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Bepannah Pyaar: She made him fall for her – Praghbir OS –

It is a girl’s room of a middle class house. Her bed is fully occupied by saree, bangles, necklaces and many more jewels with some makeup items. A girl wore a yellow colored Salwar Kameez and drying her hair, but her face is not shown. A lady of mid-forties comes inside. She wore a simple saree. The lady – “Pragati, why can’t you wear a saree? You are going to meet your fiance for the first time. Its auspicious so saree would be relevant.”

Pragati – “Mom, I am not interested in these things. First of all, I am not interested in marrying that guy, first of all.” Pragati’s mom – “Just shut up. Wear the saree and those jewels.” She leaves closing the door. Pragati mumbles – “Torturing…” Pragati wears the saree kept in the bed , wears those bangles and one light earring. Her mom from the veranda – “Come soon, child. Car driver is waiting for you.”

She peeps through the window and her face is shown. Pragati – “I don’t need a car to meet him. Scooty is suffice.”

The scene shifts to ‘a not so’ busy road where a  white Yamaha bike is parked.

A boy dressed in formal brown pants and white shirt sit on the bike and he starts.


His friend sits behind him  wheras both their faces are not revealed… His friend wore a casual dress. They start to drive the bike. The boy – “Buddy, I am pretty scared… Will the things work out?” His friends pats him, indicating not to worry.

On the other, Pragati is driving her scooty with her friend sitting behind her. Pragati – “Which fool would like to get married in this mere 24? But always, get married… get married…” She tries to imitate typical Indian aunties but her expression was weird as such. Her friend – “Is it not enough if you say no to him?” Pragati – “Meeta, I already said that to my parents. But they want to say no directly to his face. That is called private meeting… Yuck… I am getting angry on him also… Stupid….” She stops the bike – “Meeta, office has come…Go.” Meeta – “Ok, Pragati… Don’t be harsh with him. Just say, I am interested… OK?” Pragati nods.

At the other side, The boy stops his bike. His friend gets down. His friend – “Things will be alright, bro. All the best.” The boy – “Hopefully, Ashok” He wears his helmet and drives. Still his face is not revealed.

At cafe,

The boy who is in white shirt and brown pant’s face is revealed as  he is waiting desperately.

He thinks – “Today is the important day for me, I am going to meet  someone so important. God, please give me courage.” He tries to normal, but some nervousness can be spotted.

Pragati enters a cafe. After opening it, she looks and gets exasperated and makes a expression of disgust.

The boy stands up.

Pragati takes her seat and says – “See, I am not interested in you. Let us call off this meeting.”

A boy in the  late twenties, (wearing white shirt and black overcoat) is sitting in front of Pragati, he lifts his hands up to cool her down – “See, . Even I am not interested in this alliance. Just be cool.”

Pragati – “Thank god, By the way, I am Pragati”

Blue shirt boy – “I am Sanjay.”

They shake their hands.

Meanwhile, the boy in white shirt shook his hands with a elderly man of early fiftees. The elderly man – “Raghbir….”

Raghbir (white shirt man) – “Yes sir… Mr.Gujral” (smiles)

[Note: I just tried a new kind of scene writting, of course inspired from movies, hope you could understand. If not, Raghbir came to meet Mr.Gujral regarding some work. Pragati come to meet her fixed fiance Sanjay. Both are different cafe]

Raghbir – “Sir, this is the draft of my story. Please consider publishing under your publications.”

Raghbir gives a bunch of filed papers to him. Mr. Gujral – “Ok, All the best, if we find the draft good, I’ll mail you.”

Raghbir – “Sir, excuse me… Shall I narrate the story once to you ?”

Mr.Gujral – “Why man? Draft is more than enough. Narration consumes time.”

Raghbir – “Sir, please. I’ll complete the narration in fifteen minutes.”

Mr.Gujral – “Ok, fine. What is the theme?”

Raghbir – “Its a love story, sir.”

Mr.Gujral – “Oh, Love stories always. Why can’t you think something beyond that?”

Raghbir – “Sir, this story has a twist that you  never expect. It is the real life love story of a IT employee…”

Mr.Gujral – ‘Proceed..”

