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Santoshi Maa 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh is wondering & thinking about swati.

Santoshi Maa 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with bubli takes away the Prasad food hiding from everybody but nidhi stops her then too she gives reason of stomach pain & goes. Bubli is telling ushma this Prasad I have brought hiding to give it to swati so let’s do it but ushma tells her this is wrong & keep it back as mata will do everything right as per her blessings & bubli while trying to keep it back the water falls on tulsi plant which ushma sees & feels blessed by mata itself.
Santoshi mata in disguise of woman is telling swati to eat something now & she feeds her while in indresh’s family members singhasan’s brother is abusing his wife but indresh’s mother shouts him saying to not to abuse your wife today atleast & all are feeding water to their wives due to mata karwa’s rule of fast but nidhi gets slight cough so she immediately lifts glass of water to drink wherein indresh could not feed breaking rule of mata karwa & bubli & ushma feels happy about it thinking this too happened due to mata’s blessings.
Mata santoshi is feeding swati while mahadev & paravati mata watching happily & dev rishi praising mata. Santoshi mata is also dictating swati the story of karwa mata while feeding swati.
Indresh asks ushma taking her out of the house that has swati kept fast for him & she tells him yes & also she has applied mehndi of his name too.
All family members of indresh are applying mehndi on their hands as lovely suggests nidhi to apply alphabet “I” on her hand for showing sign of her husband indresh & she agrees so tells helper to apply letter “I” but bubli intervenes suggesting her to not to do this again because last time same thing was done & your rounds were affected so not to repeat same again & indresh’s mother hears this so she also suggests to not to apply again & nidhi cancels it while bubli smiles for her plan worked.
Santoshi mata intimating dev rishi all is happening well now which might lead indresh towards swati & dev rishi also appreciates but puts his view on devi polomi who now should not plan something weird.
Devi polomi says that now santoshi’s devotee ushma will lead me to swati’s where about through indresh itself.
Indresh is requesting ushma to take him to swati but ushma tells him you are not at all stopped by anybody now so go & search her as if you have any kind of true love towards her than definitely you will get the path to reach till swati.
Indresh is in thoughts about what to do while singhasan & his mother come to ask him which costume he’ll wear but he doesn’t answer & singhasan asks him forcibly & he comes out of his thoughts telling his mother to choose anything while singhasan calms him telling to not to bother thinking of past disturbance which won’t happen now.
Devi polomi is complaining & cursing about ushma to mata santoshi but mata ignores her talks saying all is happening with pure devotion towards karwa mata which you have to accept.
Nidhi recevis call on her phone which she could not pick so bubli picks & hears his old friend abhishek saying to nidhi that “i love you very much” by which bubli gets surprised & keeps her phone on nidhi’s ears as nidhi tells him it’s of no use now & keeps the phone but bubli tells her i heard all what he said but nidhi tells bubli now i think only about indresh & nobody else.
All family members are getting ready to start lighting Pooja for their husbands well-being while lovely taunts ushma saying for whom you’ll do but ushma back answers her to not to bother then too she jokes on her past incidence & indresh’s mother tells everybody to let’s start while ushma steers lovely angrily.
Singhasan is calling indresh but he is not found anywhere so wonders where can he be while ushma thinks smiling he must have gone to search swati.

Precap : Swati tells santoshi didi lot of time passed but still moon is not coming & asks her do you believe my husband will come & mata karwa will hear my prayers so didi tells her keep faith on love. Singhasan asks his wife kunti to bring indresh. Swati sees indresh coming & gets happy saying my fast has reaped fruits for me as both are running towards each other while polomi is shocked & santoshi mata watching happily.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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