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Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 24

Hello friends, I am glad to inform you all that I have started writing another fan fiction on Naagin5 page as well.

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Episode starts with….

Ridhima is still hugging Vansh. Vansh places his on Ridhima’s head patiently and asks “Ridhima, I want you to clear your all worries. You can share them with me by thinking me as a best friend. It will help you in starting a new tomorrow.” Ridhima silently listens to him while many thoughts are revolving in his mind. Her hands move around on Vansh’s back as she recalls her miserable childhood. Vansh notices that her hands are holding him tightly and slowly whispers “Ridhima.” With this one word she bursts into tears. Vansh moves back and worries for her. Vansh says “Ridhima, please don’t cry. I can’t see tears in your eyes. Please don’t cry. Even I am getting tears.” Ridhima slowly lifts her head to see tears in his eyes. Her heart melts to see Vansh’s gesture. She is touched as Vansh cares a lot for her. For that moment her world was just Vansh. She solely lifts her hand and touches his cheeks. With a slight moment she cleans his tears. Vansh also cleans Ridhima’s tears. They both are lost in each other’s company. Vansh says “Don’t cry Ridhi…(His words splutter). Ridhima instantly hugs him to console his worry. She says “I promise you that I won’t cry anymore.” Vansh hugs her back and rubs her head to console her mood. They both close their eyes to feel each other’s presence.

After a while Vansh opens his eyes and finds Ridhima already slept. He smiles looking at her. Her both hands are under his chin holding the collar of his shirt. She was asleep in the safest place according to her leaving her all woes. Vansh slowly moves forward only to place Ridhima backward on the bed. Vansh who was on Ridhima now turned to the left and placed Ridhima right beside him. All this process was done smoothly as to not wake Ridhima from her sleep. Vansh thinks to move from there as he is very close to Ridhima. He slightly moves back but Ridhima holds him tight and close to her. She murmurs “Don’t leave me Vansh.” These words made Vansh surprised as he thought Ridhima is uncomfortable with him being close to her. He then thinks “Ridhima was sad so she wants me to be with her.” For he doesn’t know that he is Ridhima’s world . He looks at her charming face and a cute smile on her tender lips. He is mesmerized by her beauty and can’t take his eyes off. There was a less space between Ridhima and  Vansh, so less that if he moves a little he could touch Ridhima face with his face. Vansh couldn’t sleep as he was busy in staring Ridhima. Hours pass and eventually he falls asleep.

It’s morning. Sun rays were touching the windows of the room which made them shine more. Ridhima wakes up from her peaceful sleep. She slowly opens her eyes and could see a charming face of her handsome husband. As soon as she saw him, a lovely smile was stretched on her lips. That was the moment she had waited for to see her love sleeping beside her, first in the morning sunshine. She could feel their closeness. She notices Vansh getting disturbed from the sunshine coming from the window. She wonders what to do as she wanted to be this close to him for the rest of her life. She doesn’t move from there to close the curtains. She lifts her hand to stop the shooting Sun rays from falling on her dear hubby. Vansh now sleeps peacefully with a smile on his lips. That moment was captured by her wife who was amazed to see how handsome her husband was while sleeping. Vansh gets a call which disturbs the moment. Ridhima immediately closed her eyes to not let Vansh know that she was awake. Vansh slowly gets up from his sleep and finds Ridhima right next to him. He smiles seeing her. Ridhima is sleeping on his hand so he slowly moves his hand around Ridhima’s waist to his pants and takes out the phone. Ridhima slightly blushes as she felt his touch sensually. Vansh looks at the contact flashing on his phone and tries to get up but fails as Ridhima is very close to him. He tries calling her name but she didn’t respond. She was pretending to be asleep. He takes the phone and speaks while his eyes are looking at his wife. Mr.D’Souza is on the call and says “Sir, congratulations the delegates were impressed with our presentation and we got this project. They are coming to meet us tomorrow.” Vansh gets surprised and shouts in happiness. Ridhima gets shocked and immediately opens her eyes. Vansh doesn’t notice her opening her eyes and continues to speak on phone. He says “Wow, we got his project. I am very happy. All our hard work didn’t go in vain. I want you to arrange a success party soon. Our company will go to new heights with this project. Ridhima sees his excitement and understands that he got some project. She smiles looking at his happiness.

