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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 18: Is it an unplanned date?

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The episode starts as…..

At 10:30pm in Riddhima’s house,

Riddhima is washing the utensils while Vansh is sitting on the sofa. Riddhima comes next to him and sits.

Vansh: Riddhima, I am too bored.

Riddhima: Movie?

Vansh: Now?

Riddhima: Ofcourse! But in my room.

Vansh: Okay not a bad idea.

Riddhima: Okay go inside. I will get glasses and come.

Vansh goes inside her room wondering why she needs glasses. She comes inside with a bottle of soft drink and two glasses. They sit on the bed, Riddhima places the laptop ahead of them. She serves him the drink.

Riddhima: What genre do you wanna watch?

Vansh: Horror?

Riddhima: Okay. Done. We will watch a comedy film.

Vansh: Wait…. But I said Horror.

Riddhima: I don’t want to watch horror film, I get scared.

Vansh: I am there by you. Don’t worry.

Riddhima and Vansh share a blanket. Riddhima starts the film. As the film proceeds, Riddhima moves closer to Vansh and closes her eyes. Vansh watches her and wraps his hand around her shoulder. He looks at her.

Vansh: [Pauses the film] If you are scared watching this then we should watch something else.

Riddhima: [Opening her eyes] No! It’s okay to watch as long as you are here.

Vansh: Are you sure that you can watch it? Otherwise let’s watch a comedy one.

Riddhima: No, it’s okay

Vansh: Okay…….. it’s decided. We’ll watch Comedy.

Riddhima: Why do you ask for my opinion when you don’t want to accept it?

Vansh: Well, it’s you who doesn’t accept my opinion. And now just forget it, I am starting the film.

Vansh starts the film. No conversations are going on between them but the room is filled with laughter.

At 01:00am,

Vansh: Atlast the film is over! It was a good one!

Riddhima: Exactly! I agree. But now I am too tired after this tough day.

Vansh: I can understand. I’ll make a leave, you sleep.

Riddhima: Why don’t you stay over? There’s no one at home.

Vansh: I know that. And by make a leave, I mean; leave from your room and not house. I am sleeping in the guest room.

Riddhima: [hits Vansh with the pillow] Okay. Good Night!

Vansh(smiles): Good Night!

Vansh leaves from her room while Riddhima just recalls him as she’s falling asleep.

Morning at 10:00am in Riddhima’s house,

Riddhima wakes up, goes in the living room and finds a note kept on the centre table. The note was kept by Vansh.

Vansh(on note): Good Morning Riddhima! Sorry I had to leave early without meeting you. Actually, I got a call from the office and I had to reach there urgently. Really Sorry. I assure I would make up for it.

Riddhima gets sad that he’s gone but then gets back to her work. She completes all her chores. After she’s almost done Sejal and Aryan enter the house. Riddhima looks at them.

Riddhima: Hey! Don’t y’all think that y’all took too much time to come back home?

Aryan: We stayed at my place last night. It was too much fun.

Riddhima: Why didn’t y’all call me?

Sejal: Because you had already left with Vansh and we thought that y’all must be having some great time alone. So we didn’t bother to call.

Aryan: By the way Riddhu, I wanted to tell you something.

Riddhima: Speak up.

Aryan: I forgot to tell you, yesterday when we were at the beach, I had a friend of mine as well present there. He saw you with Vansh near the date set-up. He asked me whether you are dating him. I said ‘No’. So he told me that he wants to meet you at 05:00pm today in ‘Coffee Day’ cafe. He has asked you to wear Red. He’s an amazing guy you should give a try. I assure you that in the first meet only you’d love him. He’s caring, loving, talented, etc.

Riddhima(irritated): What! Are you mad? No ways. That’s not happening.

Sejal: Come on Riddhu! Give it a try. Please! Please! You just need to meet him once.

Aryan: Please Riddhu! Atleast for us.

Riddhima(uninterested): Okay! Only because y’all want me to go. But I won’t stay there for long.

