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Love after arrange marriage Ep-24- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-24- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

I was free so thought to write another episode.

Episode starts with..,

Riddhima saying,”Hm..Why not make something for Vansh to eat ?? mm… No! Something special … Yess ..I got it !! I will do this only ..But firstly lets make a call to Vansh..” Riddhima calls Vansh..

Riddhima- Hi Vansh ..

Vansh – Hello!!

Riddhima- Have you reached in the meeting hall ???

Vansh – No ..I am driving now ..

Riddhima – Ok ..By the way meeting is of how much time ..

Vansh – mm..Why ??

Riddhima- Will you tell please ..

Vansh- Umm..Ok..in 2-3 hours

Riddhima- Ok good !

Vansh- I won’t be there so good ??

Riddhima- I mean ..I will miss you.

Vansh- Miss you too .Take care

Riddhima- You too ..Bye.

Vansh- Bye.

Riddhima thinks,”Thank god !! Now I can prepare surprise..”  She prepares a surprise for Vansh ..Soon 2-3 hours  pass.. Vansh comes .He knocks the door . Riddhima opens it .Vansh comes inside and says,”Oh!! Long day , but you know I got a deal…” Riddhima says,”Wow!!” Vansh’s eyes then go on the decoration Riddhima did..

Flashback – Riddhima decorates the room and bakes a cake ..

Present: Vansh says,”Wow Riddhima , you did it ??” Riddhima nods yes . Vansh gets a little bit angry and says,”Why you did it for me ??? Take rest naa..” Riddhima says,”No issues..!! Anything for you..” They both share an eye lock ..Here’s the decoration..,

Vansh says,”Its wonderful , thanks..” Riddhima says,”Vansh , what you did was also wonderful , I wanted to give you a surprise because you made me meet my parents after such a long time ..Thank you..Now lets cut the cake baked by me..” Vansh says,”OK .”

Here’s the cake:

They both cut the cake and eat it ..Vansh says,”Umm..Yummy …You are such a good cook..I am impressed …” Riddhima says,”Thank you..!” Vansh gets happy and says,”You made me happy , now my turn …Lets go on a trip.” Riddhima says,”But where??” Vansh says,”Um..Paris ?? London ??” Riddhima says,”In this pandemic you wanna go to Paris, London ??” Vansh says,”I am joking , we will go to Delhi..Now fine??” Riddhima says,”Hm..ok .” Vansh says, “We will go tomorrow.” He calls Ajay and says,”Book airplane tickets for Mumbai to Delhi for tomorrow ..” Ajay says,”Ok sir!!” Vansh informs everybody about their trip . Riddhima packs the bags .

Next day…

 Vansh and Riddhima woke up.. They leave for airport . There they sit in the flight and take off. Riddhima says,”When will we reach Delhi ??” Vansh says,”In 2 hours..” Riddhima gets happy. While they are talking , an air hostess comes and says,”Mr. and Mrs. Rai Singhania there is your room , you can go there..” Riddhima says,”Room ?? In flights??” Vansh says,”First lets go ..” They go there . Vansh says,”Our privacy is 1st so I booked a room..” Riddhima says,”Ok!! Good…” They reach Delhi Airport and from there, they sit in chauffeur driven car and leave.. Soon , they reach their Villa. Riddhima gets surprised and says,”Villa !! Wow …” Vansh  gets happy to see Riddhima happy..

The Villa:

They go inside and take rest . Vansh says,”What do you think this villa is mine or on rent??” Riddhima says,”Yours ..” Vansh says,”No, its ours..” Riddhima smiles . They sleep . After 1 hour , they wake up and get ready.. Riddhima asks,”Where are we going??” Vansh answers,”Just wait and watch..” They leave… Soon they reach this place:

Vansh says,”Guess what is it ??” Riddhima says,”Obviously , its Akshardham Temple..” Vansh says,”Good !! You are good learner..” They both laugh .

Precap: They visit Janpath market and meet …

Thank you so much for reading..

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