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Love after arrange marriage Ep-25- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-25- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hello everybody .. I know its too early to write an article because I had already written 2 ..But I was having a good news so.. And that is now only I received an email that I have got instant approval . I am really thankful to you all for love and support ..

Episode starts with..,

They do darshan at the Akshardham temple. Riddhima says,”Vansh I am really happy after doing darshan. Thank you so much ” Vansh says,”No need to say me thanks.” Riddhima smiles.. Vansh says,”Now lets go to the Janpath Market ..What say??” Riddhima says,”Ok Vansh..” They both go to the Janpath Market..While they are having a look at the stuff , Vansh sees Chanchal and Aryan and calls them here.  Riddhima gets sad , she thinks ,”I came here because I wanted to spend some time with my hubby – Vansh.” Chanchal comes there and says,”Wow ! Coincidence..” Vansh says,”But how do you come here ??” Aryan says,”Bhai !! Chanchal’s too pregnant now , so thought why not go somewhere..” Vansh says,”Ok..Did you told Daadi about it ??” Aryan says,”When we’ll go home then will tell.” Vansh says,”Ok , but do tell.” Chanchal says,”Yes sure..You continue , we will too..” Riddhima nods yes .  Riddhima selects two clothes and asks Vansh , “Which one??’ Vansh says,”Leave them both , this one ..” Riddhima nods yes . She goes to try the outfit and then comes out . Vansh asks,”It wasn’t fit ??” Riddhima says,”It was..(saying to shopkeeper now ) Bhaiya, please pack this one..” Vansh and Riddhima come out . They do shopping for Vansh now. Now they come to villa. Riddhima says,”I am tired..” Vansh says,”Mee too but why didn’t you showed that dress to me ??” Riddhima says,” I thought I would show at the villa ..” Vansh says,”So now show.” Riddhima goes and wears it.. She comes and  is looking stunning . Vansh says,”Amazing, Awesome , Cute , Lovely ..No words to describe how are you looking…”    Riddhima  says,”Thank you Vansh…” Riddhima then goes and changes . They sleep .. Next morning , Vansh gets  up and sees Riddhima murmuring in sleep. He brings his phone and records . Riddhima’s murmuring,”Vansh I love you than me even , don’t leave me ever please .” Vansh says,”Riddhima wake up.” She wakes up and sees Vansh laughing . Riddhima says,”Am I joker??” Vansh says,”Wait !! He takes mirror and shows to Riddhima.. She gets angry and says,” Vanshh , Huh !! What you did to me ..”

Flashback – Vansh takes kajal and makes moustache on Riddhima’s face .

Present: Vansh is still laughing ..

Precap: Riddhima gets angry from Vansh..Vansh tries to convince her..

Thankfully …

Also , thank you  from bottom of my heart for your support ..

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