Riddhima goes to her room. And all she recalls is Vansh, she decides to call him and tell him about this, but then gives up on the idea thinking Vansh would ask her to join that ‘Unknown guy’.

At 04:00pm at Riddhima’s house,

Riddhima wears red coloured clothes as told by Aryan but those clothes do not have any charm and neither does Riddhima’s face, she’s completely dull. She comes to the living room, Aryan and Sejal look at her and are surprised.

Aryan: Riddhu, what is this? Why are you wearing this? It doesn’t look good at all. It’s not even made for you. Wear something else.

Riddhima: No! I won’t. I don’t wanna look good. I just want that person to look at me and run away. I don’t care who the hell he is.

Sejal: Alright! But please change your outfit. I will help you select your outfit, don’t wear this.

Sejal holds Riddhima’s hand and takes her inside the room. Riddhima is least interested. Sejal selects the outfit and comes out to let her change. After 15 minutes, Riddhima comes out, but again now only the outfit has a glow but not Riddhima.

Aryan: Riddhu, smile atleast. You can’t go like this.

Riddhima: Okay. So I will not go.

Sejal: Come on yaar! It’s just once and if you don’t like him then don’t meet him.

Aryan: Riddhu, you are gonna meet him but you didn’t ask me, how would you recognize him? So he’ll be wearing…….

Riddhima(interrupting): I don’t wanna know whatever he’ll be wearing. He wants to meet right? So that means he knows me and he himself will come. I am not gonna search for him. And if within 10 mins he doesn’t come I will leave.

Aryan: Alright babe! Calm down. Don’t erupt in front of him. And I guess you should leave now. Should I come to drop?

Riddhima: Yes, I am leaving. And no need to drop me. I have already booked a cab.

Riddhima leaves the house and sits in the cab. She recalls Vansh, she thinks of at least making a call to him but doesn’t.

Aryan: Sejal, don’t you think it’s for the first time when Riddhima’s not interested to meet someone and go out?

Sejal: It’s not for the first time but it also is.

Aryan: Speak properly. I didn’t understand, what do you mean?

Sejal: Riddhima has been uninterested in meeting people and going out but everytime that happened she also carried some charm, glow and excitement in herself. She wanted to first know the person but this time she’s least interested to even meet the person. Moreover, she doesn’t even seem happy.

Aryan: Don’t worry, after she meets my friend, she’ll get really happy and won’t come home early but just spend time with my friend.

At 05:00pm in ‘Coffee day’,

Riddhima’s alone sitting on the table. She’s least interested to meet that guy. She wants to get up and leave but then decides to wait for a few more minutes. It’s been just ten minutes since she’s arrived. She ultimately gets up to leave and turns. She finds Vansh sitting behind her. He doesn’t notice her since he’s busy with his phone. Riddhima wonders what he’s doing here. She walks up to him and takes her seat. Vansh still doesn’t look up at her.

Riddhima: VANSH!!

Vansh(looking at her and is suprised): Riddhima? What are you doing here?

Riddhima: Well, I should ask you that. Anyways, Aryan wanted to set me up with one of his friends.

Vansh: What? Did you meet him?

Riddhima: Luckily No! I don’t wanna meet him. But what are you doing here?

Vansh: So basically


Vansh enters the mansion. He enters his room and finds Ishani and Sia inside.

Vansh: What are y’all doing here?

Ishani: We were waiting for you.

Vansh: For what?

Ishani: Actually bhai, yesterday we went to the beach so one of my friends was also present there. She saw you along with Riddhima near the date set-up. She asked me if you are dating her to which I answered ‘No’. So she’s really into you and wants to meet you today evening at 05:00pm in ‘Coffee Day’ cafe. And Bhai please wear Red.

Vansh(irritated): What nonsense! I am not going to meet anyone. I am least interested.

Ishani: Bhai please give it a try. Please at least for us.

Sia: Exactly bhai. There’s no harm in meeting once. Please.

Vansh(uninterested): Okay! I will go but only for sometime. But for now y’all need to go from my room.