Meanwhile at another cafe,

Pragati – “What a coincidence, we both had a breakup. So what is your story? However if I leave now, my parents would find that I never talk to you. At least let me hear your story.”

Sanjay – “Yeah, but girls first. You say the story.”

Pragati nods.

[Note: As you predict, both will say the same story to Mr.Gujral and Sanjay. I hope you know what  I meant. Scene is designed as fusion of both side of scenes]

Pragati: Its been 6 months ago… I bought a scooty through my first salary. Of course, I don’t know to ride it…


First day,

Raghbir with Ashok driving his bike, cursing their manager who scolded them for coming up late.  Ashok tries to calm him down. When the bike is about to U-Turn, his bike about to collide with a scooty that was ridden by Pragati.. Ashok and Pragati fall down wheras Raghbir is about to fall but he hold his grip.

Raghbir (angrily) – “Hey!  Can’t you honk your horn while turning?”

Pragati (suppressing her anger) – “I honked.”

Raghbir honk his horn loudly that made Pragati to close her ears. Raghbir – “This is called honking. Can’t even ride a bike properly.” Raghbir and Ashok leaves and Pragati crumbles her fist on her bike and she too moves..

Third day, at the same road

Pragati was going slowly wheras Ashok and Raghbir in their bike who were coming (at right) behind Pragati’s scooty. Pragati used left indicator and turns right which again collodes with Raghbir’s bike.

Raghbir (angrily) – “She is the same girl. Don’t you have sense.”

Pragati – “I used indicator now.” (vext)

Ashok – ” Madam, you used left indicator but turning right. Just look.”

Pragati looks and confirms mistake is on her side – “Sorry.”

Ignoring Pragati, they both leaves.

Seventh day,

Ashok and Raghbir are walking at the same road talking stuffs cheerfully. They hear a blast like sound. Raghbir and Ashok run forward and sees a scooty collided a car and Pragati and her scooty fell down. Pragati is checking her wounded elbow.

The car driver –  “Bumping at a parked vehicle.Who the hell gave you license?”

Raghbir looks at Pragati – “Oh, scooty girl..I expected this. ” (smiles)

Raghbir to the driver – “Sorry, buddy. Beginner to ride. Please bear her.”

Driver – “What beginner?….”(mumbles randomly)

Raghbir – “Please, bro. She is my friend…I apologize..”

The car driver takes his car and moves….

Raghbir looks at Pragati – “Seems like you are upgraded to bumping into cars instead of bikes…(laughs) First learn to drive at small lanes and parks, no main roads… (sarcasticlaly)”

Pragati – “First, help me to stand up.”

Raghbir lifts Pragati to make her stand.

Pragati – “But, today is not my fault…”

Raghbir – “Ok ok… But not always others would suffer for your fault. Sometimes you too suffer. (smiles teasingly) Let it be..Let us go..” Raghbir ask Ashok to leave home and told he would come soon.

Raghbir pushing her scooty and Pragati walks with him in her sprained leg..” Raghbir smiles her teasingly and Pragati was embarrased more than exasperated


Pragati – “Seriosuly, this time I am not at fault. Everything is on the car driver.” (makes her face inncoent)

Sanjay – “Fine.. I could get it.” (laughs)

Pragati – “At least it was fine, He was keen on making fun of me. I felt very angry but spared as he helped me. But I was waiting for a chance where I could make fun of him. I got that very soon.” (smirks childishly)


Raghbir was pushing his bike in a annoyed manner. He was scolding himself for not fuelling his bike and again starts to curse his manager. He is actually heading to Petrol Bunk. His friend Ashok joins him. Raghbir yells – “I asked you to fuel my yesterday while you used my bike to park. Why didn’t you? Today is client meeting. Sh*t!”

