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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anant Makes Up His Mind

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Gopi Kaka nurses Gehna’s wound scolding her for risking her life. He says he promised her father to take care of her, what will he reply to his father in heaven. He goes to akhada/gym to get herbal paste. Anant knocks door and says doctor gave ointment for her wound. He applies it on her wound forcefully while she resists and asks her to rest. Family then performs pooja. Jamna prays Devi Maa that she destroyed 3 mahishasurs who barged into her house today and should keep protecting her family. Gopi prays Devi Maa to help her reunite a mother with her son. Pankaj, Kanak, Chetan, and Hema pray to give them Praful’s 1 crore retirement money. Landline rings. Praful picks call and stands shocked. Family calms him down and asks reason. He informs Anant that his placement agency had called to inform that he got a job in New York. Kanak gets happy that her hurdle will leave soon. Bapuji tells Anant that he is happy for him. Jamna says he came after a long time and shouldn’t go. Bapuji says its a question of his future and let him go. Kokila suggests that they should leave the decision to Anant. Anant calls placement agency and rejects job. Praful and Jamna hugs him emotionally, and he says he will stay back and serve them. Kokila praises that Anat is their family’s real kul deepak, etc, irking Pankaj and Chetan.

Gehna serves tea to Praful and Jamna. Jamna happily says Anant will stay with them now. Praful says she told this 20 times since morning. Jamna says soon she will find a girl for Anant and get him marriage, she will then get Gehna married and gets sad thinking she will leave home after that.

Sanjay informs Anant that he received 1 lakh rupees and says don’t know how to repay him. Anant says he can repay whenever he gets money. Kanak fumes that she has to return money. Once Anant leaves, Sanjay asks
Kanak to relax and party with the money. Kanak thinks how will she repay loan if she parties, she has to send out Anant and grab 1 crore first. Chetan and Hema discuss same. On the other side, Gopi tells Jamna that she will cook today, but Jamna says her leg is injured and she should rest instead. Gopi leaves. Hema walks to Sagar and scolds him for flirting with maid/Gehna. Kanak walks in, and she nervously asks Sagar to go and give ointment to Gopi. Kanak asks since she started worrying about Gopi. Their discussion continues when Kokila walks in with Kanak’s fake nail and says fake is always fake, she means her nails. Kanak warns her not to interfere between her family. Kokila says Praful is her brother and she has right to interfere if something wrong happens in his family. Kanak sees Gopi disguised as Rajasthani man Ahem walking towards outhouse and warns Kokila to control her bahu first before pointing others. Kokila warns to mind her tongue. Kanak asks her to come along and see Gopi’s misdeeds.

Precap: Kokila asks Gopi who is Gehna’s kaka whom she come here to meet in disguise and until she replies its better they don’t speak.

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