When I open my eyes I see you before them, when I close my eyes even then you are there before me. When, how I don’t know it happened. But when I knew it, I knew only you. I wanted to say this from a long time but I couldn’t understand how to say this. I maybe don’t have the chance to say this right now but if I don’t say this right now then I’ll never be able to say this. Divya I love you, I love you very much Divya. I have dreamt of our life together. I can’t remember anything else. I only managed to prepare this much in the plane.

Shikhar stops after the long speech. He looks at Divya, Divya is smiling. She looks at Rakshit for once, he signals her all the best. Divya looks at Shikhar again who is waiting for an answer.

Divya: Agar itni lambi vasan k jaga sref  love you bol dete tabh bhi man jati main.
If you had just said I love you instead of this long speech even then I would have said yes.

Shikhar couldn’t believe his ears.

Shikhar: Kya?

Divya: Matlab I love you too you idiot.
It means I love you too you idiot.

Divya jumps over Shikhar with joy. Shikhar hugs her tightly. They are both simling in joy. They shared the hug for some moments. Rakshit stands there, seeing them happily.

Shikhar: Divya, Divya. Ab mujhe uthne do. Bahut lambe time se baitha tha, pair mein bahut dard ho raha hai. Aur jada der aise knees pe khara nehi rah paunga.
Divya, Divya. Let me stand up. I’ve been sitting for a long time, there is a lot of pain in my legs. I can’t keep standing on my knees like this.

Divya lets go Shikhar.

Divya: Oh yeah yeah. Au baitho yaha.
Oh yeah yeah. Come sit here.

She makes him sit on a chair. Shikhar looks at Rakshit.

Shikhar: You are Rakshit, right? I’m sorry man. Aise yaha ake, sayed tumhara sare plans kharab kar dia. But I hope you understand ki ye kitna jaruri tha, hum tino k liye.
You are Rakshit, right? I’m sorry man. I came here so suddenly like this, I may have ruined all your plans. But I hope you understand that this was important to do, for three of us.

Rakshit and Divya looks at each other and bursts into laughing.

Shikhar: Kya hua guys? Tum dono aise kiyun has rahe ho? What am I missing?
What happened guys? Why are you two laughing like this? What am I missing?

Rakshit: Abhi abhi tumhe D ne kahi na ki agar tum itna lamba speech na dete tab bhi chalta, actual mein agar tum kuch bhi nehi bolte ya fer tum yaha nehi bhi ate tab bhi chalta.
Didn’t D just told you that if you didn’t give such a long speech even then it would be ok, actually if you didn’t say anything or if you didn’t even came, even then it would be ok.

Shikhar: Matlab?
What do you mean?

Rakshit: Matlab to tumhe D bolegi.
D will tell you what it means.

Divya gives Rakshit a look.

Rakshit: Kya hua? Aise kiyun dekh rahe ho? Abhi thori der pehle mujhe jo bola ab isko bhi bolhi do.
What happened? Why are you looking at me like that? Tell him too what you were telling me a few moments ago.

Shikhar: Aisa kya bol rahi thi tum Divya?
What were you saying Divya?

Divya sighs and looks at Shikhar.

Divya: Main bol rahi thi Rakshit ko ki jab mom ne mujhe bola ki shadi k barein mein to mujhe kheyal aya ki ab mujhe shadi kar lena chaihie. Aur jab maine ye socha tab mere dil mein bas ek hi chehra aya, aur wo hai tumhara. Achanok meri shadi k baat uthi aur mujhe samajh mein aya ki  tum mere jindagi mein kitna important ho. Mere sath mere dream project mein tumne kaam karte samay jaise har moment mujhe support kia, mera sath dia wo sab kaise aur kab pata nehi mera adat ban gaya hai. Ab tumhare bina life imagine bhi nehi kar parahi hu, aisa pehle kabhi nehi hua. Shadi k baat uthi aur tabhi maine samjhi ki mujhe patai nehi chala kab maine tumse pyar kar baithi.
I was saying to Rakshit that when mom said about my marriage to me I got this thought that now I should get married. And when I thought this only one face came before me, yours. Suddenly the topic of my marriage came and I realized how much important you are in my life. You have worked in my dream project with me, you supported me in every situation. All of that have become my habbit now. I can’t even imagine my life without you now, this have never happened before. When the topic of my marriage came I realized then that I have fallen in love with you without realizing it.

Shikhar and Divya shares an eye lock.

Rakshit: That’s very cute. Par sorry, main bhi yaha hu.
That’s very cute. But sorry, I’m here too.

