Thursday , November 26 2020


Girl:i hate this ending
Guy:y u hate sad endings(and the guy and girl is revealed as veer(varun) and diya(teju))
Diya:even i can ask same question?y u always writing sad stories? Atleast b4 u r a struggling director but now…(huffs)u r a successful director..then y r u writing lik this??
veer:arey wats ur problem?

Diya:i already told whenever u r write in the name of RAGINI*SANSKAR,im thinking us in their position
Veer:but v r married now..then wat??(annoys)
Diya:that and all i dont know…i want ragsan to b much they love each other?just lik that u separated them
Veer:its just story
Diya:glares him and went…

Whole day she didnt talk to him
@night @diyaveer room
Veer:still angry on me??
Diya:without looking at him…she goes to sleep
veer:holds her wrist…i changed the climax..
He starts telling….
After manu got discharged frm the hospital,ragini didnt talk to sanskar properly as she got busy with manu/dp/ap

Leap of 2 day @ragini’s room @evening
San:ragini im leaving london tmrw
Rag:im not coming sanskar
San:smiles only going ragini..leaving u(pause) with ur lovely family
San:i can understand u ragini…

Rag:wat r u saying??
San:i know ragini..wat u decided is correct only??even im also thinking the same thing..i thought how to say this to u but thank god u itself
Rag:with teary eyes wat u thought??
San:smiles..i know it ..u have decided to live with manu but my wish is you have to marry laksh
Before he completes,he felt pain over his cheek..ragini slapped him hardly
San looks at her shockingly…
Rag:(with teary eyes)how u can think lik this?dont u know how much i love u?i got busy with manu but it doesnt means my love towards u became lesser…u want me to marry laksh,right ??k let it be..wat if v married already and at that time also u sacrifice ur wife to ur frd???
Rag:then wat sanskar?now im ur would b u r having a chance to leave me..u r using it na(she cries badly)

San:(felt bad)goes to cups her face
Rag:(jerks)u r thinking abt manu right..v will wait ,now she is 6…after 10 yrs she will understand na..if not 10 yrs ..k 15 yrs or 20 ready to wait for u sanskar..dont leave me lik this (she cries)
San:immediately hugs her and cries sry (he breaks the hug)and started kissing all over her face and again hugs her
Both cries
Rag:eyes widens when she see manu standing at the door end..she immediately breaks the hug….
Ragsan looks at manu nervously…manu goes towards ragsan
Manu:im sry uncle ,im sry aunty
Rag:kneels infront of ur mumma beta
Manu:wipes her tears..thank u aunty by saying she hugs her

Fb @ school
New teacher and new student (mother as swara and son as ajay(6 yrs) )joined in manu’s class few days before..manu become atached to them quickly..
@today morning
Manu:y ur daddy is not cuming to school??

Ajay:sadly he went to god..when i was 2 yrs
Manu:even my mom went to god..but she cane back to me to c me
Ajay:but my mumma told,once they went means they wont come back
Manu:nods as no
Ajay:k cum v will go and ask my ma
They both goes to teachers room and spoke with swara regarding it..swara felt bad for ajay and cleared manu…manu then think abt ragini telling that she is not het mumma…
Fb ends

Manu:now im alright aunty..dont feel bad for me
Rag:hugs her tightly with happy tears
Manu:but u both should help me
Rag:(breaks the hug)??
Manu:i want mumma..ajay want v both decided to marry pappa with my teacher
Ragsan widens
Manu:plz help me …i like swara teacher alot..
Ragsan nods
Manu happily hugs them

@dining area
Laksh:today only im very happy…v will never forget watever u people did?
Ragsan smiles
Ap:v will cum to marriage few days b4 only and will do all the things on the behalf of sanskar’s side..u r my son like laksh to me
Dp:its our duty..beta watever u both did?his eyes become moist..ragsan holds his hand and nods as no

After few min
San:plz talk to me ragini
Rag:angrily leaves

Ragsan after much struggle make laksh to accept to marry swara…By blackmailing that they wont marry if he didnt accept to marry swara

Ap:tmrw u r leaving …v will miss u beta
Rag:hugs her i will cum often ma

@ragini’s room
As soon as ragini enters shocked to c sanskar in her room
Rag:y u cam
San:im really sry
Rag:(sarcastically)just like that u thrown me out frm ur asking sry
San:face not a perfect man to u. U deserve

Rag:(cuts him)dare to speak lik that..i know how much u love me ??but u r ready to sacrify ur life for a small kid..i have never seen a selfless man lik u
San:u r angry on me? Right
Rag:nods u thought i will leave u na
Both had a painful eyelock
San:immediately pulled her ..kissed on her lips ….

Rag becone numb and eyes become widens (their first kiss)
San:immediately breaks it when he got sense…rag is still looking at him..she blinked her eyes twice to confirm the things
San:im sorry
Rag:nods as no by wrapping her hands around is neck and kissed him on his lips
Both were kissing passionately…after 10 min they break the kiss
Rag:blushes and hugs him..i love u
San:i love u so so much

And their marriage happened and they lived happily

Veer:r u k with this climax
Diya:immediately hugs him by continously kissing on his cheek.
Veer smiles and hugs her tightly
Veer in mind i think she wont make me to write sad stories in my lifetime
Diya:breaks the hug..who told?u can write sad stories..but character names should not b RAGSAN
Diya:even i can read ur mind,sanskar
Veer chuckles:is it so ragini??
Both smiles happily

Hope u like it
Do comments in both episode..its my boost to write more
I published today itself becaz i dont want to give u mini heart attack by separating our ragsan….within two days i will update cousins love

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