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Barister Babu 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Saudamini is exposed

Barister Babu 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anirudh seeing Binoy at the door. He says no Bondita, you can’t come with me, I will just go with Saudamini. Bondita gets upset. Binoy smiles and thinks I was so worried, Anirudh is inclined towards Saudamini. Anirudh thinks sorry bondita, I had to do this to show Binoy. Bondita says fine, don’t take me along, I have many people here. She goes. He says give me some time Bondita, I can’t tell you what I have planned, you are young, you won’t understand this, I trust you Bondita. Bihari tries to make Trilochan react. He says please get up, Anirudh and Bondita need you, if Anirudh leaves Bondita and goes to London with Saudamini, then we will lose him, I will also leave this house, I will go away. He cries and asks him to get up.

Bondita gets diya to keep in Trilochan’s room. Binoy asks her not to come in front of the people today, the people didn’t forget her cheat. Bondita recalls the angry crowd. Saudamini comes to Anirudh’s room. He welcomes her with love. He says I have decorated the room as you like. She says I wish I could see it. She smiles seeing everything. She thinks just tell me I love you. He says you look so pretty today, even your hair and eyes look so pretty. He thinks see how I make you admit the truth. Bondita prays. She lights diya and says people think I m a liar, but I m not a liar, how shall I explain this to everyone. She prays that she makes Anirudh trust her, Saudamini’s truth comes out.

Anirudh says I don’t know if this looks more beautiful or you, its all diya around, you don’t know what’s going on in my heart right now. Binoy takes Trilochan for donating things to the villagers. Everyone greets Trilochan. Anirudh says Mini, can’t this moment stop forever, time doesn’t stop for anyone, never, same way, this world doesn’t understand two lovers, our love isn’t made for this world, we will die and unite.

He pours kerosene on her and himself. She gets shocked. He says Bondita will never accept our relation, it will be injustice to leave her alone, but I can’t leave you, it will be wrong, so we will make a new world for us, just you and I will stay here. He takes a diya. He says what if we didn’t unite when we were alive, we will die and unite. He lights fire to her clothes. She gets back and says save me, Anirudh has gone mad. Anirudh laughs and says don’t say this, don’t you want us to live and die together, what about our dreams. Everyone looks on. Saudamini says I won’t come with you to London, who knows what you do in madness. Anirudh says you see me with your eyes, just do as I say. She says I m not blind, I don’t have to get treated, I did the drama so that you make Bondita out of your life, I m not blind. Everyone gets shocked.

Bihari stops Binoy. Anirudh says no, tell them that we are engaged. She says what engagement, you didn’t make me wear ring, you are just a mad guy, I don’t want to stay with you. The people look on. Trilochan claps. Binoy and everyone get shocked. Trilochan gets up from the wheelchair and stands on his feet. Saudamini sees everyone looking at her. Bondita happily runs to Trilochan.

Trilochan says your truth has come out in front of everyone, and see I didn’t say anything, you have told it yourself. Bondita says you got fine. She happily cries. Anirudh smiles. She says I m very happy today, its my best diwali today. Anirudh says yes. Bondita jumps happily. Saudamini asks how did you get fine. Anirudh says yes, he is fine, but I wasn’t fine when I got to know that you had seen Bondita in Hira mandi and ignored her, you left Bondita at such a place, Bondita had shown me the truth, she told me how you were acting blind, she has truth in her heart, your heart has lies and evil, the day I came back, I went to Kaka’s room, he told me everything. FB shows Anirudh meeting Trilochan in his room. Trilochan wipes his tears.

Anirudh hugs him. Trilochan says I m fine Anirudh, but nothing is fine here, I m troubled mentally. Anirudh asks why are you on wheelchair. Trilochan says when I heard Bondita’s prayers, I got strength in my hands, I could move my hand and bless her, I realized I m fine, its because of Bondita’s devotion, I got a new life, I didn’t say before, I wanted to talk to you, I know a truth, you should know it, Saudamini did this, Binoy broke my heart, he supported her, the truth is, Saudamini isn’t blind, she is just acting blind. Anirudh gets angry. Trilochan stops Anirudh. He says she has planned to drug you, so that you faint in her room, she had stained her character, she got permission to get engaged with you, she didn’t do this alone, Binoy was with her in her every plan, don’t know what did she tell him that he got blind, Anirudh promise me, you will teach Saudamini a lesson, she got Bondita insulted, she ashamed our family, promise me, you will punish Saudamini for her deeds. FB ends. Binoy bows down. Trilochan looks at him. Anirudh says Trilochan had stamped Bondita’s words true, we have done this to bring out your truth in front of the society. He says Bondita, I trust you, you always say the truth. Bondita smiles. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Precap will be added later

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