Shikhar and Divya tries to be normal.

Rakshit: Shikhar, tumhe kaise pata chala ki Divya ki shadi k baat chal raha hai? Upar se tum airport se taxi lekar sidha yaha agaye? Matlab tumhe kaise pata ki hum yaha hai?
Shikhar, how did you get to know that Divya is getting married? And on top of that you came here in a taxi directly from airport? I mean how did you knew that we are here?

Divya: Ha Shikhar, tumhe kaise pata chala?
Yeah Shikhar, how did you know all this?

Shikhar remebers Romi calling him and saying: Dekho Shikhar mujhe pata hai ki tum D ko pasand karte ho isiliye maine tumhe ye sab bataya. Agar tum use khona nehi chate ho to kya karna hai wo tume acche se pata hai. Par kisi bhi halat mein mera naam maat lena. Maine kisi acche kaam k liye apni zindagi dau par rakh k ye informations tumhe de raha hu. Agar tumne kisi k bhi samne mera naam reveal kia to 63% chance hai ki mere naam kisi hitman k khate mein uth jayrga. Jisne tumhe apna pyar se mila raha hai us insan ko I hope tum marne nehi doge.
Listen Shikhar I know that you like D that’s why I’m telling you all this. If you don’t want to lose her you know very well what to do. But don’t take my name in any situation. I’ve served you these information for a good work with the risk of my life. If you reveal my name to anyone then there is 63% chance that my name will be on a hitman’s target. Who helped you to get close to your love I hope you will not let that person to die.

Shikhar smiles and looks at Divya.

Shikhar: Tumhare sare khabar to apne ap mere dil tak pauch jata hai.
Your news get to my heart on its own.

Rakshit: To basically tumhare dil mein ek news channel aur GPS system hai.
Then basically your heart contains news channel and a GPS system.

Three of them laughs.

Divya: Shikhar tum to bahut hi romantic type ka ho. Mujhe to ab jake samjh mein ayi ki main tumse pyar karti hu. Tumhe bahut pehle se pata tha ki tum mujhse pyar karte ho. To abhi tak bataye kiyun nehi?
Shikhar you turned out to be very romantic. I only realized this now that I love you. But you knew this long ago that you love me. Then why didn’t you told me till now?

Shikhar holds Divya’s hand.

Shikhar: Wo kya hai ki mujhe samajh mein nehi araha tha kaise bolu. Main bahut hi grand tareka se bolna chata tha, tumhe bahut special feel karana chata tha. Kuch bahut special wala date or something, I don’t know. Mera plan kabhi thik se bana nehi aur dil k baat dil mein reh gaya. Par aj jab tumhare shadi k baat suna to samjha ki ye sab bekar k batein k barein mein soch kar maine sayed apna chance hi kho dia. Isse accha to samay rahte mann mein jo hai wo bol dena chahie tha mujhe. But I got lucky.
It’s because I couldn’t understand that how should I say it. I wanted to say this to you in a grand manner, I wanted to make you feel really special. A very speacial date or something, I don’t know. I never managed to make my plan complete and everything I wanted to say to you stayed in my heart. But when I heard about your marriage today, I realized that I have wasted my times in nonsense things and lost my chance. It would have been much better if I just had told you whatever I had in my heart. But I got lucky.

Divya: Wo tum bhi ho aur main bhi. Par agar tum chau, to ye jaga bhi bura nehi hai. Aur yaha mohol bhi kafi romantic hai.
Well that you are and me too. But if you want, then this place is not bad either. And the place is pretty romantic too.

Shikhar smiles, both of them looks at Rakshit. He smiles too.

Rakshit: Nehi, isbar bhul hi jau ki main yaha hu. Jo karna hai karo.
No, forget that I’m here this time. Do whatever you want to do.

Shikhar stands up and forwards his hand towards Divya. She takes his hand and together they moves to the dancing floor and starts dancing, Rakshit notices them with a drink. The musicians starts music.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Tujh se juda gar ho jaayenge
To khud se hi ho jaayenge juda
Kyun ki , ab tum hi ho
Ki zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Tera mera rishta hai kaisaEk pal door gawara nahiTere liye har roz hain jeeteTujhko diya mera waqt sabhiKoi lamha mera na ho tere binaHar saans pe naam teraKyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi hoZindagi ab tum hi hoChain bhi, mera dard bhiMeri aashiqui ab...

