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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman proves she isn’t boring

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman making Shravan do arm exercises. She recalls Vikram. She recalls Shravan’s words. Shravan brings his sister home. She says the house is still the same. He says you have changed, you are the same Avni, you are tough. She says your jokes got spoiled. He takes her home. She smiles. She says we have many memories from this house. Sophie comes. Shravan introduces Sophie, his close friend. Sophie says I know she is Avni, so glad to see her. She hugs Avni. Avni says I heard a lot about you from him. Avni says you didn’t tell me where you are staying. Sophie calls Suman and invites her in Sangeet. Suman says I can’t come. Sophie says you and Vikram refuse to come, you guys are boring. Suman says I will come, don’t call me boring again. Sophie says sorry, I didn’t mean it. Suman says its okay, we will meet in the evening.

Shravan says I didn’t had to stay here, quarters weren’t empty, so I m staying as PG in Tiwari house. Avni asks what, you are staying there as PG. She gets Tau ji’s call. He says I didn’t tell dad, he was in stress, don’t tell him please. She answers the calls and says yes I reached home, Shravan isn’t here, I will ask him to call you. She ends call and asks did you just get Tiwari’s house. He says take rest, I will talk later. She says I don’t know what’s the reason for your stay there. She goes. Avni comes to Sophie’s room and sees her dress. Sophie asks will this suit me, I m confused. Avni says anything will suit you. She thinks to ask about Shravan’s PG stay. She asks is Tiwari family still here. Sophie says they are here, Suman was your friend also, you don’t know, Shravan and Suman liked each other, they were in a relation, teenage love, they forgot each other after growing up, Shravan and I are just exploring, we have fun, its all good.

Avni says wow, it means he is also exploring. She thinks its not so simple, something is wrong. Shravan says give me a chance, I will explain. Avni says we will talk later. He sees the girls dancing in sangeet. The girl thanks Sophie for making her sangeet lovely. Sophie asks Shravan to come for dance. Shravan says we will have special performance in the end, did you invite Suman. Sophie says yes, she said she will come. Shravan says Vikram will also come. She says he just refused, he isn’t coming, he is boring types, lets go and dance. Suman and Vikram come holding hands. Shravan looks at them.

Sophie says you look beautiful, I m impressed. She introduces the bride Rupali. Rupali compliments Vikram and Suman. Sophie and Shravan are called for their performance. Vikram says you are multi talented, you know dance also. Shravan says I try new things in life, else I may get boring. Suman looks at him. Kyu hai dabi si….plays… Shravan says Sophie, we will practice once. Shravan and Sophie dance. Suman smiles seeing Avni. Suman says you have changed. Avni says yes, Shravan also changed. Suman says yes, I guess we all changed, Shravan and I have moved on in our lives. Avni says yes, I can see it. Avni thinks not just Shravan, even Suman is mistaken about their relations.

Suman and Vikram dance. Shravan says sorry, I have said wrong, you aren’t boring, your presence makes everything exciting, I don’t promise anyone of meeting again, don’t know I come back or not. Ek duje ke vaaste….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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