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Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 27)

Let’s begin…

Swara cries….

Sanskar:ch ch ch…. Jiske liye tumne yeh sab kiya usko tho meine maar daala.

Swara immediately gets up and was about to go

Sanskar:he died, so what next?

Swara angrily held his collars, tears were rolling down her cheeks

Swara:what did i do to you? Why did you this?
She slaps him hard

Sanskar laughs :you have lost everything swara, you have lost!seriously what a planning you did, you tried to kill my Ragini and you smartly said my name so that Ragini can listen, if in case Ragini got saved then blames on me. And then you married laksh as per your plans! But what you thought? I would live you easily.

He laughs moving around her

Swara:pehle uss Ragini ne aur ab…. Kya kya nahi kiya meine, yes i cheated Ragini before but what she did to me? She did the same with me. I was madly in love with laksh i can’t think anything other than him. So i removed Ragini from my way, i kidnapped her, if that day Ragini was been killed by the goons today my laksh….(she chokes) And to keep you away i only asked goons to inform you about Ragini’s kidnapping. So that i can keep you away from all this. But now my laksh… Kyun kiya tumne aisa..

She again slaps him

Sanskar just laughs

Swara was about to slap him again

When a hand stops her

She was shocked to find Laksh

She felt happy seeing him all fine and was about hug him

When laksh moved back and showed his palm


Laksh:what have you planned for next?

Ragini was standing at the door, she blamed sanskar for everything. She fought with for the thing he didn’t do. How could she do this?

Swara:laksh please…

Laksh interrupts:abhi kya bacha hai? Tumne sab kuch tho chern liya hai mujse

Sanskar goes and sits on railings, he sees Ragini who is already looking at him.

Ragini bends her head

Sanskar murmurs:oh ho started the pipeline.

Laksh:from now itself you are nothing to me

Swara falls on her knees and was about to hold his feet:laksh, please don’t say like this.. I said all this because of Sanskar

Sanskar smiles impressed by curving down his lips

Laksh:how much you will lie swara? How much you will?

Swara:please laksh..
She stood and cups his face:i love you laksh.. Please understand me laksh i love you so much

Swara then sees Ragini and moves to her and holds her hands:please Ragini… Tell laksh to understand me.

Ragini looks at Laksh:when laksh didn’t understood me then how can i be able to make him understand about you.

She frees her hand and just giving a last look to sanskar

She leaves from there.

Ragini’s words rings in laksh’s ears
He closes his eyes painfully remembering his painful words for Ragini on the wedding day.

Laksh moves out

Sanskar stood:for one thing i am grateful to you swara, because of you i got Ragini but you tried to kill my love. That’s the reason you are finding yourself in this place.

Sharmishta comes there

Swara:i don’t want to live, i dont want to live now

She goes and was about to jump from the building

When sanskar pulls her

And Sharmishta slaps her

Swara cries:maa

Sharmishta :are you the same shona? No you are not my shona

Sanskar himself:should i go from here or not? Arey yaar kahan phas gaya mein. I regret i should have let her die. Haaye paapi duniya even if she have killed herself, blame would be only on me! Let me express some dialogues. Afterall I think good for everyone.

Sharmishta :how could you do this to your sister? How could you?

Sanskar:aunty ji.. Now you should take didi… (he realises what he was going to say) swara bhabhi home. Now it’s not good to make the matter back but will do it when laksh would be out of his anger.

Sharmishta :i am sorry sanskar on behalf of swara. And thankyou for bringing the truth out

Sanskar:it’s ok aunty. I would drop you both……

Sharmishta:no sanskar.. I would take swara along with me.

Sanskar:as you wish

He leaves once after making sure sharmishta and swara has left the place.

He drives:huff..i can sleep today peacefully.

When he sees Ragini walking on the road

Sanskar immediately stops the car and gets down


He held her hand

She looks other side

Ragini:leave me alone sanskar

Sanskar jokingly:kaahe?

She looks at him angrily:marne!

Sanskar shocked:what? Why?

She slaps her forehead

Sanskar:tell me sweetly na

Ragini with extra sweetness:if you didn’t go from here now, (angrily) then i will kill you definitely.

Sanskar:oh ho my expression queen

Ragini gets frustrated

Sanskar:i thought you would ask sorry

Ragini looks at him:no hisaab baraabar

Sanskar rolls his eyes

Ragini:you married me forcefully… You didn’t let me do what i wanted…

Sanskar:but Ra…

She shows her palm:i don’t want explanation

Sanskar takes a deep breath:i promise you today, whatever you will ask i will give you

Ragini looks at him determined


The whole mansion was decorated with white and blue curtains and flowers

A beautiful chandelier was placed in middle of the hall

The hall was filled with guests

And a big thrown was placed

And soon pari brings the bride along with her

And the bride is none other than Ragini

Pari makes her sit

A guy comes and moves to Ragini

Ragini smiles widely

He side hugs her
And smiles

While karan and nikhil plays a music
They smiles

And the guy smiles(Himansh kohli)

He sings and dances

Taaron kaa chamakta gehna ho
Phoolon ki mehakati vaadi ho
Uss ghar mein khushahali aaye,
Jis ghar mein tumhari shaadi ho

Karan:arey where is groom?

Nikhil:wait let me call sanskar!

Taaron kaa chamakta gehna ho
Phoolon ki mehakati vaadi ho
Uss ghar mein khushahali aaye,
Jis ghar mein tumhari shaadi ho

Guy was singing and dancing whole hearted

A guy enters the hall with full white suit
And he is none other than… Sanskar
Sanskar comes smiling

He stops suddenly and drags another guy who is none other than laksh

Laksh smiles

Sanskar makes laksh sit next to Ragini.

Ragini looks at sanskar being gratefully

Sanskar smiles and caresses her cheeks…

Laksh smiles

To be continued…..

So how was the part?

Selfish badal gaya?

So what do you think, what exactly Ragini have asked sanskar?

Ragini and Laksh are going to get married?

Who is the new entry?

You would be pissed right?

It’s the new phase of the story!

Q) Which character in two selfish lovers is your favourite?

Q) do you think i have bored you in this story?

Q) what do you think about this new phase?

Q) which character you found more entertaining in this journey of two selfish lovers?

But definitely this phase was already planned by me at the starting of the story itself,and would definitely say it would be on your favor only but have patience!!

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