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Karn Sangini 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Fulfills His Promise

Karn Sangini 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uruvi eagerly waits for Karn near lake. Karn enters. Moon disappears. Uruvi says he could not fulfill his promise before moon set. Karn says moon is hidden under clouds and will return. Uruvi says let us see and asks him to sit till moon returns. He sits silently. She thinks he does not speak at all, she has to start. She asks if Bhanumati gave him diamond just like that. Karn says yes. She thinks just yes.. says he rides chariot well, even she does and won competition in her region, does he know. He says no. She says it is very cold here. He says hmm..She thinks just hmm.. She looks at shawl. He drapes shawl over her. Karn sits silently again and drinks water from water b ag. Uruvi thinks he is drinking alone and did not ask her at all. He apologizes her for finishing whole water and

asks if she will have water. She nods yes. He fills water and gives it to her. Moon returns. Uruvi remembers women’s suggestion to drink water when moon rays fall on water, her wish will be fulfilled. Karn says he told moon will return and gifts her diamond saying he fulfilled his promise. He then leaves while Uruvi thinks she did not speak properly yet and he is leaving. He stops and says it is very dark and she should return to palace wit him. Her dupatta gets stuck. he frees it and walks in front.

Uruvi and Karn reach palace. He asks if she took this diamond for her friend Arjun, when they will fight, even 100s of these diamond will not protect Arjun. Uruvi’s mother sees them together and reminisces guruji saying Uruvi will have either easy life or tough one, thinks she will not let Uruvi decide hr future.

In Hastinapur, Duryodhan fumes in front of Bhanumati that Karn’s father kept ilegal demand and made him charioteer for 1 week, Arjun misused it and took Karn as charioteer to Pukeya. Bhanumati says she is worried if Arjun will harm Karn. Duryodhan says Karn will not keep quiet and will reply.

Karn does surya namaskaar in the morning when he heaars a woman crying. He asks her reason. She says she wants to do pooja for her son, but cannot with injured leg. Karn helps her perform pooja. Uruvi’s mother watches that from balcony and thinks Karn is great human and proved he is Kunti’s son, but he is not fortunate like Kunti’s other’s sons, so he cannot marry Uruvi.

Precap: Uruvi’s mother invites Karn for pooja and offers her food with Brahmins. Brahmins insult Karn that they canont have food with sooth putra and order to serve food to Karn in earthen plate.

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