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Santoshi Maa 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh leaves to search swati.

Santoshi Maa 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with celebration happening in singhasan’s house & all ladies are dancing & playing singing songs while singhasan tells abhay to search indresh but he comes & ushma is surprised & he is dreaming seeing ladies dancing & how swati could had performed this pooja along with him as he hugs her in his dreams but finds himself alone & he takes swati’s name also while & ushma hears him.
Nidhi tells indresh to see still moon hasn’t arrived.
Nidhi’s father also comes to join celebration bringing gifts as nidhi welcomes him & he goes inside to discuss with singhasan seeing indresh silence & he asks singhasan about indresh’s behavior so silent & singhasan tells him all is well may be little tired it seems & nidhi’s father is warning singhasan saying I know that my daughter had tried doing suicide who can’t do such thing so easily but if anything happens to her then I won’t leave you & he also asks about swati’s where about & he tells him she is somewhere in an ashram feeling better now & nidhi’s father asks him if she returns then & singhasan tells him how can she return & already indresh has divorced her so there is no point of her coming back in his life but he asks him are the papers produced in court & he tells yes it has being.
Bubli jokes seeing nidhi’s father’s bald head that it seems today this moon’s pooja will happen & laughs while ushma scolds her to not to talk bad & bubli is getting bored seeing ladies dance so she tells ushma that as I do not have fast so I can eat hence I’ll go to eat something due to feeling hungry.
Singhasan calls his son & brother asking them that have you submitted divorce papers in court but they say no due to thought that this is enough but singhasan shouts them telling anyhow tomorrow it has to be submitted & nobody should know that still indresh has not divorced swati while bubli hears it & all are shocked but bubli diverts their attention saying I came to eat something but she plans to intimate ushma & indresh but cannot connect through phone & plans to play trick with nidhi so she lifts a net utensil to instigate nidhi while singhasan intimates kunti to keep an eye on bubli & nidhi & as soon as pooja finishes take them inside.
Kunti tells bubli to be aside from nidhi as you do not have fast & bubli steals her mobile & leaves.
Ushma asking Indresh that you have decided now you’ll break nidhi’s fast so tell me are you doing this or will go to swati & he is telling ushma what I’ll do after meeting swati whom I can’t face to tell her that we have divorced & now getting married to another woman which is wrong which that I have already done with her by throwing her out of the house & bringing another woman also throwing photos of mata santoshi too which was disgusting on my part as she has suffered a lot from my side deliberately making her sign papers too & keeping on thinking about all this I did makes my brains hammered but ushma is calming him saying may be you were in some evil powers due to which all this happened by you so not to blame yourself.
Devi polomi comes to warn ushma saying to not to instigate my devotee through your powers but ushma telling her it’s his own powers which are answering him & I am not doing anything but polomi says it’s all happening due to your & santoshi’s powers by which he is falling in confusion.
Singhasan calls indresh & he leaves while polomi warns ushma saying to wait for sometime & nidhi’s fast will get open by indresh but ushma tells her only few minutes are enough to change all graphs but polomi tells her it’s your frustration saying this but not to worry as I am going to wait here till nidhi’s marriage completes with indresh.
Swati tells santoshi didi lot of time has passed but moon isn’t coming & asks her will karwa mata pour her blessings on her or no & will my husband come to meet me but didi tells her to keep faith in love.
Bubli comes to inform indresh but singhasan comes in between asking her what is happening & tells her to leave while asks indresh did she tell you anything but indresh says no while singhasan’s brother tells him she has heard we talking about indresh still not divorced swati & indresh is surprised hearing this asking singhasan is it true & he tells him still formalities are to be completed which will happen very soon while abhay comes to inform singhasan but indresh leaves without knowing them.
Polomi & ushma watching indresh leaving driving car & as polomi wishes to do something dev rishi arrives stopping & telling her see indresh has sacrificed your devotee & polomi is cursing him saying you always come to joke with me keeping jealousy about me but dev rishi tells her whatever I speak is always upto the truthful mark whether it’s in front of devi’s or also if in front of devraj indra if time comes but if you wish then you too can behave proper to achieve degree of mata instead asoor.

Precap : Indresh watching swati performing fast & seeing moon with the net utensil while he calls her by name coming in front of her & she gets shocked seeing him & asking who are you & don’t you know a woman is performing this fast for her husband whom she wishes to see first excluding all & you are not my husband then who are you? Mata santoshi watching confusingly while devi polomi happily watching.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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