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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber happily accepts Guneet’s pregnancy news

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia telling Amber that she likes change. He says he doesn’t like the change. Nia says something shall be changed else the things will be boring. Amber says you can welcome change, but I can’t. Nia says but I want, Guneet ji and you will be together, but who will be with me. Amber asks if she wants to marry and says you should have told me before. Nia says not marriage and asks for sibling. She asks why you didn’t think about second child before. Amber sits down and says you know why human has only one heart. He says your mother wanted two children always, but when you was born, I had decided that time itself that no more second child, there was no chance to have a second child and couldn’t give the same love to that child like giving you. He says you are unique. Nia says you had felt that you will never get a life partner after Mama left, but Guneet ji came in your life, you fell in love with her and then everything changed. She says my place is fixed in your heart and I am sure that you will make a new place in your heart for someone little. Amber asks if Pammi mummy’s soul came in your body. Nia and Guneet ask each other to tell Amber. Amber tells that he will freshen up and come. Nia tells Amber that she found these clothes in the upstairs room. Amber says all your clothes were given in charity to orphanage. Nia shows the bottle etc and asks how is he feeling? Amber says babies drink milk with this. Nia asks what will happen if a baby comes home.

Amber tells Nia that he will break her teeth and asks if she is pregnant without marriage. Guneet asks if someone becomes pregnant after marriage then? Amber asks what are you doing and tells that there will be many problem if baby comes and tells that Nia used to trouble me a lot. Nia says I am standing here. Amber says what people will think that I am becoming father at this age. Nia asks him to think. Amber says he can’t and goes. Nia tells Guneet that Amber is stubborn, but she shall tell him whatever is she feeling and he will agree. Guneet tells Nia that this baby will also be their baby, along with her. She says I know that you was crying that day. Nia says she is a bit selfish too and cried. Guneet says Nia. Nia says that the thought striked her mind that she is so lucky. She tells that she will spoil her sibling a lot and says dad will agree. Nia and Guneet hug each other. Pammi tells Guneet that Amber is scared of kids and says what will happen when the baby comes, he will get heart attack. Guneet says it is my mistake, I should have talked to him before marriage. She tells that she understand his fear. Nia comes there and says even now Guneet is thinking about Amber’s happiness. He says Kabir and I have a plan which we will execute in the evening.

In the evening, Kabir comes and meets Guneet and Nia outside. Amber calls Guneet and asks what is happening inside, calls her inside. Nia asks if he saw the reports? Guneet says it is with me. Kabir says lets go and check inside. They go inside and see the decoration and cake with a toy baby on it. Guneet says you know it. Nia asks who told you. Amber signs heart…Nia asks how did you know? Did you see face and came to know. Pammi comes and says I told you. Amber says we have a contract. Pammi says Pra ji was right, your husband is a fool. Guneet asks why did you tell him. Pammi says what I would have done and tells that he blackmailed her to tell. Amber says you are saying so much. They argue. Guneet asks them to stop fighting. Pammi goes.

Guneet asks Amber if he has done this? Amber says yes and tells that I am stubborn, do mistakes too, when the baby was not there, I didn’t want it, but when it is coming, I am not selfish not to accept it. Guneet and Nia hug him. Amber tells Kabir that he will change his name from yamdood. Nia says that’s why you stopped us outside. Kabir tells that he has explained to uncle not to get scared.. Amber says I understood when he told me. Nia thanks Kabir and tells that she has to give one more news to him and asks if he can handle. RB comes there and asks Nia to come for date. Nia says we had already talked about it. RB says but that thing is applicable after this date and it was promised. Nia looks at him. Kabir gets upset.

Precap: Nia cries. Guneet says you will get your true love. Nia shows her New York ticket. Guneet gets teary eyes. Amber comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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