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Lockdown Ki Love Story 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Raghav makes an entry

Lockdown Ki Love Story 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raghav’s entry. Raghav says I will be making an entry in this drama, Dhruv is the younger son of my uncle, I m coming to meet him today, its been years, I wanted to have a rocking meeting. He sees the pic of Jaiswal family. He drives to the Jaiswal house. He recalls his street fight with Dhruv. Their friends stop them from the fight. Dhruv says Raghav, I m sparing you today, think of me next time before doing this. Raghav says you have showed that own brother is own and cousin is just a cousin. Dhruv says I don’t want such a brother, I end my relations with him today. Raghav says we have blood relations, now it has become of revenge, until scores get equal, the relation doesn’t get over. FB ends.

Milky taunts Sonam to spoil her mood. Sonam eats food and smiles. She says thanks Batasa from my side, because you didn’t make it, go and do your work. Dhruv comes and asks her to say her side’s story. He says I will listen to everything today, tell me. Milky says what are you saying. Dhruv says just Sonam will say. Nutan and Sheetal ask him not to fall in Sonam’s words. Dhruv asks Sonam to tell her truth. Ankita signs yes to Sonam.

Sonam says I was very excited on the marriage day, Milky was helping me, so I trusted her. Nutan interrupts her. She asks Dhruv to send out Sonam and trust his mum. She says I m innocent. Dhruv says you will stay here and hear out Sonam. Sonam says Milky asked me to get make up, I said its lockdown, how will anyone come, she said her mum is a beautician, she forced me to go, I refused, but Nutan asked me to go. She tells everything. She says then my entire life changed, they made me fall in your eyes, this is the truth. Everyone looks on. Dhruv says you have to prove this truth, you have to get a proof in 7 days, if you fail, then leave this house on the 8th day and don’t create a new drama. Sonam agrees. Dhruv says if you can’t prove yourself right, then Shashi won’t be able to stop you in this house. Raghav looks at the house and says Dhruv, I have come. He says revenge’s relation will get over when scores are equal. He rings the bell. Ankita checks the door. She is shocked to see him. Dhruv asks who is it. Everyone gets shocked seeing Raghav.

Raghav asks Ankita will she bless him without his touch. Sonam sees everyone’s shocked reactions. Raghav greets Shashi. Sonam signs Ankita. Ankita signs nothing. Dhruv gets in between Shashi and Raghav. He says I told you not to come, how dare you have come here. Raghav says you went to study in Mumbai, I don’t need courage to go from one place to another, just a car, I have a costly car than you, be happy and hug me. Dhruv gets back.

Raghav asks him to forget it, they are brothers. Shashi says you are the bad blood of our family, your dad Shobhakant broke ties with us, we have no relation with you. Dhruv asks Raghav to get out. Dhruv pushes him. Raghav stares at Sonam. He asks is she the ex Bhabhi ji. He says she looks really pretty. Dhruv pushes him and shouts get out. Raghav gets angry. He says you are still pushing me, you and your dad have the same habit, I m respecting you, you are insulting me, enough now.

Sonam gets a chit from Raghav. She meets him. He shows the confession of Milky’s mum. She gets shocked. Raghav says I found the proof for you, if anything is given, then a price is taken for it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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