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Hamariwali Good News 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mukund hates lies

Hamariwali Good News 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Navya crying sadly. She burns the food again. Renuka comes and asks when will you learn cooking. Navya cries and goes to her room. Ananya tells about her past to Sanjay. Preeti sees them and says I can see them in front of me. Sanjay says I want the marriage to happen with consent, I praise your honesty and courage, there is nothing to worry, you won’t get blamed. Preeti says Anchal is innocent, see how she agreed to you. Sumitra says she will have to agree, else I won’t leave her.

Preeti says yes, I know. She says I insisted and got Navya plan her child. Renuka checks the medicine. She sees Navya. She asks Adi what is the syrup. Adi says she said she had cough syrup. She says its expired. Navya vomits. Adi calls the doctor. Doctor comes and checks Navya. He treats her and asks Adi to take care. Mukund comes home and sees doctor leaving. Renuka says Navya is in big trouble. Mukund knocks and asks is everything fine. Renuka says Navya is resting. He asks are Navya and baby fine. Renuka says yes, she is having vomits, Adi got worried and called the doctor, go to the shop, I m here with Navya. He asks her to take care. Adi asks Renuka why did she lie to Mukund.

She asks what could I say, don’t tell this truth to anyone. Renuka says I can lie to everyone, I don’t want anyone to taunt Navya. Navya feels sad hearing them. Mukund gets a call. He goes home. He beats Ashraf and asks why didn’t you send the salary to your family. Ashraf says I didn’t waste money. Mukund asks is there any girl’s affair. Gautam says leave him, he has put the money in committee. Mukund beats Ashraf. He asks what will your parents eat if you don’t send money, I have no place for liars. Ashraf says forgive me, I regard you like my dad. Mukund says I will not lie or not tolerates lies. Navya thinks when dad knows my lie, what will he do to Renuka. She cries.

Anchal asks Sumitra to take the call. Sumitra gets Sanjay’s mum’s call. She asks how did you call at this time. She asks what, next week, fine. She calls Indu and says Sanjay is desperate to marry Anchal. Anchal gets Sanjay’s call. She goes. Sumitra says they want engagement next week. Anchal says it was your mum’s call. Sanjay says this matter is between our families now, I will take good care of you, don’t worry. He ends call. Anchal thinks I will try to talk to Renuka. Sanjay smiles. He is with a lady. He says our way is clear, there is someone else in her heart, I have someone else in my heart, once I give her a child, I will ruin her by her truth. Adi plans a romantic night with Navya. Shayad…..plays….

She cries. He says listen to me, how are these locations, will you come with me, you can go for a holiday. Navya says we are husband and wife since 3 years, we have declared the good news, we have lied to Mukund, you want me to come for trekking, how did you think of this. He says you don’t know what I m going through, have some patience. She says Renuka and I lied to everyone, where will this lie take us, what will you tell everyone after nine months. He says you wanted a child, I don’t want this child, this lie or anything, I told you that we will go away, you didn’t listen. She asks will the problem get solved. He asks how will you solve this. She says I can solve this, you have to support me. He asks when didn’t I support you. She says we will tell truth to everyone, they want a baby, we will tell them the truth, let Sumitra get you remarried, at least you and Renuka can free of this lie. Adi says shut up. Renuka comes and hears this. Adi says you have gone mad, you want to say the truth, go and see, be careful, we have always decided things, you don’t care for me, right, you didn’t understand me ever, go and tell truth. He goes angrily. Navya cries. Renuka prays for them.

Mukund scolds Ashraf. He asks Renuka to make Adi do the work. He sees Adi doing the work. He asks Renuka where are the ladies today. Navya comes. Mukund asks them to finish work soon. Renuka asks Navya to light the diya. Navya says I won’t sit in the kirtan, I want to go to mum’s house. Renuka says festival days are coming, everyone will ask me about you, you should get Mata’s blessings. Navya says all the ways got shut for me, no good news will come, you also accept this, everyone will come and ask the same, we have to lie again. Sumitra comes with her family. She asks what. Renuka and Navya worry seeing her. Sumitra asks what lie are you talking about, tell me, what are you hiding.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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