Vansh: And this is how I had to forcefully come to meet that girl. But luckily she didn’t come.

Riddhima: Strange! The same thing happened to me. But even I am glad since the guy didn’t come. And if he comes now he’d watch you and me together and go away.

Vansh: Ya! And if that girl comes she’d find both of us together and leave.

Riddhima(smiles): I don’t know why, but I am really happy to see you here. I wanted to call you and inform you about that guy. But I thought you would ask me to meet that guy, so I didn’t.

Vansh: I too am happy to find you here. But you should’ve called me, I would have not asked you to meet that ‘strange guy’ (angrily) and how could Aryan just sent you alone with someone you don’t know.

Riddhima: Relax Vansh! It’s okay. Anyways our ‘strange and unknown’ partners didn’t show up. Just calm down. Let’s have coffee and then go!

Vansh: Where?

Riddhima: Shopping or Movie? Select one.

Vansh: Both!

Riddhima: What? Really?

Vansh: Yes! I feel much better when you’re around so I can enjoy both with you.

Riddhima(smiles): Okay. I too love to spend time with you.

Vansh and Riddhima place an order for the coffee. They just keep talking and are smiling. It seems they enjoy each other’s company too much. It seems they are ready to leave everything for each other. They didn’t bother to call up and ask anyone about their ‘strange partners’ since they were least bothered to. After a hell lot of conversations they left to go shopping.

In the mall at 06:30pm, 

Riddhima and Vansh enter a store. They walk in and find various amazing outfits.

Riddhima: They are all so amazing!

Vansh: If you want I am ready to buy all for you.

Riddhima: Come on Vansh! I would just buy them and then never wear them. So it’s okay.

Vansh: Alright! There must be something you liked.

Riddhima: [Holds Vansh’s hand and takes him on a round] I am holding your hand because I fear you would get lost.

Vansh: Seriously Riddhima! Do you think I am a kid?

Riddhima: No Vansh! Have you ever gone shopping with a girl? Girls can roam the store thirty times within one hour without stopping. I doubt, I would be busy shopping and you would be lost. [Suddenly her eyes fall on a dress but she overlooks it].

Vansh: Alright! You can hold my hand as long as you want, So now do you wanna buy something?

Riddhima: Yes!

She takes him around and takes his opinion for every dress she selects. For some clothes, Vansh has his thumb up whereas for some he shows his disappointment. Eventually Riddhima completes her shopping and now she goes to the men’s section to buy clothes for Vansh.

Vansh: I don’t want more clothes. I already have too many.

Riddhima: SHUT UP!

Riddhima selects too many for him and asks him to go and try each and every outfit. Vansh smilingly follows her orders. After the shopping and billing is done. Vansh and Riddhima leave the store.

Vansh: [Hands over a bag to her] Check this, and tell how’s it?

Riddhima: [With a curious look, looks inside] Vansh this!

It was a dress which Riddhima had seen in the store and liked it instantly but didn’t buy it.

Riddhima: How do you know I loved this?

Vansh: I followed your gaze. I understood that you liked this one on the first go. Just tell, why did you not buy this?

Riddhima: It’s a party wear and now there are no parties that I have to attend and neither is there something special that’s coming up so I could wear it. That’s why I gave up on this. But you are really best!

Riddhima hugs Vansh. She’s close to him. Vansh hugs her back. And the time stops for the two of them. Not realising that they are not alone in a room or house but instead are between hundreds of people. After a long hug they get back.

Vansh: Everytime we meet is special for me. You don’t need an event to wear an outfit. But now I really want you to wear this.

Riddhima(smiles): I would wear it soon. And after I wear this I would give my first look to you.

Vansh: Okay! That sounds better. Now movie?

Riddhima: Ofcourse!

Precap: Riddhima comes out from her room. She’s surprised to see everyone out. She makes her place beside Vansh. Ishani and Kabir surround Vansh. Kabir points a gun on Vansh.

Loads of love from me to y’all 💕💕

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