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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratap and kids are in trouble

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya asking Pratap if he knows Khatru. Pratap as PT sir tells that he knows as they are famous and come on TV. He says there is an old lady in the house. Kanhaiya says she is my mum. Pratap asks him to write letter to him. Kanhaiya says I will come, or girls’ mothers or his useless jija. Pratap gets angry and asks why don’t he respect his jija. He says he will complain against him. Kanhaiya apologizes to him. Pratap asks him to tell his mum to respect her damad. Kanhaiya and Prarthana leave. Shakti, Surili and Chanchal go to tell Buddhi and Dhairya.

PT sir asks Dhairya where did the dog bite her? Dhairya says my eyes was closed when it came near me. PT sir asks if it bite you or not? PT sir says we shall not take risk, shall get 4 injections. He says

you can get rabies. Dhairya says injection. PT says tells about the injections to be taken on different dates and says I will tell your Papa as you will not remember. He says I am going to your Mohalla and will tell your Papa. Buddhi says we will tell our Papa. Surili comes and signs Buddhi. Buddhi says nothing happened and asks Dhairya to come. Buddhi comes to Surili and tells that PT sir is coming to meet Papa home. Dhairya says my eyes are blinking again. They come home and inform Pratap. Pratap gets tensed. Chanchal says we have to act again. Pratap says he will be bash up. Surili says I told not to lie first. Shakti asks them to think what to do. Chanchal asks Pratap to do something. Buddhi says we shall act, may be we can get fine. Pratap says your dadi has direct connection with God and if he tells her anything then my connection will be cut. Buddhi says we will make Papa busy and you can meet PT sir here. Pratap says no, but they convince him.

Pratibha, Prema and Pari come to Prarthana and Panjiri. Pratibha says they have brought surprise for Prarthana which they are planning since 3 months. Prema starts speaking in Sanskrit and tells that even we are Prarthana’s sisters like Bholi. Panjiri translates. Pratibha says that’s why we have decided to learn your language. Panjiri translates surprisingly. Pari says we will learn and understand Prarthana’s language. Panjiri translates. Kanhaiya tells Dhairya about his wives’ stories. Dhairya says ok. Buddhi and Surili tell that Dhairya got papa busy with his stories. They talk to her sisters using intercom and tells that Papa is busy. Shakti says they are waiting for PT sir.

Panjiri says you have learnt shuddh hindi for Didi. Prema says we have practiced since 3 months. Prarthana gets emotional. Panjiri hugs them. She asks Prarthana to say something. Prarthana starts speaking in hindi and tells that she is very happy with their efforts to learn her language. Pratibha, Prema and Pari are surprised. Shakti sees PT sir coming and signs Pratap. Pratap collides with PT sir intentionally and says he is Kanhaiya. PT says I was coming to your house. Pratap asks why? PT sir says I wanted to talk to you about something important and says a dog had bitten her.

Panjiri tells the other bahus that it is Didi’s surprise for you all. Pratibha says it is the best surprise. Prema tells poetry. She says Maa ji and Kanhaiya will not believe. Panjiri says once Didi learns well, we will give them sur par rise…Kanhaiya tells Dhairya that this way I got married to your mummies and says now I will go to my shop. Surili comes and asks him to tell her also. Kanhaiya says now I have to go. Surili emotionally blackmails him. Kanhaiya begins telling his story.

Pratap says girls told me about this. PT says it is risky and says he will tell about the injections. Pratap says we got her first vaccination and tells that my Maiyya used to steal milk kept for milk and used to make kheer for my Papa. He says dogs were angry and bitten us many times. PT sir says ok. Pratap says now I have to go to my shop. Just then a crow does potty on PT sir’s tshirt. PT sir tells that he will go and wash his tshirt in his house. Pratap says no. PT sir says girls must be in the house and says he will go. Buddhi sees kanhaiya leaving and stop him and asks him to tell her story and emotionally blackmails him. Chanchal and Shakti try to inform Buddhi, but in vain.

Kanhaiya collides with Pratap and call him PT Ranawat Sir. PT sir listens and says he is Ranawat sir and shows ID. Kanhaiya also shows his ID. They see Pratap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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