He waves his hand to ask for a lift. Pragati comes with her bike – “Hi”(smiles as she got a chance to make fun of him) Raghbir is shocked to see her. Raghbir – “Actually I was getting…. some fresh air” Pragati – “No issues, I’ll give you lift.” (smirks) Raghbir thinks – “I am sure that I would get a ticket for heaven.” Although Raghbir denies, Pragati compells him to sit on her bike. Raghbir sits behind her reluctantly with a smile. Ashok – “Mam, wait… Do you have any friend coming behind?If so, I could get lift so?” Raghbir – “Slipper…Better you fuel my bike and come to office.” Pragati starts the bike and Ashok – “If you REALLY reach safe, inform me, bro.”

Pragati is driving at 50 miles/per sec speed. Raghbir – “Oh my god! I have meeting, you are driving so slowly….” Pragati – “Accha… I am driving at 50… Its so fast, usually I drive at 30’s only.” Raghbir thinks – “Its so fast really..” Pragati speed to 60 miles/per second and drives carefully and Raghbir too take care whether Pragati is driving safe or not.

Still the bike is going slowly. Wind blows. Raghbir looks at Pragati’s face and her expressions in a rear view mirror and admires that. He finds it was cute, lovely and childish. (Kya Hua Tera Vaada song plays)

Pragati and Raghbir reached the office. Pragati – “See, I have brought you to the office at time.”(with pride) Raghbir – “Its been one and half hours now after the client session ended.” (calmly) Pragati – “Oops, I am so sorry.” Raghbir – “Its ok. You landed me safely at my office. I am so grateful to you” (gives a warm smile)

Pragti – “Oh, Even you know to appreciate. Anyways, I am Pragati.. Friends?”

Raghbir – “I am Raghbir. Friends”

They shook their hands. Ashok comes outside and looks at Praghbir…. Ashok – “Seems like a scheduled meeting is going here.” Raghbir – “She is my friend. Pragati.” Pragati – “I could remember you, You gave me advice on using indicators right..” The three laughs.Pragati leaves and Raghbir and Ashok enters inside.

Days that followed, Raghbir teaches Pragati to drive bike by making her do several steps. They went for outings.

They spent time together.

Had friendly banters, surprises and pranks…

They partied together.

Pragati and Rgahbir fall for eachother but never confessed their love to them.

They become reason for eachother’s smile mostly.

Pragati somehow learnt drive her scooty. She even drives Raghbir’s bike.

Four Months passed…


Pragati: In that four months, I fell in love with him totally. I know he was also loving me, I wished him to propose. Then my birthday come, I expected him to wish him at 12 am. But he didn’t even call me till next day evening. Then he asked me to come to beach. I was so angry but I was excited to meet him why he was calling. I went…


Raghbir is sitting at a bench with nervousness. He sweats. Pragati comes with a happy face. She dressed up well. She looks Raghbir and approached him with a gentle “Hi.” Raghbir replied the same.

Raghbir – “You look so pretty” (trying to hide his anxiety). Pragati thanks. Raghbir – “One important thing.” Pragati – “Say…” (smiles) Raghbir – “Actually… I got transferred to US and decide to settle there. It was my dream. I just wish to convey this to you.”

Pragati’s smile fades away. She tries not to cry and controls her tears and bows down – “Congratulations, Raghbir.” They both stand still for 2 minutes. Pragati – “My friend is calling, I’ll see you later.” Pragati is about to go. Raghbir stops. Pragati looks back. Raghbir – “Sorry, I forgot… Happy Birthday” Pragati bows down and thanked him, she leaves.

Raghbir’s face becomes gloomy. he crumbles his fist on wall.

Raghbir was sad to see Pragati gloomy as he knew the reason as well.


Pragati – “That day, I wished to travel with him all life together. But he travelled so far. I felt so lonely. I don’t even know he loved me or not. I thought  he was loving me, but no. I regret for loving such a selfish boy. I could not move on easily. Its been 20 days now when he flee to US. I thought to message him, but would erase writing those messages out of anger…

The scene shift to the cafe, where Raghbir and Mr.Gujral were sitting.

Raghbir: It didn’t take long for the boy (Raghbir) to realize love is important than job and money. He soon disputed with the project manager and returned.

Mr.Gujral: So what next? They will meet… Reunion… Marriage… baby… Honeymoon… Happy Ending… Who wants to read stories like these without twists and turns…That too as a book.

