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Gupta Brothers 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amba reveals the heart breaking truth

Gupta Brothers 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amba asking Ganga what she said about Shiv and his brothers. Ganga says nothing. Amba says you were saying something and asks why you seem shocked. Ganga says nothing. Amba gets the file from her hand and says this is Shiv’s childhood result. She says even I don’t know this big truth. She says Shiv never let us know that he is a stepbrother of all. Ganga asks her not to tell anyone and tells that Shiv loves them more than his own brothers and that she respects them a lot. She asks her not to tell anyone and asks her to promise. Amba tells that she loves them a lot, more than her and now she respects her seeing her love for them. She says I will not tell this to anyone. Ganga comes out and looks at Shiv. Someone tells that the moon appeared. All the ladies break their fast seeing the moon, while Shiv and Ganga still standing. Amba asks Shiv to break Ganga’s fast. Ganga says I have kept this fast for my happiness, so I will break it myself.

Shiv walks out from there. Ganga brings her sieve and the tiffin which he brought for her in the afternoon. She looks in the mesh and sees Shiv. Shiv tells that he had gone to bring jaggery for her, as he didn’t know about her fast. She tells that when Amba kaki told her about the fast, then she thought to keep. Shiv says even he didn’t have anything since morning. He makes her eat the jaggery with her hand. Amba and Jaya smile. Amba sees Shiv’s brothers and tells that Shiv and Ganga have kept fast for each other unknowingly. Shiv says let’s go and meet when the brothers come and insist to talk to him. He asks what they want to come? Veeru and Alok tell Shiv that he has changed and kept fast for Ganga and letting the ladies come inside for the puja. They tell that Ganga is provoking him against them. Ganga tries to say, but they tell that they are talking to his brother. Veeru tells that he has made them do something against his wish. Shiv asks what did I do? Veeru says when I failed in my 5th standard, you stopped my schooling and made me sit in the shop. Shiv is shocked and asks Alok to say what did he do with him? Alok says you had asked me to get my own business. Shiv asks I must have done something wrong with Rajat.

Veeru says yes when you got Rajat to shift to English Medium from Hindi Medium, he had difficulty as all his school friends were left. Their mother talks from the frame and tells that Veeru was kicked out from school, two times, even after Shiv pleaded with them, then also they refused to take you to school. She tells Shiv has opened the new business so that Alok can become independent and have his own business. She says Shiv worked hard and shifted Rajat to the English medium so that he becomes something. She says Shiv has saved you all from becoming an orphan and you are accusing him. She says today you have proved that you are my blood and asks Shiv not to forgive them. Shiv hears her and says I thought whatever I did was for your betterment, and you all had done was unwilling. Shiv says I have my own reasons for it. Alok says we are not questioning your words and reminds of his teachings that they will not let any woman come into his house. They tell their house is breaking because of her.

Shiv asks what do they want? Veeru asks them to decide and choose between Ganga and them. Amba smirks. Alok says either Ganga ji or we will stay here. Shiv asks have you gone mad? I have taken Ganga ji’s responsibility. Veeru asks why can’t you understand that our house is broken. Alok says we don’t even open our mouth in front of you. Ganga tells Shiv that she can’t let him pay a heavy price for her responsibility. She tells that she came to keep the family united and to become the last finger of the thumb. She says as everyone is having a problem with her, she will go from here. Shiv stops her and tells that I have married her, you think that I have changed and that’s why I shall leave from here. Alok and Veeru ask Shiv what is he saying? They ask him not to leave the house. Shiv tells that he will fulfill her responsibility as he has taken it. Lakshmi asks Shiv not to go from the photo frame and says someone stops her. Amba asks Veeru and Alok to stop Shiv from leaving. Veeru asks her not to interfere and says this is our family matter. Amba says when you are not his family then how this house becomes yours. She says this house is of Shiv and you all are his stepbrothers. Shiv, Alok, and Veeru get shocked.

Precap: Ganga asks what did you do? Amba says you shouldn’t have told me this truth and blames her. Veeru tells Shiv that the house broke due to a woman. Shiv gets upset with Ganga.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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