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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Both Dulari and Koyal fast for Ram

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dulari says I am going to fast for Ram. Bell rings. Dulari says I know it’s Ram. She opens. It’s Koyal. Dulari is shocked. Koyal says let’s do sargi. We are fasting for the same man anyway. Dulari says he’s my husband. Koyal says he didn’t fill hairline only. Rest I consider him my husband already. Dulari says relationships are made from heart not by force. No one is going to trust your fake stories. Koyal says I will make the whole area believe in my stories. He will make me drink water first. Dulari says I trust my Ram. Koyal says I challenge you. Dulari says we will see.

Scene 2
Women fight outside the salon. Cherry says get in queue. Ram gets all women ready. Ram is tired. He says what is going on in my life. Dulari must be thinking I didn’t even come to see her in the morning. Dulari comes there. She says how did you hide this from me? The engagement thing. You didn’t even tell me about your past? He says I wanted to tell you about my past. But I feared losing you. Dulari says no one can part us. If you told me earlier, I won’t have let that Koyal in our lives. Ram says I am sorry. Ram says I swear I wanted to tell you. Dulari says I will forgive you with delay now. I have packed your breakfast and lunch. She leaves. Ram says she’s so nice. I know she trusts me more than anyone. I have to send Koyal out of my life but it’s all related.

Koyal says I am so hungry already. But I have to do this for Ram. Mili says will you eat a banana? She says yes. Koyal says no I am fasting. Mili sees Dulari and says I am hungry. Dulari says mummy didn’t make anything for you? She says no just bananas. Dulari says she’s useless. I am sending you food. Don’t worry. Koyal says I will take Ram back from you.

Scene 3
Patang eats food. Radha says how do I find out if he’s my husband or not. Radha says you left me alone that night. Patang says what are you saying? She says are you my husband Mr. Suhag? Dulari says Radha please pack food and sned it to Koyal’s place for Mili. Patang says where did you go the last night? Did something happen? Dulari recalls. Dulari says yes, I will fix whatever is not fixed. I will kick Koyal out of my life.

Mili eats and says so much food. Koyal says how is it? She’s hungry. Koyal says eat the kheer. Mili says do you wanna eat? She offers her. Koyal is about to eat. Mili says why are you looking at my food. Koyal says Ram ji I won’t eat for you.

Dulari gets ready. Koyal gets ready as well. Ram comes there. He fills Dulari’s hairlines. The song tere mast mast do nain. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Dulari was imagining. Koyal imagines dancing with Ram. Koyal says I will make you mine forever.

Ram closes the salon. Cherry says I will handle here. You can go. Ram leaves. Dulari says today is the test of my love. I will kick Koyal out of my Ram’s life. Give me strength. Koyal and Dulari both come out with arti. Koyal says that day is here finally. I will make Ram mine.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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