Hi, Guys. Back with the episode 2 of Ehsaas. In my previous episode, it was a shorter episode. But this one is a bit longer. Sorry if any mistake is there as I had written this in hurry. Hope you all will like it.

Ft. Mishbir and Kuku
Episode 2
At Rajvansh house ;
Meenakshi Rajvansh : Listen to me, Jugnu! You make aloo parathas with Mint Chutney in breakfast today.
Jugnu : Okay, Ma’am. As you wish!
Meenakshi smiles a bit and go from there thinking that Kabir will be very much happy.
Someone is playing guitar very passionately.

At Maheshwari house ;
Mishti : Kuhu, do you know?
Kuhu : What?
Mishti : About Ananya di’s brother in law’s wedding?
Kuhu : No! I don’t know anything. You know, today they are coming to invite us. And I don’t know only (in a fun way)
Mishti : I was just asking!
Kuhu : I was just telling (she laughs)
Mishti : I don’t understand why people get married?

Kuhu : Don’t you know? People get married to get attention of people. In wedding. Plus groom wants to dance that’s why he want to marry. And bride wants to take selfies with her new gown. Thus she want to marry. Both have their personal reasons.

Mishti : (with a slight laugh) You also na…
Kuhu : By the way, how many days we’re having holidays to our college?
Mishti : 3

At Rajvansh House ;
🎸 is still being played. Meenakshi comes in the room.
Meenakshi : Son, Now stop also. I think today you’ll make your 🎸 see the 🌟 🌟 in morning only. Papa will come only now, and you know he doesn’t like all this.
🎸 player : Woh zindagi hi kya joh dar ke guzaare
Qeesmat ke maare hai yahan saare ke saare
Zindagi milti hai bas ek baar
Iss subha, chalo use milkar sawaare
Abir Rajvansh is shown. A chocolate boy with silky hair and beautiful is shown.

Meenakshi : Abir, it’s just morning and you had started with your poetry.

Abir : By the way, Sorry. Mom. This poetry wasn’t so good.
Meenakshi : Who told that it wasn’t good? How couldn’t it be good? As my son is such a good person.
Abir : Mom!
Abir and Meenakshi hugged each other. Just then Kunal makes his amazing entry with a bright red 🌹.

Kunal : What is this? Both mother-son are hugging each other without me.
Abir : Arey! Nanko, you also na.!
Meenakshi : (to Kunal) By the way, dear! For whom you brought this beautiful 🌹?

Kunal : For my beautiful lady love!
Meenakshi and Abir are shocked.
Meenakshi : Who is that girl?
Abir : Who is wasting time with you, nanko?
And you haven’t informed mom yet. Aww…
Kunal : Just chill, bro. My first, final and beautiful lady love is none other than my mom. Just for you, my Lovely mom. He handover the 🌹 to Meenakshi.
Meenakshi takes it and smile. Just then, Ketki comes in the room.

Kunal : How can we help you, Ketu Setu?
Ketki : Abir bhai! See how bhai is teasing me!
Abir : Nanko! Why are you teasing my sister by calling her Ketu Setu. She is grown up now. So how can we call her ketu setu. We shouldn’t call her Ketu Setu. Understood? We should not call Ketu Setu as Ketu Setu. (In a joyful mood)

Ketki : Bhai, you too?
Kunal : See now, who is teasing you!!!
Everybody laughs, Kekti is 😠 on all of them. Meenakshi goes from there.
Abir : By the way, what help do you need, Ketu Setu?
Ketki : Bhai, After some days, there will be my marriage and then I’ll see to you both! To whom you’ll tease then?
Abir : Just leave this marriage talks for atleast now.
Kunal : Really, Ketu!

Abir : Your marriage is arranged. And then you’ll go, leaving us. Then, to whom we can call Ketu Setu? Then, how can we appreciate the food which you always burn?
They both goes into a emotional breakdown.
Ketki : Sorry, Bhai. I didn’t meant to hurt you.
Kunal : It’s okay, Ketki. It’s not your fault. We would be sad if you hadn’t said also.
Abir : I literally don’t understand, why all girls have to leave their houses and have to go to some unknown houses?
Kunal : It’s okay, bro. You please control yourself.
Ketki : Now, I need to go because maa had called me for cooking.
Ketki is going but Abir stops her.
Ketki : What happened, Bhai?
Abir : Your mother has called you for cooking the food not for burning the food.
Abir and Kunal 🤣😂


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