Mr.D’Souza on call says “Sir, I will arrange a party tomorrow and will send the guest list to you. I think you have some lucky charm with you so you have got this project which was almost impossible.” He cuts the call. Vansh smiles and says “Lucky charm! You are right Mr.D’Souza. I am having my lucky charm right next to me. I am very lucky to have her.” Ridhima widens her eyes on hearing this. She blushes a lot as Vansh was talking about her. She then call him which makes Vansh shocked. They both look at each other being so close. Vansh then moves back and gets up from the bed. He turns back and says “Sorry Ridhima, yesterday you slept while holding me so I had to sleep on the bed.” Without waiting for her reply he goes to get ready for the office. Ridhima who is still struck with his words says “Vansh, you are still feeling that I am uncomfortable with you. How to tell you that I am happy to be close with you?” She gets an idea and smiles.

Vansh comes back to the room all dressed up but doesn’t find Ridhima over there. He comes down to the hall but doesn’t find her. He asks Ragini about Ridhima but she deny knowing any thing. Dadi says “She might go somewhere. Don’t worry she is not a kid.” Vansh agrees. Ishani brings his food and says “Bhaiya, here is your lunch.” Vansh recalls Ishani’s words and leaves from there ignoring her. Ishnai feels bad. Ragini consoles her.

Vansh comes to his car and sits inside. Ridhima who is next to him greets him. Vansh greets her too but suddenly realizes her and says “Ridhima, you here?” He notices her wearing a saree and stares at her. Ridhima smiles and says “Yes Vansh, I wanted to come to your office as staying at home is very boring.” Vansh denies and says “Ridhima, I think you should stay at home. Remember I don’t go to office for entertainment. I just go there to do my work. To be frank you will be bored if you come to office as no one will pay attention to you including me as everyone stay busy with their work.” Ridhima gets angry and says “Vansh, you are talking very rudely. I just asked you to take me to your office. If you are having a problem then it’s fine I will not come. But don’t talk rudely with me as I will get hurt.” Ridhima doesn’t wait for his response and gets down from the car. Vansh notices her anger and gets down the car as well. Ridhima turns her head to avoid him. Vansh comes to her and lifts her into his arms. Ridhima gets surprised and says “Vansh, what are you doing? Get me down.” Vansh makes her sit in the car. He moves close to her to tie the seatbelt. Ridhima stops talking as Vansh comes near her. She holds herself stiff to be in control of her feelings. Her heartbeat starts increasing. She could feel his touch. Her anger melted down looking at her dashing husband so close to her. Vansh slowly ties the seatbelt to her. In the process he suddenly touches Ridhima’s waist. She shouts with his touch. Vansh gets surprised and says “What happened Ridhima?” Ridhima denies anything and says “What are you doing Vansh?” Vansh gets up and says “I am taking my wife with me. What is the problem in it?” Ridhima became speechless after his words. Vansh smirks at her and boards the other side.

Ridhima is still looking at Vansh. Vansh notices it and says “Am I looking hot today?” Ridhima shakes herself and says “I was just seeing outside the window of your side.” Vansh says “Not bad Ridhima. You are good in managing the answers for my question. You could just accept that you were staring your darling husband.”  Ridhima blushes and says “My darling husband.” Vansh and Ridhima look at each other and smile. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays….

Vansh recalls something and says “Ridhima, if you don’t mind. Can I take you somewhere?” Ridhima gives a surprised look and says “Why are you being formal Vansh? I can come wherever you want me to as you will be with me.” Vansh looks at her in amazement. He turns back and blushes. Ridhima leans forward to see his darling husband blush. Ridhima says “So my darling husband blushes when his wife praises him. Interesting ….Very interesting….” They both smile together.

They reach an abandoned house. Vansh gets down and opens the door for Ridhima. He asks her hand and she smiles while holding his hand. Vansh holds her hand and takes her into the house. He knocks on the door being very excited. Ridhima wonders who is that person for whom Vansh is eagerly waiting. A person opens the door. He is Pradeep(Vansh’s father). He gets surprised to see them. He immediately hugs Vansh and says “Vansh beta,you came.” Vansh smiles while hugging him. Ridhima gets surprised to see them.

Pradeep gets back and looks at Ridhima. He recalls Vansh got married and thinks she is his wife. He looks at Vansh to confirm about her. Vansh nods and says “She is Ridhima,my wife.” Ridhima looks at Vansh insurprise and then looks at his father. She bends and takes his blessings along with Vansh. Pradeep gets happy with her gesture. He asks them to come inside the house. Ridhima and Vansh place their right leg together and enter the house.

PRECAP: Ridhima gets shocked to see Vansh’s photos all aroung the house. Vansh says to Praddep “Papa, I got the contract.” Ridhima hears this and gets shocked. 

Friends, I wanted to ask you all one thing. As the story progresses I will be writing few romantic scenes as well. I will be breifing about those scenes to make them more effectionate. If any one have any problem to read such scenes then please inform me so that I can reduce them as much as possible. With love.


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