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Porus 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bamni Dies Fighting Alexander

Porus 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Selukus stabs Bamni. Puru sees that and runs towards them. Alexander orders to attack Porus from all sides. Soldiers attack Puru, Puru kills them all. Bamni gets up saying Puru and his father never leaves any task incomplete, lifts oil barrier chariot from dirt and pulls it away. He then thows fire on oil chariot. It bursts. Even Bamni falls far away and gets severely injured. Puru runs to him and pleads not to leave him alone. Bamni says he has to go to sacrifice in freedom fight, Puru’s mother must be waiting for him, they met due to a blast and same blast will reunite them soon, he is proud to have a brave warrior son like Puru and Puru has to fulfill promise made to his mother, his blessings are always with Puru, chants Bharath Jayatu and passes away. Puru cries hugging him.


says war destroyed a lot, both sides lost a lot of soldiers, it was difficult to say if dead bodies are more or soldiers, Alexander was on stronger side and Puru was burdened with emotions. Puru performs Bamni and Hasti’s last rights addressing that they both were his strength, he will fulfill their dream of united Bharath. He reminisces Hasti’s words that even if dies, his brother and father would be proud of him; his brother should attack like a lion and kick intruders out of Bharath. He orders to collect their remaining army and asks where are other dynasty kings. Kings meet Alexander. Alexander promises to protect them until they are on his side, says let us see what Porus’ next move would be when he will know his aides betrayed him. Laachi tells Puru without other dynasty kings’ support, how will they win war. Puru asks Chankya howmany soldiers are left. Chanakya says a few 100s as rest or either injured or martyred. Puru says not a problem, they will fight till their last breath and orders to reunite all Pourav citizens under one roof.

Puru gather Pourav citizens and addresses them that they stood like a mountain with him and supported him, he wants them to continue supporting him as they are going through life’s biggest exam, they will fight their enemy together and prove enemy what Bharatis can do and will not bent in front of enemy. He chants Bharath jayatu. Laachi says she will also support Puru. Puru says he wants her to protect their would be child. Laachi says she wants to train her child to be brave and know even he was part of freedom fight. She is right. Bhairav informs Puru that Alexander came and is on the other side of main door. Alexander reaches with his soldiers and orders to break door and present Porus in front of him alive, he wants to hoist his wining flag before he kills Porus.

Precap: Alexander imprisons Puru and asks how should he be treated. Puru says just one king treats another king. Alexander raises his sword.

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