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ek pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hain jeete
Tujhko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera
Kyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

At a point Shikhar again gets on his knees and proposes Divya with a ring. Divya happily agrees and puts on the ring from his hand. Then they keeps dancing. Rakshit sees them with a smile. Then he thinks something and calls someone.

Flashback ends

Rakshit: Aur fer maine Romi ko call lagya aur pata chala ki tum aj chutti liya hai aur maine ek wild guess lagaya ki tum shayed yaha hoge kiyunki ye jaga ghar k sabse pas hai aur yaha koi nehi ata hai aur main yaha chala aya.
And then I called Romi and I got to know that you have taken a leave today and I took a wild guess that you might be here cause this is the closest place to the house and nobody comes here and so I came here.

Drishti: Kiyun?

Rakshit: Kiyunki tum shayed mujhse naraz ho to date pe kya hua wo main pehle tumhe batana chata tha. Of course ghar walo ko already pata chal gaya hai. Mere call sei Romi ne sayed sabkuch samajh gaya hoga, usko hamsha aise batein pata chal hi jata hai.
Cause I thought maybe you are angry at me so I thought of telling you what happened in the date before everyone else. Of course I think everyone in the house already knows this. When I called Romi he must have understood what happened, he always guess these situations correctly.

Drishti: Main kiyun gussa karungi apke upar? Apko galat faimy hui hai.
Why will I be angry at you? You must have some misunderstanding.

Rakshit: To tum aj aise chutti kiyun liya? Aise akele main yaha baithe kiyun ho?
Then why did you took a leave today? Why are you sitting here alone?

Drishti: Main yaha akele baithi rahu ya jake per pe jhulu, apko kya?
If I sit here alone or go and sit in a tree, what’s your problem?

Rakshit: Thik hai, agar tum manna nehi chate ho to main jor nehi karunga. Wo baat karte hai jo main karne k liye aya hu.
Fine, if you don’t want to agree then I’ll not force you. Let’s talk about what I’m here for.

Drishti: Wohi to puch rahi hu kabse. Kya baat karna hai apko mujhse.
That’s what I’m asking you from the beginning. What is it that you want to talk with me.

Rakshit: Aj resturent mein maine jab D aur Shikhar ko dekha, to mujhe realize hua ki ye dono bahut hi lucky hai. Ki time rahtei ye dono apni dil ki baat bol paye aur ek ho paye. Sab log itna lucky nehi hote.
When I saw D and Shikhar in the resturent today, I realized they are very luky that they managed to speak out their heart to each other and become together. Not everyone is that lucky.

Drishti: To ap kehna kya chate ho?
So what are you trying to say?

Rakshit: Main ye bol raha hu ki un dono bahut risk mein tha, wo log ek na bhi ho sakte the. Par agar samay pe wo log apni dil k baat bol dete to itna risk nehi hota. Sabko samay pei bol dena chaihie apni dil mein kya hai, kisibhi rishtey mein.
I’m telling you that those two were in very risk, they might not be together. But if they had said what is in their heart in time then there wouldn’t be so much risk. Everyone should say what is in their heart in time, in whatever relation they are in.

Drishti looks at Rakshit suspiciouly, she sits a bit far away from him.

Drishti: Aur ap kaunsa dil k baat karna chate hai?
And what sort of thing that you want to share about your heart?

Rakshit laughs.

Rakshit: Main apna nehi tumhara baat kar raha hu Drishti.
I’m not talking about myself but you Drishti.

Drishti: Mere barein mein? Main kya bolu?
About me? What should I say?

Rakshit: Wohi jo tumhare dil mein hai. Galat maat samjho. Hum dono mein se ye sach hai ki sabse jada baat to tumhi karte ho par apne khud k barein mein sabse kam baat bhi tum hi karte ho. Ab tak to tumhe mere life, daily schedule, sabkuch k barein mein pata hai. Par mujhe tumhare barein mein almost kuch bhi nehi pata.
Say whatever is in your heart. Don’t take me wrong. It is true that between the two of us you are the one who speaks the most but it’s also true that you are the one who speaks very less about yourself. By now you already know about almost everything about me, my life, daily schedule. But I almost know nothing about you.

Drishti: Abhi abhi apne bola ki kisibhi rishte mein. To hum dono k beech to bas boss aur employee ka rishta hai, usmein ek dusre k barein mein janne ka kya hai.
You just said right now that in any relation. But the relation we share is of a boss and an employee, what’s there to know about each other.

Rakshit keeps looking at her.

Drishti: Kya?

