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Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 28)

Let’s begin….

Sanskar just stood in corner looking at Ragini.
Ragini who is sitting with laksh

And the guy comes to him and he is aarav Sanskar’s friend

Aarav places his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder


Sanskar removes his hand from his shoulder and moves away.

Aarav felt bad.

Sanskar closes his eyes in pain.


Ragini:so you will give me anything i want?

Sanskar himself:i know Ragini what you want! But i can’t give you the one.

Ragini:i will ask you when time comes, now just..

Sanskar:not alone, wherever you want you go but i would be behind you and i would promise you i won’t disturb you

Ragini thinks and then nods

Ragini sits on a near by rock for sometime
And sanskar just stood bit far from her.

No matter whatever he do, His love is a lame thing for her…. Always!!

Later they goes to the mansion

Everything got right…
Dadi take Ragini along with her for few days to stay in baadi.

Days passed
In these days Sanskar didn’t meet Ragini
But he phone called which Ragini never accepted.
Somewhere he accepted the failure

One fine day.

Knock knock

Sanskar who is looking at Ragini’s photo
Sanskar:come in.

A wide smile appeared on his face seeing him, his best friend Aarav

It’s not that others are not his friend, but aarav has something, sanskar shares his every pain and gain with him
Only aarav could help him out.


Sanskar immediately hugs him which aarav have already expected.

Sanskar:what a surprise, why didn’t you inform me about your arrival!

Aarav:tho surprise kaise hota!

Sanskar smiles

They both sit

Aarav:so how’s going on?

Sanskar :good

Aarav:liar!! I know you more than yourself

Sanskar:Ragini meri ho kar bhi meri nahi hai, and now laksh want her back

Aarav :what laksh…

(laksh kneels in front of sanskar :bhaai please, please give me back my Ragini!!
Sanskar was shocked about it.

Laksh:please bhaai, Ragini doesn’t love you.

Sanskar controlled his anger:now she is my wife and she is your sister-in-law and Ragini is not any thing that i go on passing

He storms away)

Sanskar:i am scared, i am scared that i will lose her. Now i am regretting i shouldn’t have brought swara’s truth out. It have moved like the way it had.

Aarav:sanskar, look i am saying this not to hurt you but you should understand her

Sanskar looks at him:what do you mean?

Aarav:may be you have loved her since 2 years Sanskar, but she doesnt!! Usne sirf insaaniyath dikhayi thi sanskar woh pyaar nahi hai Uski life hai bro.. Itni selfish mat ban. (she just showed humanity sanskar, it’s not love, it’s her life bro.. don’t be selfish)

Sanskar:even you…
He was too hurt this time

Aarav:she loves laksh like the way you love her

Sanskar immediately stands

Aarav tries to comfort him to understand the truth

Sanskar:first thing she doesn’t love laksh

Aarav:just because you love her
He sounded sarcastic

Aarav:please let her go Sanskar, let her choose her life don’t tie her with you. I know you will listen to me, just think about it. Don’t be a negative person. I don’t want you to be the one. Just let her go.

He leaves from there

Sanskar angrily breaks a vase:let her go, let her go. Never!


Sanskar comes downstairs he sees Ragini entering the mansion

Sanskar smiles
It was long time he have seen her

Sanskar moves to her

When Ragini turns and smiles
He was confused

Laksh comes inside
They were talking smiling and laughing

Sanskar fists his hand

“she loves laksh like the way you love her” Aarav’s words rings in his ears

He couldn’t tolerate their closeness…

He moved to ragini and held her wrist tightly

He didn’t listen to her but dragged her with him


Ragini:it’s hurting sanskar, leave me
She winching in his grip which was too tight

Sanskar wasn’t paying his concentration towards Ragini
Something was burning in him

Sanskar drags inside their room
He very well knew laksh is behind them

He locks the door

And leaves her hand

Ragini was crying
Why she have to face all this? She feels like she isn’t a human but a random thing like anyone can break her anytime.

Sanskar:why don’t you just see my love? No matter what i ever do you would never see me and my love for you damn.

His anger have reached its peaks, he didn’t knew what he is speaking in his anger. It was his anger which took up his tone. He never spoke in this tone specially not with her.he just have listened her allegations

Sanskar:always Laksh laksh laksh, do i stay in your priority list or not? remember i am your husband! Now i am feeling like i shouldn’t have ever meet you. It was my misfortune…

It was enough for her

Tears were rolling down her cheeks

Sanskar was about to continue his tantrums

When Ragini:enough!!

He looks at her realising his tone.

Her eyes turned red due to anger and the hurt:love? Which love you are talking about?

Sanskar was about to talk but Ragini interrupts him

Ragini:love is the purest feeling, did you ever made me feel it? Did you?

He had no words he was recalling all their moments

Ragini:you only made me feel like i am your property,(she cried sobbing hard while pouring all the things which was in her heart) day by day i am feeling like i have no rights in my own life when you have tied me. I craved for the love but what you did? You just made me feel low each passing day. Jaise ki meri koi wajood hi nahi hai.

She smiled sarcastically :now what will you do sanskar? Again you will tie me?(after a pause) Can you make a favour to me? (sanskar looks at her) KILL ME rather than to stay like a prisoner it’s better to die

She cries:it’s all because of your selfishness i lost everything. It’s all because of you.

(flashback ends)

Sanskar:i can’t see all this, I can’t!

Kavya places her on his shoulder

He plasters a smile on his face.

Kavya:don’t hide it from me.

Sanskar:after 2 days it’s her wedding, i lost her for forever. May be this is written in my fate.

He goes from there

Laksh yo Ragini:please Ragini.

Ragini:no laksh i don’t want to sing now.

Laksh:please for me please.

She nods unwillingly.

Laksh gives a guitar to sanskar to play it

Sanskar looks at Ragini who was already looking at him
When he looks at her she immediately turned

Ragini sings:Log kehte hai pagal hoon main yeh bhi na jaanu
Dil lutaya hai maine ab kisi ki na maanu

She looks at sanskar, who is playing guitar she could analyse it was too painful for him

Ragini continues:Chen dekar ke maine becheniya yeh li hain
Neende uda ke maine tumse wafaye ki hain
She looks at laksh who is looking at her lovingly

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Jee rahe the hum tere dum se

She looks at sanskar

Ab yeh pyaar na hoga phir humse
Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyaar hai sirf tumse

She couldnt continue anymore

While laksh continues :Kuch isharon mein tumne humse jo yeh kaha hai
Ab yakin aa raha hai tumko bhi kuch hua hai
Kyon tumko dekhte hain kya dil mein sochte hain
Toofan jo uth raha hai hum usko rokte hain
Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Yeh milan hai sanam ka sanam se
Ab yeh pyaar na hoga phir humse

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Ragini :Kasam
Laksh :ki kasam
Ragini:Haan kasam
Ragini:yeh kasam
Laksh:Di kasam
Ragini:li kasam
Laksh:Haan kasam
Kasam kasam

Both:Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyaar hai sirf tumse

Tears rolls down Sanskar’s cheeks
Before anyone could notice he wipes it.

To be continued….

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