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Qurbaan Hua 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Dr. Baig bandages Neel’s burns

Qurbaan Hua 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chahat runs outside the house looking for Neil. Godambari cries that Chahat must understand Neel will never return. The moon was sighted. Chahat says it is God’s symbolism, Neel will surely return.

There in hospital, Neel’s covered body trembles in pain.

Godambari sits to take Chahat’s bangles off. Chahat does not let anyone take them off. She was sure Neel must return. Baleq comes to Viyas Ji and says Chahat is in terrible condition.

There, Dr. Baig speaks to a reputed plastic surgeon for his assistance, as the patient suffers third degree burns. He thinks he always cursed Neel but today he only remembers his oath and responsibility. On the passing out ceremony in 1956 he took an oath that being a doctor is not profession, but responsibility. He will attempt to save lives till death, no matter it is life of a friend or foe. Dr. Baig cleans the wounds from Neel’s face.

Chahat spreads Neel’s clothes in the room. She says Neel must come to the room and scold her now. She knows Neel is around as he cannot fool her. Viyas Jee comes to the room and tells Chahat to take the baby from her. He is broken as first Sarsati and then Neel was snatched from him. He has no child now. He pleads Chahat not to leave them.

Dr. Baig pours medicine on Neel’s face and starts bandaging his face. He screams in pain.

Chahat promises Viyas Jee she will not leave him or Kripa. Neel will also not leave them. She does not want them to perform any pooja done on death events. She was sure Neel is alive, there will be no mourning for Neel in the house. She was sure Neel will return.

Baleq cancels any deal of idol. Godambari comes to the room and says Chahat has taken promise from Viyas Jee that there will be no Pooja for Neel. Baleq celebrates his victory of sitting as a Mank now.

Viyas Jee sat on the floor and tells Jamuna to close the curtains. He is the unluckiest father of this world and the sunrays mocks him. Baleq comes to Viyas Jee and says he believes he was too busy with temple duties and ignored being a good father. Now he must lend him the responsibility of temple, and he live as a father to Baleq only. Baleq was excited and goes to speak to temple’s responsibility. Viyas Jee stops Baleq and says it is time Baleq only takes care of Kripa. He is handing the responsibility to Chahat. Jamuna agrees with Viyas Jee’s decision. Godambari asks Gayatri if she will still marry Baleq, when he has nothing in hand. Gayatri denies. Baleq hears this and was furious over their greed. He tells them to see what he now does to grab the seat.

Neel was in terrible pain. Dr. Baig was impatient and prays for his life. Ghazala and Ram Chandra were in the car. Ghazala wonders how Chahat was saved again. They spot Dr. Baig outside the clinic, Ghazala comes to him and inquires what he is upto. She asks what is in the room. Dr. Baig had bandaged Neel. Ghazala goes to check inside. Dr. Baig thinks if Ghazala finds out about Vijas Jee’s son she won’t spare him. He screams that he just saw Chahat and runs outside. Ram Chandra holds Dr. Baig. Ghazala explains to the people around that her husband is not in a mentally stable state. They force him in the car and gives him injection forcefully. Dr. Baig fells dizzy, and silently apologizes to Neel that he tried his best for save him.

After a week, Viyas Jee sat with Neel’s photo and cries that he loves him dearly. In the room, Chahat was upset that Neel is away from them for the whole week. She misses Neel and sits with his shirt. She recalls all their times together.

PRPECAP: Baleq comes to Viyas Jee. He says Krippa considers Chahat as her mother, and he is ready to marry Chahat. Chahat prays outside in the garden.

Update Credit to: Sona

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