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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Jai Singh has an affair with Champa

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani picks the knife, her hand cuts. Pinku says your hand is bleeding. What are you doing? She says I need to clean this. Pinku says you can’t shed your blood for these people now. Rani says I will work to bring baby ji out of the jail. She says put your hand on your heart and say., they both say apna time bhi aye ga. They hug.

Rani comes to Rajeshwari and says your face is clear in the sword. Rajeshwari says shut up. Prince Jai calls. Rani and Kumud prepare for all the things. Kumud tells her how to arrange things. Kumud says do you understand? She says how will I handle all this? Rani sees a stethoscope. Kumud says this is Veer’s. Veer comes and says what is happening here? Rani says I was hearing my heart beat. He says I don’t like anyone touching my things. Focus on your work here. Rani says you motivated me now depressed me. You have so many colors. You are heart doctor but you hurt people. Being so bitter isn’t good for heart. He says thanks for your opinion. Rani leaves.

Scene 2
Rani sees the phone ringing. She picks it. It’s Rajeshwari’s phone. Rani says me Rani. It’s the blackmailer. He says should I remind you of that night? Rajeshwari says how dare you? Rani says it was ringing. Rajeshwari says who was it? Rani says someone was talking about some night. Let me clean the phone. Rajeshwari throws it and says no it’s useless for me. I can change you like this phone as well. Get out. Rajeshwari’s husband come sand says why you have started being so angry now. Rajeshwari says I don’t have time. He says do you have time for kids? She says is your son again speaking behind my back. He says you have made this house a hostel. She says I speak nicely to my kids, not to your son. He says what about Nandani? She’s your own daughter. Rajeshwari says I care about her. He says this is ego. Rajeshwari says do you want her to marry a servant? I have chosen a good life for her. A royal life. She can never find a better guy than Jai Sing. His aura is first class.

Jai Singh comes in. Rajeshwari says he doesn’t even like being around low-class people. Jai Singh comes. Champa is in the room. She cleans the bed and goes out. Jai holds her hand. She feels weird. Jai shows her a locket. HE says stylish? He makes her wear it. Rajeshwari says his blood is royal. I don’t want any more stress.

Scene 3
Kumud says your intentions are always good. Rani says Rani sa broke the phone. Kumud says it’s nothing for her. You focus on preparation. Kumud says I don’t want you to make any mistake. Rani says everything will be perfect. Rani asks all servants about their duties. She asks Arun about food? He says everything is ready. Shanti says all cleaning is done. Rani looks for Champa. She says where is Champa?

Champa is in bed with Jai. Door knocks. Jai wears his shirt and opens the door. Rani says I am Rani. Ramo’s daughter. He says Hi Rani. He looks at her weirdly. Rani says I am here for a few days. He says you’re nice. I mean young. Champa says I cleaned the room. She’s new here. He says I like new things. They are interesting. rani says Champa didi we have work to do. Rani leaves.

Jai Singh meets Rajmata and everyone. He meets Veer. He says I just came back from London. Rajeshwari says welcome. Jai says sorry I couldn’t come to the engagement. Rajeshwari says yuo will attend the rest of the events. I got a portrait made for your dad. Let’s see before dinner is served. rani sees a fly on a serving pot. She says they will kill me if they see it.

Precap-Rani tries to look for the fly. Kumud moves her finger. Rani thinks she is asking her to sit. Rani sits on the table. Veer says how dare you. Rajeshwari says how dare you? Even if your seven generations serve here you will not be pardoned for this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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