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Love after arrange marriage Ep-23- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-23- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hey guys !! I am up with new episode ..Thank you all for your support and love .When I wrote 1st ep I didn’t thought that I would get so much love ..Thanks once again !!

Episode starts with..,

Its pooja day .. Everybody gets ready and comes down …Vansh’s friends and the relatives congratulate the couple .. Soon , the pandit ji arrive and do the pooja …(Nothing so much happened in pooja ) After 2-3 hours the pooja finished ..and in about 1-2 hours guests left .. While Vansh and Riddhima are sitting in lawn.. Riddhima is on her phone . She is seeing photos and suddenly starts crying.. Vansh notices it and asks Riddhima,”Are you crying because I haven’t cracked a deal??” Riddhima says,”No..(she cries)” Vansh sees that she is looking at the phone again and again ..Vansh takes the phone and sees.. He says,”Aarohi  Aunt and Lakshay Uncle! Riddhima how do you got this photograph?”

Riddhima says,”Aarohi , Lakshay !! I have this pic since I was of 11..” Vansh asks,”How do you knew them??”  Riddhima says,”How did you knew Anupriya Ji and Mrunal Ji?”Vansh says,”They are my parents..Oh!! So , Aarohi Aunt is your mother ??” Riddhima says,”Yes, but how do you know them??” Vansh says,”Aarohi Aunt’s son Jai is my friend ..” Riddhima says,”Are they alive ??” Vansh says,”Yes , Even 2 months ago we met …” Riddhima says,”I want to meet them , where are they ???” She cries and says,”Please Vansh ..” Vansh says,”You should have ordered that Vansh call them I wanna meet.” Riddhima says,”Please ..Jokes apart.” Vansh calls Jai and says to come with Aarohi and Lakshay . They come in . Aarohi asks,”Vansh, why did you called us ??” Vansh answers,”Did you have a daughter??” Lakshay says,”Yes.., but..” Vansh says,”Do you wanna meet her ??” Aarohi says,”Where’s she ?? Is she good ??” Vansh points towards Riddhima who’s crying…Aarohi says,”She??” Vansh nods yes … They all meet ..She says,”What’s your name ??”  Riddhima says,”Mom, I am Riddhima..”  Aarohi says,”Beta Riddhima, I am really glad that I met my daughter..” She notices sindoor in Riddhima’s partition . She asks,”Are you married??” Riddhima nods yes and says,”Sonal and Surya made me marry .” Aarohi says,”With whom you married and also, where are Sonal and Surya??” Vansh says,”Riddhima’s married with business typhoon , talented , smart and handsome guy Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania and Sonal and Surya along with Ishani their partner are in jail.” Jai says,”Vansh , you married with Di ??” Vansh nods yes . Daadi comes and says,”Not marriage only ..Riddhima’s pregnant with our Vansh.” Riddhima shies . Lakshay says,”Beta, congratulations ..”  Aarohi too congratulate her.. Daadi asks,”By the way, Vansh how did you get to know that they are Riddhima’s parents..” Vansh narrates the story… Riddhima questions,”But mom and dad you got a bullet..” Aarohi says,”Beta. ..God wished that we shall be saved ..So, we are alive ..We searched for you but didn’t find you …” Riddhima says,”Thank God , you are safe now …Also, it doesn’t matters that why we didn’t met for few years …The thing that matters is that now we met..” They smile ..Jai says,”Thanks Vansh for keeping my didi safe and for taking care of her .I am really glad to have a friend like you.”  Vansh says,”No need to say Thanks..” They all sit and gossip …After some time , Aarohi , Jai and Lakshay leave..

Riddhima is happy .She thanks Vansh …Vansh says,”Don’t say me thanks, instead do a favour for me..” Riddhima asks,”What favour??” Vansh says,”I have a headache …Please massage my head..” Riddhima nods yes and massages …Vansh sleeps on Riddhima’s laps .. Riddhima to sleeps keeping head on Vansh..After some time , when Vansh wakes up he notices Riddhima sleeping like that ..He thinks that Riddhima might got hurt so he holds her in arms and makes her lay properly ..Siya notices it and says,”Bhai !! You are so caring..” Vansh says,”Its midnight , go and sleep ..Ok??” Siya says,”Midnight ?? Are you serious ? Bhai ! In Riddhima Bhabhi’s love you made 4 pm to night??”  Vansh says,”Oh!! Yes ..I am sorry..” Siya leaves.. Vansh says,”I have an important meeting..” Riddhima says,” First , eat lunch and then go!!” Vansh says,”OK ..” He takes lunch and leaves for the meeting…Riddhima thinks,”Vansh’s so caring , he made me meet my parents , I should also do something for him..”

Precap : Riddhima prepares a beautiful surprise for Vansh …Vansh gets happy and says,”Let us go on a trip ..” Riddhima says,”Ok ..But where??” 

Do read next episode , it will be too much entertaining , believe me !!!

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