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Hello Guys, this is my first Fan Fiction. So please do excuse me if there are any misconceptions….

Today I’d like to give character introduction to my Fan Fiction.


Riddhima Sharma – An Orphan who lost her family in a tragedic accident. She’s a Physiotherapist and Party Planner. Owns a Event Organizing Company partnered with her best friend Sejal.  The company has earned both the friends much profit and they own a Villa and are now reowned Party Planners who organize lavish events for Higher Income Group and charge Zero when organizing any event for Orphanages or NGO’s working for Poor.

Vansh Rai Singhania – A Rich affluent Buisnessman who loves his family and can go to any extent for them. He has a past because of which he never lets outsiders come near him or his family. He is over protective when come to his sisters Ishani and Siya.

Kabir Singh – A self obssessed brat who doesn’t care for anyone and is at present on a misison of searching & destroying his Mother whom he never met or saw and who left him long back.

Sejal Panth – Riddhima’s Best Friend Cum Company Partner and is also a family friend of Rai Singhania Family.

Uma Rai Singhania – Vansh and Siya’s Mother who loves her children alot. She’s a widow.

Anupriya Rai Singhania – Vansh and Siya’s Chachi and Aryan and Ishani’s Mother. Wife of Amar Rai Singhania.

Padmini Rai Singhania – Mother in Law of Uma and Anupriya and Grand Mother of Vansh, Siya, Aryan and Ishani. She adores Vansh more and is worried for him. She expects Vansh to laugh and smile once again which he hasn’t done from the past 3 years.

Amar Rai Singhania – Youngest Son of Padmini, Husband of Anupriya and Father of Aryan and Ishani.

Siya Rai Singhania – Apple of Rai Singhania Family. She’s lovely girl always enthusiastic and full of energy. Ishani and Siys are always like House on Fire and are at present on a misison with Padmini of bringing the old joyful Vansh back.

Ishani Rai Singhania – A Fashion Designer by Profession and owns a company. She loves Vansh and Siya alot and can do anything for them. She’s also close to Sejal and shares everything with her.

Aryan Rai Singhania – A spoiled and careless brat who hates Vansh, Siya and even his own sister Ishani along with his parents for not supporting him in his wrong doings. He is still in Rai Singhania Mansion just because Vansh didnt want to hurt his Uncle and Aunt by throwing him out which he deserved according to whole family for his deeds.

Rudra Pant – Family Friend of rai SInghania family and always stood by the family through thick and thin. Is like son for Padmini, like Brother for Anupriya and Uma and like Friend for Amar. Pant Family lives few feet away from rain Singhania Mansion (RS Mansion). Father of Sejal.

Chanchal Pant – Best Friend of both Uma and Anupriya. Loves to spend time with the Rai Singhania Family. Mother of Sejal.

So thats all for today… Please do comment and share your views on if anything needs to be changed.

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