Raghbir: (gets enthusiastic) Oh sir… Still the twist hasn’t come. The important twist is going to come now.

Mr.Gujral: Seriously, Go ahead…

Raghbir: (gets more enthusiastic) The boy has come from the States, If he go to the girl and try to sort it out, he know she will beat him black and blue.. Literally, he would get beating from a costly heels for sure… So he decided not to meet her and to meet her father.

Mr.Gujral: What is so peculiar about this?

Raghbir: The thrill is….. Hold your grip…It would be the biggest twist….(makes expressions) The twist is…..You’re the Father, Sasur Ji…(laughs)

Mr.Gujral: What? (shocked)

Raghbir: Wait Sasurji… The male protagonist is Raghbir i.e me…. The female protagonist is Ms.Pragati Gujral, the daughter of Mr.Gujral aka Mr.Raghavendra Gujral…

(He takes the aggrement form and gives it to Gujral)

Mr.Gujral stands up followed by Raghbir. Raghbir – “Please… let me finish the story. Please sit..”

Mr.Gujral sits.

Raghbir: Sasurji… Before you ask me get away from here like a typical father…. I wish to say to say few things…  I am Raghbir… Raghbir Saxena… Just yesterday, I returned from US. Really… After returning, I fear to see Pragati. What if she throw me out… Then I went to my house and see a movie where the hero send letter to his Father-in-law. From that, I decided to convince the main character. After deciding that, I visited our astrologer and checked all those stuffs related to astrology. Everything matches perfectly as the match is made at heaven. You wished to get a foriegn groom for Pragati. I would get settled in Foriegn too soon. So, this condition is also satisfied. I deserve to be your son-in-law in every criteria. So, Pragati and You are remaining to approve. If you approve me, I would manage to convince Pragati…

Mr.Gujral thinks what he said. He was really impressed with his talks and his confidence.

Mr.Gujral: Your generation is too fast… We could not match your speed. But anyways, bring your parents to house for alliance tomorrow.

Raghbir smiles: Thankyou uncle. Bye… Let me meet tomorrow. (He dances casually)

Mr.Gujral: What about this drafts…

Raghbir: That was my office age old papers… Just for drama. Open it and see.. You better keep it yourself for rough use… (He moves out)

The scene shifts to cafe where Pragati and Sanjay sitting.

Sanjay: What if Raghbir comes back throwing his money and job?

Pragati: (without thinking) I’ll thrash him. I’m so furious at him.

Sanjay: Then get ready for that.

Pragati: What?

Sanjay: Look back.

Pragati looks back and Raghbir was standing there. (FB: Sanjay was Raghbir’s friend and he asked to be her fiance as per his plan)

Raghbir: Accept me, sweetu…I love you…

Pragati push him aside and gets outside. Raghbir follow her. She is about to take her scooty. Before that Raghbir grabbed the key..

Pragati: Hey! Give me the key… Otherwise…

Raghbir: No….

Pragati: I’ll slap you.

Raghbir: Listen to me… Please… I actually decided to propose you Pragati on that day and then to tell about my transfer. But I scared what if I could not pursue my long dream of going US….. Kind of selfish thoughts…Only after going there, I understood I could not stay without you even a single day… After I saw your gloomy face, I could not sleep well. I called you many a times, but you didn’t pick up nor see my texts. I thought to come on next day, but everything delayed due to Visa and etc… formalities… Please speak Pragati…. I am sorry, Pragati.. I could poetically express anything but I am sure I cannot live without you. In fact, I spoke to your father regarding that. He accepted me successfully.

Pragati: What? You spoke to my Father…

Raghbir: Yeah…. (proudly)

Pragati: Then it was arranged marriage… I wish to have love marriage… (sarcastically)

Raghbir: So, what? Should I propose you kneel down in the middle of the road? (smiles)

Pragati blushes and nods….

Raghbir kneels down on the road and proposes her. She fakes her anger and slapped Raghbir for fun and shouts at him

Poor Raghbir believed she was slapping and angry for real and tried to convince her by using all flattering methods.

After seeing that, Pragati smiles at him, indicating the acceptance.

They hugs and the screen freezes.



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