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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update : Angooris 500kg ladoo business

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu on call talking about bhabhi ji laddu recipe comes near to angoori vibhu hungs up call and start talking to babhi about bablu Angoori asks who is bablu, vibhu says I’m sorry you know him by Mr. Singhaniya who gave you the order of making ladoo well he is my childhood friend ao i call him as bablu, Angoori that Mr. Singhaniya is your childhood friend, vibhu asks bhabhi to speak politely you are like a family nothing ever hidden from you but please don’t tell to anyone, bhabhiji why won’t i tell this is a good news someone like Mr. Singhaniya is your childhood friend, Vibhu says people wont believe me that i got some big contacts like him so please don’t speak to anyone about him, bhabhiji that’s true no one would believe you studied from school from childhood but still where is he and where are you, vibhu says if you are done with your words lets talk further about deal, Angoori says im very thankful to you because of i got this big deal, Vibhu says Mr. Singhaniya was bringing the sweets from France but i convinced her that bhabhiji is the best ladoo maker in town so he gave you this order, Angoori is says I’m so thankful to you and taunts him so much in the end Vibhu admits that singhaniya is not his childhood friend he is just casual friend of mine, Angoori says all this you were saying was lie, Vibhu i was saying so that i can boost your moral and gave energy to you, Angoori says well I’m also so excited about the contract, Vibhu saya it is just tip of the iceberg your ladoo will be world famous its diwali now after that it will be Christmas your ladoo will be famous, Angoori asks vibhu to put a drop of batter in oil with your hands and says because you are lucky, Vibhu gets happy and says yeh bhabhiji I’m very luck if i touch the soil it will also turn into gold

Boys standing in front of tiwari with a knife, Tiwari in scared voice what is this, Malkhan replies its an axe, tiwari says its seems knife to me, Tillu says yes its knife but when it will go inside you, you will be seeing yumraj too, tiwari what kind of nonsense is this, Tika says have some humanity in you Tillu is working for you from so mayyears but still you have paid him nothing so we three came here to confront you, tiwari you will kill me for such small thing, Malkhan it was small thing when you didn’t paid him for one month but now its a big thing, Tiwari says I’ll pay you your salary penny by penny, Tillu doesn’t agrees to tiwari, tika says either you will give us money or we will kill you, Malkhan you should be punished for your deeds, tiwari says okay kill me but tillu you will stab me not these two boys so that everyone knows not to do good with anyone, Tillu asks for the knife from malkhan says you have my salary from years and kept me hungry you are not doing any good, tiwari in scared voice says that i was talking to Angoori about the business that she will be needing you boys to help her out for the contract and will earn money from that and have some percentage from profit but you are killing me, Malkhan don’t try to fool us, tiwari why will i lie to you, Angoori comes to tiwari and asks boys when did you come , the boys greets Angoori, tika whispers to malkhan and asks bhabhiji are you starting a new business and you want us to get involved in that, Angoori gets confused and asks tiwari is that so, Tiwari says yes i was saying to that you need some partner for your business, Angoori but didn’t said anything about partner you said about labour, boys got shocked, tiwari yes we all are labour the whole world is labour we do labour work for everyone there is nothing wrong in that, the boys discuss with eachother and agrees to tiwari for labour work, tillu asks about the business to Angoori, Angoori says that i have got an order to make sweets for diwali, tiwari so its upto you boys do you have to work or kill me, Angoori asks malkhan what is that knife doing in your hand, Malkhan i kept this knife for Tillu and tike if they denys to work for you I’ll stab them with this knife, tillu we would love to work for Godley figure like tiwari, tika from when wnd where do we have to start the work, Angoori sit I’ll tell you but first let me bring something to eat for you

Vibhu, Prem, Tiwari having drinks together, tiwari Toast for vibhu, Vibhu Toast for prem, prem Toast for singhaniya, prem asks vibhu you know why he became friend of mine because i got lots of money, vibhu this prem is my childhood friend and from childhood is stupid when he use to come school he use to bring parathas in his lunchbox and everytime he use to say i got lots of parathas, there was one time we wiped our nose from parathas put it back in his tiffin and he ate all the parathas during lunch time, Prem asks to vibhu do you remember pinky your first girlfriend of tenth class do you know why did she called you dog because i provoked her to say, vibhu do you remember one time you got asleep and i wrote with a permanent marker that you belong to family of thief’s, tiwari leave all this and tell how much money do singhaniya got, prem Vibhu have to rebirth seven time to get that much money, Vibhu why do you always underestimate me and start arguing, tiwari thinks if they got in fight with eachother i wll face loss how should i stop them and asks them to calm down and eat something after all you are having a love and hate relationship, prem got call from champak, champak did you heard about singhaniya he lost his court case and he got bankrupt, prem hungs up the call and tries to leave, Vibhu where are yoi going the party has started just now enjoy your self dis i hurt you, prem no you are my friend but in future i day something to you don’t feel bad for that and leaves, tiwari what happen to him, Vibhu forget it and let’s celebrate on success of bhabhiji and asks tiwari not to tell anything about the business to anu

Vibhu enters the bedroom and asks anu when did you come, anu i was here but i didn’t know about you, vibhu tells her something about prem, any says i think so that your friend prem should be behind bars because he is not a good person he corrupt and lost do you know vibhu you are also lost did you realised and corrupt like him because he is your friend, vibhu says forget this and tell how was the experience at ashram, anu it was so beautiful i cannot express that, vibhu that really nice, anu it was like heaven and this is like hell full of lies why am i living, as i entered ashram i was feeling so relaxed, Vibhu that’s great and how are you feeling now, any the moment i entered ashram baba looked at me and said why did you come now you are it was like he knew everything about me told me about you that you are of no use good for nothing why don’t you stay here with me and i also think of staying there, vibhu you are going so deep you are married you got some responsibilities you just cant leave like this, anu everything thing is lie se the ray of peace is calling me, vibhu forget al this lets get romantic, anu stops him and says its all lie there’s nothing left in this

Boys preparing the sweets, tika asks tillu and malkhan did you had word with sweetie, tillu scolds him and asks him to concentrate on his work, vibhu comes and days so Tiwari brought you boys to work for him you are so useless but still tiwari brought you, tillu if tiwari want something useless so he would have chosen you first, vibhu dont try to act oversmart its me who gave this contract to tiwari, malkhan how many time i have told you dont try to act oversmart, vibhu says malkhan is the most talanted amoung you three he is a good boy I’ll talk to tiwari about the bonus for you three, Dr. Asks vibhu to put on lights on his house, Vibhu agrees with that and asks him to put on lights on his house, masterji asks for the donation of 501rs to do work, vibhu says he will lighten up diyas and he dont like Chinese products, Dr to masterji i told you earlier when you’ll talk about donation he will say no to that, tiwari comes to vibhu and askyhim yo get inside the house, vibhu i got call from Me. Singhaniya and he asked me to supervise and i would like to tell that the speed of your work is slow

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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