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#RiAnsh #Fan Fiction #Ishq Mein Marjawan #Naagin 5 #Part – 11 Revelation-2

Hello 🙋🙋

I know I am super late but was travelling so not able to update now back to home so back with update. Hope you all have miss me and my work both 🤭 I’ve missed you all so so so much. ❤ Okay coming to update now.

Veer was looking for the best and happening club and he shortlisted few and he forward his phone to Vansh and said

Veer: Choose the one from this they all are best. 🙂

Vansh: And what will I get for this? 🤔

Veer: Seriously (rolling his eyes) Don’t worry I’ll choose one. 🤓

And he snatched from Vansh’s hand and continue

Veer: Good that you’re not living with your wife else either you both been divorced in half hour or she would have murdered you because of your such behavior. 😣😝

Vansh didn’t replied anything to him as this matter is sensitive for him and after few minutes it drowns to Veer and cursing himself for having no filter while speaking he started thinking of matter which can roll awkwardness which he has caused and he shoot question

Veer: By the way, I’ve one question.🧐

Vansh: And that must be personal. 🥺

Veer: Yeah but we don’t have personal kind of zone between us. 😀😉

Vansh: But limits are always there.😬

Veer: As if you’ve ever kept that in mind while having conversation so I am getting inspiration from you. 😁

Vansh roll his eyes while Veer is having hard time in controlling his laughter seeing him doing so and successfully controlling his laughter he speak

Veer: Out of all the girl in city why you choose her to get married? And why are you avoiding staying with her?😳🧐🤔

Vansh: First I’ve not choose her that was Mom’s decision and she have done everything.😐 And second I want to live my life with girl of my choice whom I can explain everything about me without fear of being judge or being left. 😍

Veer: And have you tried same with your current and official wife? 🧐🤔

Vansh: No. 😏🙏

Veer: So what about her when you find one according to your taste? 🤔

Vansh: Divorce is ultimate solution. 😬

Veer: What if she doesn’t agree? 🧐

Vansh: Money can buy everything you know Veer. 😬

Veer: Not evey time Vansh. 😐

Vansh: Whatever let’s not talk much about all this let’s go to my home get fresh and then will go to visit. 😬

Veer just nodded at him without uttering even a word. And soon they both left from office to Vansh home.

Meanwhile in Bani and Riddhima’s Car.

Riddhima was busy checking her work mail while all the while Bani was observing her as if she is trying to solve some mystery but after few minutes she finally broke silence and speak

Bani: Ridz I am wondering about one thing. 🤔

Riddhima: What now Bani? 🤔

Bani: Howz yours husband look like? You must have seen him at the time of marriage right? 🧐

Riddhima: No Bani I’ve not. 😐

Bani: What you mean by that?
Riddhima: Mine is not a normal marriage, it’s just a woman came and offered this marriage to me and I agreed and it was court marriage and I am assuming him to be crazy rich cause we don’t have to go to register office and that’s why I’ve never seen him.😔😞

Bani: Ohh 😲 what if he never married just did some drama of marriage and taking benefit of you? 🧐

Riddhima: First I am not staying with him so I think he won’t take any benefit of me and he never turned up at his own bunglow where I am staying and I am not understanding why someone would so such drama? 😬🤔

Bani: Wait you are staying at his bunglow so there must be some photos of him and his family. 🧐🤔

Riddhima: No Bani. 😣

Bani: I don’t know why but I want to know about this mysterious husband of yours? And tell me one thing if you need something then by which mean you contact him? 🤔🤔

Riddhima: Bani can you stop being RAW agent?😣😏

Bani: Nope cause it’s matter related to my best friend and ever since I got know about you being married I am curious to know each and everything. 😁🤓

Riddhima: Bani why?🥺🤔

Bani: Just imagine if we found out him then you two and we two having best time of our life together, having all the fun together. 😁😁

Riddhima: Bani stop when are we reaching to club? (She tries to change topic)

Bani: 10 more minutes I guess. But you first answer my question. 😌

Riddhima: Fine, I’ve number of his assistant whose name is Angre. And Bani please no more question about my marriage now. 😣😬

Bani: I heard Angre many time from Veer. 🧐

Riddhima: But they can’t be same so stop overthinking and imagining please. 🙏🙏😬

Bani: Fine. 😬 (but she can’t keep mum for long and continue with new topic)
By the way you told me you’re in problem because of him what happened?🧐

Riddhima: Actually Dadi is not well her arteries are blocked which needed to operate immediately bht they’re not getting it done and due to court order I can’t get her with me to get operated.

Bani: So what’s catch here? 🧐

Riddhima: Let me finish first. So Siya suggest me to challenge court’s order with help of my husband as she thinks I am having normal happy married life with him and I agreed to her and Dadi want to see grandchildren of mine with him… 🥺😣

Bani: And you agreed with her too!!! 😁

Riddhima: No. 😬 But I don’t know what I’ll do now?

Bani: I can help you in solving…

Before she can complete her sentence Riddhima cut her in between and spoke

Riddhima: I so knew you’ll have some solution. 😍😇

Bani: But let me finish first. (And she murmurs so slowly) Then you’ll kill me for sure. 😉😁

Riddhima: I am waiting and excited. 😍🤓😇

Bani: I mean you don’t need help of your current and official husband to have child and we’re already going to club so you can find best alternative of him and…

Once again Riddhima cut her in between and speak

Riddhima: Bani don’t you dare complete the sentence else I’ll kill you. 😡😡

Bani: I so knew it. 😝😝🤓

And once again they both turned silent and soon they arrived at club and Riddhima was fixing her dress and suddenly Bani spoke

Bani: Ridz when you got tattooed? (And she touches near her right shoulder)

Riddhima: Never that’s birthmark.

Bani: But it looks like tattoo.

Riddhima: I know you’re not the first one to say so.

Bani: Oh and I want to know details now.

Riddhima: Nothing naughty and juicy the lady who came with marriage proposal was soothing me and I guess that time she saw so she too asked me the same.

Bani: Very boring for the first time I was expecting something exciting from you but again disappointed.

Riddhima: Cause I don’t do wild things like you.

Bani: We do cause I and my husband is normal human being.

Riddhima: I know.

Bani: I just wish your husband is some normal human being.

Riddhima: Everyone don’t have fate like you Bani Singhania. And if you done with your chit-chat can we move inside?

Bani: With pleasure baby.

And soon both made their entry. And once inside the club they have been successful in turning almost everyone’s attention in their direction. And without giving attention to anyone they hit the bar and started enjoying Tequila and soon it disturbed by a tap on Bani’s shoulder and the moment Bani saw the person she sober up in minute and speak

Bani: What are you doing here?


So almost everything revealed remaining will be out at right time and now all of yours turn so drop a comment (even you can drop two or more I won’t mind. 🤭🤓)

Last but not least,

Stay happy and safe with family and friends. 😇

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