Rakshit: Seriously Drishti? Ek boss aur employee? Tum sach mein abhi tak wohi pe atke ho? At least khud se to jhoot maat bolo. Mere itne salo k boss hone k experience mein kabhi bhi mujhe koi aisa employee nehi mila jo mere akhon mein akhe dalk mujhse iss baat k liye jhagra kare ki maine usko beukuf bola hai.
Seriously Drishti? A boss and an emoloyee? You are still stuck there? At least don’t lie to yourself? In all these years of my experience of being a boss never any employee dared to fight with me head on for calling them stupid.

Drishti: Wo isiliye kiyunki wo sab sach mein beukuf the ya fer darpok.
That’s because all of them were stupid for real otherwise coward.

Rakshit: Ha, duniya k sare bahaduri aur gayan to sref tumhare pas hai. Dekho humare bech ek baat hai jiske barein mein hum kabhi nehi baat karte, sayed kabhi karenge bhi nehi. Par wo chorkar, tum is baat ko nehi mana kar sakte ho ki hum dono k beech ek rishta hai. Iss rishte ka naam kya hai mujhe nehi pata, sayed iska koi naam k jarurat nehi hai. Par iska matlab ye nehi hai ki koi rishta nehi hai.
Yeah, and all the bravery and inteligence in the world is within you. Listen there is a topic between us that we never speak about, maybe we will never speak about it. But except for that, you can not disagree that we share a relation. I don’t know the name of this relation, maybe it doesn’t need a name. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t share any relation.

Drishti doesn’t say anything.

Rakshit: To bolo.
Then speak.

Drishti: Kya?

Rakshit: Apne barein mein, apne life k barein mein?
About you, your life?

Drishti: Jo hai hi nehi uske barein mein baat karke kya fyda.
The thing that is not there what is the point of speaking it.

Rakshit: Come on Drishti.

Drishti: Well mera life mein jo kuch bhi hai wo bas mere papa se suru hota hai aur papa sei khatam hota hai.
Well whatever in my life is it starts with my dad and it ends with my dad.

Rakshit: Aur tumhara baki k family members?
And your other family members?

Drishti: Mera papai mera family hai, aur koi nehi hai.
It’s just my papa in my family, no one else.

Rakshit: Par tumne to bahut bar apna family k mention ki thi.
But you mentioned about your family a lot of time.

Drishti: Bola na, papai sabkuch hai mera. I hope ap samajh sakte hai kiyun ab tak maine unko kuch nehi bola. Unke bhi mujhe chorkar koi nehi hai. Agar unko pata chala ki main bhi…..
I told you, that papa is everything for me. I hope you can understand now that why I still haven’t said anything to him. He doesn’t have anyone except for me. If he gets to know……….

Drishti doesn’t speak for sometime. Rakshit tries to change the topic.

Rakshit: Apne barein mein kuch bolo na. Tumhara koi sapna?
Tell me something about yourself. Do you have any dream?

Drishti: Mera koi sapna nehi hai.
I don’t have any dream.

Rakshit: Aise kaise nehi hai. Mujhe to humesha laga ki tum bahut hi ambitious type k ho.
How can be there is no dream. I always thought you are a bit ambitous type.

Drishti: Ha ambitious hi hu, par main bas baithe baithe sapne nehi dekhti hu. Jab bhi mujhe koi sapna aya, I mean dimag mein koi kheyal aya main wo usi samay pura kar dia. Main apna koi sapna adhura nehi rakhti hu. So as a reasult abhi mere pas apko bolne k liye koi sapna nehi hai.
Yes I’m ambitious, but I just don’t sit down and keep dreaming. Whatever I dream I make it reality that instant. I’ve never kept any of my dream unfulfilled till now. So I don’t have any dream to tell you right now as a result.

Rakshti: Koi to aisa sapna hoga jo nehi pura hua ho. In fact tum bola tha ki tumhe nehi pata ki tum yaha kiyun ho. Ho sakte hai ki koi wish rah gayi hai tumhara jo pura nehi hua. Normally yahi to hota hai. Thik se socho. Kuch na kuch jarur hai.
There must be some dream that still haven’t been full filled. In fact you said that you don’t know why you are here. Maybe you had a wish that still haven’t been full filled. Normally that’s the case. Think properly. There must be somthing.

Drishti: Apka matlab hai mera koi adhura iccha hai jo mujhei nehi pata.
You mean I’ve an unfull filled wish which I’m not aware of.

