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Hold me again(a bepannah shot)

Hold me Again… a bepannah shot.

“Aditya, I promised you and I will come for sure.” She assured him on phone and as she turned she found her mother staring her with wide eyes.

“Ammi, its not like how you are thinking… she gulped with fear afraid of what her mother was going to think. “ Aditya is just a good friend and not anything else.”

“What… and this was her father seething with anger. “from when boys started becoming your friends?” the hidden accusation got her shivered.

“Zoya, what is all this ..we never heard his name and you never befriended with any guy …Noor,Noor,” shouted her father.

She knew her parents wanted an explanation and she didn’t want her sister to pay for her deeds so as soon as she came into view she motioned her to say No.

And as said she said she didn’t know anything about him.

She had very little time which was slipping from her hands, she needed to meet him… to make her out from the misery but here a new situation has built for her to handle.

“Zoya, I am asking you something… who is he and from when you are in contact with him, was he the guy you used to smile typing out on your phone?” She heard her mother asking her and with that came all those sly smiles she used to give while scrolling her screen and typing profusely.

They could never understand what he meant to him and this moment it was even harder to make them understand… she would try making them understand later but right now she just needed to go and meet him.

“Abbu, Ammi we are not involved in anything… he is just a college and she was cut mid way.

“Who allowed you to exchange phone numbers with whoever he is… did you go out with him too,” and her face burned with the mortification.

“Abbu, I swear of you there is nothing wrong, I’ll explain to you everything but right now just let me go, he has so little time.” She pleaded the man boiling in fury.

“Zoya, who you have is not our daughter Vaseem,” her mother cried . “What has happened to you and we never knew about it. You are saying you want to meet him.”

“Ammi, please..just this time, afterwards I’ll never ask you anything but please let me go to him for once, I have promised him will do whatever you will say to me all my life but just let me go this time.” She pleaded with red eyes.

“Alright, you will go and meet him…I’ll take you but there is a condition.” Said the suddenly composed man.

Can people understand the relationship between two people or always it is the usual judgments they are going to give and decide one’s life.. lets see in the next part.



Hello everyone, after so many days I have finally put words to this thought of mine … I had promised this shot a few months back and believe me just this week I got the time to finally put it in shape .

In next few days I’ll try completing it with all the essence I have thought to bring it with.

Tell me how you like…

With love Morusya.

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