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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gautam Buddha’s ideology inspires Bhima

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bhima says the laws and the restrictions which you don’t feel today will be there tomorrow. There will also be punishment for those who wont follow those laws! Sarvagya Maharaj says there is none right now though. We decide the rules here. Things will happen as per our wish only. He instructs his men to start creating walls asap. You can hit anyone who will try to intervene. He walks away. Bhima tries to stop them but Dhansukhlal threatens to kill him if he will intervene now.

Dhansukhlal and his men hit people and their belongings and force them to corner in one place. They warn the villagers that they wont be able to step out of their homes now. We are surrounding our land from everywhere. We will kill anyone will come in our way. Bhima points out that this isn’t a fight of dharma. Dhansukhlal suggests killing him before everyone else. They try to hit Bhima but Ram ji saves his son. other villages, Bala and Anand get ready to attack as well. Bhima stops his men from retorting in the same manner. He again tells the upper community guys that this isn’t a just fight. Let’s not do this. They aren’t bothered and continue with their plan.

Bhima tells his Baba they must find some other way out. We cannot risk someone’s life. Guru ji says they wont understand words, emotions or from someone else’s problems. I visited the families of the kids whom I have taught. They respected me a lot yet I couldn’t arrange for even one pot of water. Kaka tells them what happened near the well today. Guru ji says looks like they will cross their limits this time. I wonder what they will do!

Ganga brings food for Bhimbai. She is reluctant to eat. Mangesh throws something in the fire because of which everyone starts coughing badly. Ram ji and the men move everyone to a different corner. Bhimbai complains of severe headache. Meera sends Bhima and Bala to bring medicine from home while Anand presses his mother’s head. Bala and Anand bring medicine but Meera realises that they must mix it in warm water and give to Bhimbai. Mangesh and others mock them for this new problem. Mangesh tells Purshottam to bring water. Put it under the bamboo to make the roots strong. Bala and Bhima check everywhere but there is no water. Mangesh keeps taunting Bhima. I can give you water but you must kneel down in front of us and spread your hands like a beggar to ask for water. Bhima gives in to his demands against his mother’s wishes. Mangesh throws water on his face. Bhimbai pulls him from there.

Kaka offers to help Bhimbai. He makes her sit down on the ground and helps her meditate like Gautam Buddha. He guides her to channelize her thoughts on something better. Distance your thoughts from present to calm yourself. Let your body loose. Bhimbai calms down. Bhima recalls Guru ji telling him about Gautam Buddha. He realises the importance of concentrating on one’s thoughts to find out the answers within himself.


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