Rakshit: Tumhara iccha hai to tumhei pata hoga na. Thik se socho.
Your wish then you will know it only. Think properly.

Drishti makes a face that this is super stupid. But a few minutes later she has a smile on her face. She looks at Rakshit.

Drishti: You know what, ek jaga hai. Apko mere dil k baat sunni thi na, aiye mere sath.
You know what, there is a place. You wanted to listen to my heart’s thought right, come with me.

Drishti takes Rakshit to a special area of that park.

There is a tree beside a pond which is decorated with kites, colorful kites

There is a tree beside a pond which is decorated with kites, colorful kites. There is a bench before that tree. The place is very beautifull.

Rakshit: Ye kaunsa jaga hai?
Which place is this?

Drishti: Mera sapna.
My dream.

Rakshit looks at Drishti with a question expression. They both go and sit down on the bench.

Drishti: Asli sapna wo hota hai jo khuli akhon se dekha jate hai aur pura kia jate hai. Par ye mera wo sapna hai jo maine ek raat bandh akhone se dekha, aur fer kabhi nehi bhula.
Real dream is that which you see with open eyes and full fill them. But this is that dream of mine which I had seen with closed eyes one night, and never forget again.

Rakshit: Sunne mein kafi accha laga, par samajh mein kuch nehi aya.
It sounded really good, but I didn’t understood any thing at all.

Drishti: Ye jaga mere liye bahut special hai. Ek raat maine need mein, sapne mein ye tree dekha. Matlab aisai ek tree dekha jo aise kites se decorated hai. Aur dekhtei wo tasbeer mere dimag mein baith gaya, main bhul hi nehi paya. Fer maine bahut dhunda par aisa jaga sach mein nehi hote. To maine yaha is tree ko aise decorate kia jaise maine sapne mein dekhi thi.
This place is very special to me. I saw in a dream in my sleep one night, this tree. I mean a tree like this one which was decorated with kites. And after seeing that that picture got stuck in my mind, I couldn’t forget it. Then I looked for it a lot, but there is no place like this in real. So I came here and decorated this tree just like I saw it in my dream.

Rakshit keeps looking at Drishti when she talks about her dream.

Drishti: Pata hai is tree k barein mein maine sochi thi……………
You know about this tree I had thought…………

Drishti looks at Rakshit and stops talking.

Rakshit: Kya hua? Kya sochi thi?
What happened? What did you thought?

Drishti: Nehi kuch nehi.
No it’s nothing.

Rakshit: Nehi tum iss tree k barein mein kuch bolne wali thi.
No you were about to say something about this tree.

Drishti stands up and starts walking.

Drishti: Jo bhi hai apko janne ki koi jarurat nehi hai.
Whatever it is you don’t need to know.

Rakshit too stands up and follows her.

Rakshit: This is not done. Tumne mujhe yaha laya baat share karne k liye. To aise beech mein baat adhure kiyun chor rahe ho. Kya bol rahe the puri karo apni baat.
This is not done. You took me here to share your thoughts. Then why did you stop talking in mid way. Complete whatever you were saying.

Drishti: Abhi hume ghar chalna chaihie. Bahut time se bahar hu. Pari sayed dhund rahi hai mujhe.
We should go home now. We are out of home for a long time. Pari must be looking for me.

Rakshit: Tum ab topic change kar rahi ho, bhulo maat ki tum aj chutti liya hai.
You are changing the topic, don’t forget you have taken leave today.

Drishti: Unnecessary chutti lene ki koi matlab nehi hai.
There is no meaning of taking leave unncessary.

Rakshit: Chutti maine nehi diya, tumne lia hai. Aur aise topic change karne se main bhul nehi gaya kis barein mein baat chal raha tha. Main janke rahunga ki tum kya bolte bolte chup ho gayi.
I didn’t give you leave, you took it yourself. And by changing the topic like this I didn’t fogot about the main topic we were discussing. I’ll know what was that thing that you didn’t say about that tree.

Rakshit keeps asking about the tree and Drishti keeps talking about something else.

Next: A friend of Drishti reveals to Rakshit that Drishti wishes her prince charming to propose her before that tree.

So this is chapter 15 guys. And this was the last chaptere for Shikhar and Divya. They won’t be coming back to the story again. Do give me your feedback about this part. Also another thing, in this part Shikhar proposed Divya so a thought came in my mind while writing. There is still a long way before “Drikshit proposal” and I’ve the whole picture in my mind how it would happen. But still I want to ask you guys. Who do you think gonna propose. Drishti? or Rakshit?

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