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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha fights ekanga’s evil powers.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ekanga in vrindavan in disguise. She looks here and there as yashoda goes by. Ekanga searches to find her parents. She stands near a house with a pot and then yashoda comes and she sees ekanga. Yashoda says who are you girl? Ekanga says nothing and keeps looking at yashoda, she says actually… yashoda says you are just like my son. Ekanga says what do you mean? Yashoda says my son also stammers when he is hiding something, but you don’t look from vrindavan, where are you from? Ekanga says yes I am new in vrindavan, I am from birajpur. Yashoda saysthat is why I thought you are very beautiful, there is some good in the water of birjapur, it glows the skin of a person. Yashoda says what is your name because we have many relatives from birajpur. Ekanga stammers and

nand comes and says what happened yashoda? Where is she from? Yashoda says that is what I am asking her. Ekanga says actually I came here, for my cows! Maybe they got lost. nand says oh yes, maybe they must be here. ekanga says I wanted to milk them but I couldn’t find them in the morning in birajpur. Yashoda says don’t worry, take my pot of milk and give me your empty pot. Ekanga says then what about the milk that you need? Yashoda says girl, I will get more milk but don’t worry, you go back safely to your village. Yashoda and nand go giving ekanga the pot of milk.
Ekanga says why are all these people so nice in vrindavan? It feels like I should find my parents quickly and kill them and go from here. ekanga goes out of the village to find another way to search her parents. As she walks out of the village near the forest, ekanga says walking, why were that man and woman so kind to me? it felt like I have a deep relationship with those people, can it be that they were my parents? There kanha is in forest and he is finding ekanga, he says ekanga where are you?
Ekanga stops and says how does this kid know my name? ekanga remembers what kansa told her that there is a kid named kanha, and not to listen to him as he traps people in his sweet talks. Ekanga says maybe he is that kid, kanha.
Ekanga then comes out and says kid, how do you know me? kanha says ekanga, you are here. ekanga says I don’t want to listen to you, don’t bother me otherwise I will kill you. ekanga is going but kanha stops her and says listen to me at least, who will know his sister better than her brother? I know who your parents are. Ekanga stops and says how did you know whom I am finding? And I am no one’s sister. Kanha says yes eking, you are my sister. Ekanga says no kanha, no! I am no one’s sister. Ekanga gets angry and says I will kill you. kanha says I wont say anything to you, you are lost but are my sister. Ekanga gets angry and she summons her evil powers from her body, the 4 evil powers rise and stand tall as demonesses. Kanha is shocked. the powers attack kanha as he dodges. Kanha then says om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namah and attacks them, they defend easily and kanha attacks again, then he says why aren’t my powers doing anything to them? Radha comes. The powers see radha glowing and are shocked, they run away. Ekanga is shocked and angry and she goes. Radha says kanha you said there are no demons, then how did these demons come?
Ekanga meets kansa on a hill and says how did you come here? ekanga then scolds the evil powers and says I am disappointed on you all, I am ekanga and my powers are from devi laxmi, but how did you dare to step back and run away? Kansa says shame on you. then he says ekanga, you have met kanha I see. Ekanga says yes kansa, he said I am his sister but I will not leave him next time. Kansa says did he say he is your brother? Then it is true, which means his parents are your parents and they are whom you have to kill. Ekanga says which means nand and yashoda, they met me in vrindavan, I will kill them and kanha too. Ekanga goes.

Precap: Kanha tells radha that ekanga is his sister and those evil powers were given to ekanga by rishi charbak, she is a human and not a demon.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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