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Indiawaali Maa 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku seeks Hasmukh’s support

Indiawaali Maa 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku asking Rohan if he didn’t complete his MBA studies. Rohan says I wanted to earn money. She asks him to give him money what he earned. He says you know what all happened. She says I feel my son has made many mistakes, he is a decent guy, you don’t leave a chance to disappoint me. She sits crying. Rohan sits beside her. She says I don’t know how will you do everything now, take my last advice, just become suitable that Cheenu forgives you and holds your hand again, think she comes now, what will you do, what will you feed her, I m your mum and Cheenu’s mum also, if I have to choose a nice guy for Cheenu, I will not stop her.

She says Cheenu is someone’s daughter, her parents will want her to stay happy, do something, make yourself capable, do some work with determination, I promise I will get Cheenu back. He says Cheenu won’t come back, I lost her. She says what you lost can come back to you, I m saying the truth, you have trusted Sagar, give a chance to your parents once. Rohan says yes, I m useless, I have to listen to everyone now, Akshay will convince Cheenu for marriage, you are saying you will get Cheenu back.

He says Cheenu has her own life, we have own life, we have no connection now, its not possible now, don’t try this now. He goes. She thinks to do something to unite them. She thinks of Akshay’s words. Vasu says Meenu, you look happy. Meenu says Akshay rejected me, I won’t let him go to Cheenu, I will wait and watch. She goes. Vasu says what did Meenu do.

Hasmukh doesn’t take Kaku’s call. She messages him. Cheenu asks did Appa call you today also. Akshay says yes. He sees Meenu. Cheenu says don’t do this, I don’t like to get involved with anyone, we are good friends and colleagues now, that’s it. She goes. Appa stops Akshay. He says I have done everything to bring you and Cheenu together, you think how to make her ready for engagement. Meenu says Appa is trying to get Cheenu engaged, why don’t you make Cheenu refuse. Kaku says I m trying to convince her, tell me, if anyone wants a job, what should she do. Meenu says candidate’s qualification is seen first. She explains Kaku.

Meenu asks who wants to do the job. Kaku says someone in our building needs job, I said its tough without experience. Meenu says one can work as an intern, assistant, helper and learner. Kaku says you send me these words in the message.

Rohan talks to the man. He says I m really hardworking. The man says sorry, not possible. Kaku knocks the door. Kaku gets bournvita for him. He asks her to go. She says I want your help, make my CV, maybe I get a job. He asks will you get a job, you will feel we are of same level now. She asks what rubbish. He says its not a joke to get a job, leave it.

Kaku checks on phone and makes her CV. She talks to Hasmukh. She asks him to talk to her sweetly. He says fine, I forgive you, what did you decide. She asks him to call her darling. He calls her darling. He says you take the advantage knowing I can’t stay upset on you. She says I miss you a lot, our responsibility doesn’t end till death, I thought I will take rest but no. He asks what happened now. Kaku recalls Cheenu’s words. She says there is something else, you have tolerated many lies, hear the last truth, Rohan didn’t complete his MBA studies, he discontinued it to earn money. He says why didn’t he. She says its a new wound for us, I have decided to work at Cheenu’s office, we have to stay connected to Cheenu. Hasmukh asks how will you do this, how will you face troubled for that liar useless son. She says Meenu told me that I can join as an intern, we have to do this for Rohan, we can show him the right path, he lost his path, we have to keep trying, will you support me. He says I have always supported you.

He asks how will you manage, will this fix things. She says there is no way, I have to bring them together, you are arranging money from there. He says fine Kaku, you have not seen the office world. She says help me in making CV. He says fine, tell me your name. She makes the CV. She gets ready and reaches Cheenu’s office.

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